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February is 'use up' month



  • cha97michelle
    ivyleaf wrote:
    I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I'm still using up some of the stuff I started using up when this thread was started last year :o:D

    Don't be embarassed ivyleaf - me too!
    My relatives insist on buying us smellies for xmas, and no matter how many baths i have, it seems to multiply in the cupboard. I am just glad i am now more aware of it, or it would be creeping out of the room and down the stairs by now :rotfl:
  • MATH
    MATH Posts: 2,941 Forumite
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    My relatives insist on buying us smellies for xmas, and no matter how many baths i have, it seems to multiply in the cupboard. :rotfl:

    You've got it all wrong. Christmas Smellies are supposed to be re-gifted, never ever used:rolleyes: In our family I'm sure we have an Old Spice Soap on a Rope that has been doing the rounds since 1974.
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  • Bargain_Rzl
    Bargain_Rzl Posts: 6,254 Forumite
    I was going to place a wine order (I tend to buy it by the mixed case) but as I have a few bottles as it is, I have decided that I will not be ordering any more until after Easter. I don't have any particular plan to give up alcohol for Lent, but a little less indulgence will do me no harm :)
    :)Operation Get in Shape :)
  • ShirleyPark_2
    I dyed my hair today (badly in need of it), that's 1 box out of the 5 in the cupboard used up !
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  • giftbouquets
    I have been doing this for the past month in an attempt to declutter the bathroom. Must say I have noticed an improvement in my skin as I make sure I use body lotion and hand cream every day just to use it up (I'm usually too lazy to bother, which is why I have so much of it lying around in the first place:o )
    Now need to do the same with my kitchen cupboard. I have loads of dried beans and pulses. They always seem such a good idea when I convince myself I need to eat better, though I'm never too sure what to do with them, so get left with loads of half full packets. Think I need to get the recipe books out and try harder.;)
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  • shetitasatic
    Aaarrgh!! Spent the w/e with my sister and she gave me shampoo that she can't use!! - and I've already got 2 LITRES to use up!

    Visitors coming this w/e - will give them HM mince pies (from freezer) with cream (from freezer) as a pud!

    Also found lots of salmon steaks and some filo pastry (not sure how old this is?) and think that somewhere i've got a recipe for salmon parcels with a dill/yoghurt sauce

    Don't know what to do with a dozen 'yellow sticker' crumpets of indeterminate age, though!!
  • the_optimist
    Spendless wrote:
    Course it does:D I've got several Martini minitures I bought recently and a large bottle with just a bit in, so I decided to finish the martini left in the large bottle tonight off by pouring myself [STRIKE]three glasses[/STRIKE] a glass:p
    Don't know what to do with a dozen 'yellow sticker' crumpets of indeterminate age, though!!

    Same here, can I live on a diet of booze and crumpets? :rotfl: :o:p :;) :embarasse
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  • Princess_Jane
    I am pleased to say I am getting really good at this.

    I used to HAVE to have the latest makeup and beauty products, regardless of whether my previous favourite had run out.

    Now I have my basics that I love and use cheaper (and just as nice) brands when I fancying trying out the latest colours.

    I also sell any duplicates on ebay and swap at makeupalley.

    Any clothes that haven't been worn for a while go to my little sister, ebay or charity shop...though usually to make room for more!

    Sadly I am rubbish at cooking so find it hard to combine ingredients to make tasty meals.

    Many lone cans of kidney beans and tinned tomatoes lurking in my food cupboard!
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  • joannasmum
    joannasmum Posts: 1,145 Forumite
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    As Feb is a short month, I am not 'allowed' to open any new bottles,jars, packets etc. unless all others are used up. This means all the half full bottles of shampoo, cond ,body lotion ,cosmetics etc. I go through holiday wash bags for part used stuff and either finish it or chuck it!! This also applies to the pantry and kitchen cupboards and the dreaded cupboard under the sink. It makes a good start to the spring cleaning and saves on bills. I use up all the stuff I've been given and am not too sure about or else it goes in the bin

    I also 'shop from my wardrobe' - looking for new combinations of clothes, wear all those things I keep 'for best'. It's surprising what you can find, and all the things that don't fit or aren't right can go! - think of all those shoes you hardly ever wear!

    Wearing some of your 'best 'things brightens up a gloomy month - and saves money! :j


    Just resurrecting this thread as I thought about it when I was in the shower earlier. I've quoted the original in case anybody doesnt want to trawl through from the begining.

    I'm going to have a sort out tomorrow when I get in from work. So get using up people
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  • pigpen
    pigpen Posts: 41,061 Forumite
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    I've just bought some shower gel after not buying any for.. almost 2 YEARS!!!

    Guess who used to be an avon rep?? lol...

    I ended up with so much Avon shampoo I took a huge box full to the local charity shop.. and I still only need to buy some in December..

    Christmas presents usually wind up in the tombola at school.. I can't be faffed with regifting them.. unless it is something I know someone will love.

    Lush bath bombs.. about to be listed on ebay.. they set the childrens eczema off I discovered even though they love them.. so the remaining 25 have to go!! lol I got the huge gold hat box of lush smellies for christmas... say no more?? I'll still be washing my way through it this time next year.. by which time I'll have the next one!!

    I bought toothpaste last week.. for the first time in 8 months!

    If anyone needs any hair gel.. I have enough to spike a mammoth.. come help yourself!
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