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February is 'use up' month



  • pigpen
    pigpen Posts: 41,061 Forumite
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    Oh yes.. I am currently washing my way through 12 lush soaps.. how long do those things last!!!!
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  • mrs-moneypenny
    i totally agree, i havent brought any bubblebath, soap, shampoo or cleaning products this year, and am slowly making headway on the masses stored up in the bathroom and bedroom cupboards and all the cleaning stuff under the sink.

    I did stock up on arm & hammer toothpaste but only because it was BOGOF so i now expect that to last all year.

    when i started doing this i counted up and we had 7 shampoo and 5 conditioner bottles on the go:eek: . Bathroom is now starting to look much tidier.

    I dont store bathbombs in the bathroom i put them in my clothes drawers it gives them a lovely hint of fragrance
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  • squeaky
    squeaky Posts: 14,129 Forumite
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    You all seem to have picked the right time for this. Take a look...

    February is 'use up' month

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  • Bogof_Babe
    Bogof_Babe Posts: 10,803 Forumite
    We waste nothing in this house, in fact it annoys me when OH has extra of something that is getting near the end "to use it up" - I don't like to tell him I had plans for that half a serving of mashed spuds or whatever! I am a bit of a recent convert to meal planning - in fact today is the first time I've written down what we are having for the rest of the week.

    I do have several shampoos on the go at once though, because I like to vary them according to how my hair feels. When they get near the end I add the dregs to the new bottle, then have one last wash with the "empty" bottle shaken up with water.
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  • Little_Miss_Naughty
    Me too.

    I used to be really wasteful, now I use up everything and get great satisfaction in doing so.

    Being on a water metre at home i have even started to use bath water (but mainly have showers) to water house plants and to clean the rubbish bins etc outside the house.
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  • Pennylane
    Pennylane Posts: 2,707 Forumite
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    I can really relate to this!! I have not bought any toiletries for ages because I was determined to use up all the "bits" you get as gifts, free samples and all the Buy One Get One Frees etc. A sweep of the bedrooms always reveals a few more!

    Nothing gets wasted in our house either - if there's a shampoo (say) that doesn't suit any of us, it is passed on to someone. Old towels get used for our dogs or a friend who re-homes cats. Old flannels get used for cleaning cloths, old toothbrushes for fiddly cleaning jobs and old combs & brushes for the dogs. I buy very little in the way of bathroom cleaning stuff - just bleach and some cream cleanser. All these special sprays and cleaners are a waste of time and money.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one!!;)
  • angchris
    angchris Posts: 1,179 Forumite
    im the same, i just will not throw anything away and things hang around for years sometimes before they are used up. my problem is shower gel...every year i get loadsss of it for crimbo, do i smell? are they trying to tell me something? :confused: over the years i have collected probably about 20 odd bottles of the stuff :o and only last year i decided i really needed to start getting rid of it as it was taking over my bathroom :rotfl: this crimbo i put all the shower gel i recieved in my present drawer to recycle it as gifts next year so just leaving the older dusty stuff :rolleyes: since last year i have used it for washing up dishes, as liquid soap to wash hands in with a squirty dispenser, a floor cleaner and as a shampoo every other!!! i am drowning in the stuff....
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  • ceridwen
    ceridwen Posts: 11,547 Forumite
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    Pennylane wrote: »

    Nothing gets wasted in our house either - if there's a shampoo (say) that doesn't suit any of us, it is passed on to someone.


    You've not gone down the "use up shampoo as washing-up liquid replacement then" route?!:D
  • maypole
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    Sometimes when you buy in bulk there is a temptation to start a nice new shiny bottle or tube of whatever, before the old one is used up. RESIST, when you think it is empty it isn't, I cut in half the "empty" tubes of moisturiser and get a few more days out of it. It is not being mean, why pay for a full bottle and then throw some of it out!
  • DUKE
    DUKE Posts: 7,360 Forumite
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    I've always used up every last drop of my shampoo .... although I like a few bottles on the go at the same time. Only this morning I took the top off the shower gel ready to recycle and there was still a drop in the cap which I shall add a bit of water to and use it tomorrow :D I was trying to train my husband to do the same by putting just a drop of water in the soap dispenser, unfortunately he overdone it and the stuff now squirts right across the kitchen :eek: I've told him to leave it to me from now on :rolleyes: I'm so glad that everyone's saving as I hate waste - I think I was born this way.
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