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February is 'use up' month



  • angie_loves_veg
    I have to join in on this :o From now on, it's gonna be use it or throw it ;)

    First task: There is the box in the airing cupboard - 'toiletry stuff' - you know, all sorts, but nothing useful......

    Truth be told we are on a large scale declutter at the moment - a little every day (it needs it!) and this will declutter by stealth.
    Hurrah! - Another area on its way :j

    Thank you Joannasmum and OP :T
  • noonesperfect
    I'm still using pancakes up from last Shrove Tuesday and it's round again this week!
    This thread has spurred me on to try harder to use stuff up before I open new packets/jars or buy new ones.
  • Olliebeak
    Olliebeak Posts: 3,167 Forumite
    love the sound of this thread - sort of continuation of the decluttering - but different :rotfl: .

    I have lots of toiletries, body lotions, make-up etc that needs using up/chucking out - even skin care products :o .

    Also lots of half used packs of lentils, pearl barley, split peas etc. Need to combine them all into one container as 'soup and broth mix' lol!

    We investigated the deepest, darkest recesses of our kitchen cupboards (you know the back of those very deep corner cupboards that appear to go through into next-door's kitchen). Found mince pies, crisps, bottles of dandelion and burdock, unopened bottle of Martini and unopened Bailey's (both from last christmas! - not this one!!), a panettone cake and a pack of decaffeinated filter coffee :confused: .
  • piglet6
    piglet6 Posts: 1,532 Forumite
    First Anniversary First Post Combo Breaker
    Haven't had a chance to read all 300+ posts yet, but please count me in for this one. We had already decided to try and eat as much as possible from the (fully stocked!:p) freezer and store cupboard this month, as the cash situation is a little tight at the moment...:o

    However, I think we can definitely do the toiletries part as well, as our bathroom cupboard can rival a small branch of Boots (all those BOGOF and 3 for 2 bargains!:rotfl:) and we are also looking to sell our house by the summer this year, so any de-cluttering we manage to achieve as a result of this would definitely be a bonus! :rolleyes:

  • miserly_mum
    miserly_mum Posts: 1,065 Forumite
    After doing a major de clutter i've discovered stuff left behind by my 2 oldest daughters who moved out in July 07

    Most of it smellies given as Xmas pressies the previous year (06).

    We are working our way through them only having to buy deodorant, toothpaste and shampoo
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  • LilMissEmmylou
    ive been doing this with toiletry's for the past 6 - 9 months ish. Only had to buy 1 conditioner and 1 shampoo in that time, sad thing is i still have masses of body wash, moisturisers etc etc etc looking fwd to the day they are all done... alas only 2 boxes of them to go...

    love the idea of wearing ur best clothes out though :) That would make for some really happy days!
  • purpleivy
    purpleivy Posts: 3,573 Forumite
    Name Dropper First Anniversary Combo Breaker First Post
    When I'm in this situation I tend to have too much shower stuff and not enough handwash, so I fill the empty pump dispensers with shower gel, let down with a drop of water if it's a bit thick.

    When I get too many hotel shampoos etc I drain all those into the handwash in the utility room.
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    Trying not to waste food!:j
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  • chickadee
    chickadee Posts: 1,447 Forumite
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    Does anyone else get a rosy glow inside when they use something up, right to the bottom of the bottle? I've been concentrating on saving money in order to make a big dent in my mortgage recently and I decided to stop buying shampoo, shower gel and cleaning products until the ones I have are used up.

    Now it is a weakness of mine that I will buy a new product before the old one is used up but start using it before the old one is completely finished. Of course, my bathroom looked like a shampoo factory! Slowly but surely I have been using things up. I have used up several part-bottles of shower gel, a bottle of conditioner and a few bottles of shampoo. I have now moved on to the part bottles of blow-dry spray :o . The thing I have noticed is the feeling of satisfaction that I get when another bottle is used up. It is like a cleansing experience (other than in the obvious way of course ;) ) when the next bottle is used, rinsed out and recycled.

    I haven't spent any money on it, it is no longer cluttering up my bathroom and it is being recycled. It makes me feel smug. I am starting to really resent buying things.

    This goes hand in hand with using up food and using up leftovers. I felt positively saintly when I used up the two half-onions in the fridge drawer in a bolognese the other day. Before I started being such a user-upper I would have thrown them away in my weekly clear-out without a thought.

    I'm not obsessed, it just makes me feel good when I make use of something I would have thrown away, or left lurking in the bathroom or kitchen.

    Does anyone else get such a kick out of money-saving habits or am I the only sad person around?
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  • StressedSteph
    yes I feel the same, after making a lasagne or cottage pie etc we always seem to have 1 portion left. The old me would have just scraped that into the bin, but now I freeze all these individual leftovers and once every couple of weeks we have a leftovers night.

    It has made such a difference, because that is one less meal I have to find the money for and on a £40 weekly shop, its a big deal.

    Good on you, keep up the good work. xxx
  • boo81
    boo81 Posts: 654 Forumite
    I love it too, especially when I have something bagged up in the freezer and I come across it again having forgotten about it. Often its when im feeling a bit crappy and it gives me something different to eat. Ive made a list of meals I need to use up and stuck it on my freezer this morning. I discovered lots of bits and bobs last night that I really didnt realise I had and it means I have quite a few nice meals planned for next week now!
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