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February is 'use up' month



  • Becky_2 wrote: »
    When I cook I also put water in tins and glass jars and then shake it in order to get the last bit out.

    I did that with the curry mentioned in my first post. The spices are mixed with water in a bowl, but I used the water to wash out the tomato tin first.
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  • reehsetin
    reehsetin Posts: 4,916 Forumite
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    really want to do this at my house but parents think bulk buying at costco is the most fantastic thing in the world, piles of bottles everywhere it does my head in!!
    Yes Your Dukeiness :D
  • soappie wrote: »
    Yes! I do that. In fact, I go one step further and unscrew the top so I can add some water and do a good slosh out of those last little drops

    I've noticed that washing-up liquid bottle tops screw on and off these days. They used to push on, and were a devil of a job to get off intact.
    The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in my life. :)
  • lil_me
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    Signed up for the use up month, even if most things will take me a year to use up at least it might stop me buying more. 6 packs of DW tablets and for some reason last week I buy more. I gave up when I counted 20 bottles of shower gel. Anyway that's mainly the fault of Wilkinsons. Cleaning stuff wise I doubt I NEED any this year.

    Food is the focus this month, I just threw a hissy fit because I couldn't get something in the freezer to save it, when I have 2 freezers, I know this is bad. My cupboards are starting to overspill into the reserve boxes so I must use up some 'stuff'. Half term I think will be a good time to do so, get the boys involved with deciding on meals/preparing etc.
    One day I might be more organised...........:confused:
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  • ceridwen
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    Aril wrote: »
    That's why I love can chuck just about anything savoury you've got lurking into some new and wonderful concoction and it's generally just so forgiving. My latest is to freeze the leftover gravy from any SC meal and then turn into soup at a later date.
    My son actually asks for the peg to squeeze out the last bit of the toothpaste...perhaps I've trained him a little too well:D

    :D I cut open the toothpaste tube to get at the last bit:D Waste not, want not. Mind you - will be going onto making my own at some point - quite a while in the future judging by how many tubes I have in stock!

    Always take the top of the washing-up liquid to rinse out the last bit (again - waiting to have a go at making my own).
  • squeaky
    squeaky Posts: 14,129 Forumite
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    This might help you out with some ideas...

    Family of 5 'shop from home'food storage challenge...
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  • chickadee wrote: »
    We have a bit of a ketchup routine going now. I have a squeezy bottle that I bought from Sainsbury's years ago. I buy ketchup from Lidl and wash out the squeezy bottle thoroughly and use a small funnel to decant the glass bottle of ketchup into the squeezy bottle. The glass bottle has a wide mouth and DS uses half a bottle if it isn't in the squeezy bottle. It makes it much more controllable and we don't end up with unused puddles of ketchup on our plates now.

    Now that is a really good idea. I always but ketchup in glass bottles as I do not like using plastic if I can avoid it. I too have a DS who tends to get carried away with the whole shaking the glass bottle thing so this is the perfect solution! Thank you for the idea:T

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  • count me in im trying to wade through toiletries and cleaning products.
    I had a basket full of little fancy soaps and sachets of stuff in the bathroom ive put all the soaps in a big jar and have started using them, quite why i thought years old dust gathering soaps would look nice i dont know:rotfl:

    I love lush stuff and get lots in the carboots during the summer so i have cupboards heaving with bathbombs etc, i am not going to buy anymore till what i have is gone. Obvoiusly once carboot season starts again i will restock as they are so cheap there.
    I havent opened any of the gift sets i got last christmas as im determined to use up all the older stuff first.

    The cleaning cupboard is the same, i have tons of bottles of stuff but have now learned all i need is white vinegar, star drops and washing up liquid (and maybe a bar keepers friend) i will use up all the other stuff before i buy any more and as a result have a lot more space in the cupboards
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  • ceridwen
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    ...I've missed summat here. What is a "barkeepers friend"?:D
  • Pink.
    Pink. Posts: 17,675 Forumite
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    Hi ceridwen,

    Barkeepers friend is a cleaner available in many supermarkets. You can read a bit more about it here:

    There is a Better Cleaner Than Stardrops

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