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February is 'use up' month



  • chickadee
    chickadee Posts: 1,447 Forumite
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    phizzimum wrote: »
    When I've scraped all that's humanly possible out of the mustard jar I use it to make salad dressing in - some oil, some vinegar, a little sugar ... and a good shake! the mustard gives it a lovely kick

    This is a good idea, but sadly I'm not too fond of mustard.......which explains why I have two - yes two - jars in my cupboard that have been opened for a 'recipe' then never touched since. I think my salad dressing might be just a bit too tangy if i tried your idea.

    I also do the bit about adding a bit of water to the last drop of washing-up liquid, shower gel, etc. I turn my ketchup bottle upside down too. DS isn't fazed at all when he opens the fridge and the ketchup bottle is upside down. It is just a normal part of life for him. We have a bit of a ketchup routine going now. I have a squeezy bottle that I bought from Sainsbury's years ago. I buy ketchup from Lidl and wash out the squeezy bottle thoroughly and use a small funnel to decant the glass bottle of ketchup into the squeezy bottle. The glass bottle has a wide mouth and DS uses half a bottle if it isn't in the squeezy bottle. It makes it much more controllable and we don't end up with unused puddles of ketchup on our plates now.

    I can't believe how mean I sound, sorry! :rotfl:

    I also cut toothpaste tubes in half. I usually get about three days-worth of toothpaste from the 'empty' tube.
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  • DenBo_4
    DenBo_4 Posts: 536 Forumite
    Funnily enough, in my bathroom I have several different body washes for the shower, which I was "saving" cos they are so pretty they are sort of ornaments (:o ), having seen this thread I'm going to use them up! I reckon I have enough bath products to last me a year.....................
  • groatie_queen
    You don't sound mean at all, chickadee!

    When my Mum died 9 years ago I brought home her very large soap stash which has kept me going in soap ever since.... I'm using the very last bar of her Imperial Leather, it will probably be finished some time in March.... still perfectly useable. I bought 12 bars of Simple soap on BOGOF in Jan 07 to allow time for it to mature, knowing I would need it round about now - soap lasts better when it's old! I use the soap ends right till they disappear. My lodger threw a sliver out :eek: and I retrieved it from the bathroom waste bin! I can't abide waste!!

    I have short hair and use the smallest amount of shampoo - Jasons Aloe Vera because it's non irritant and it's very viscous so it squirts out slowly, gives better control over how much I use. I also don't need to use conditioner because of the high aloe vera content. The last bottle lasted me 15 months, washing hair every morning in the shower.

    Ditto for toothpaste. When the current tube is finished, I'm thinking over going over to bicarb - if it makes such a great job of cleaning up the insides of drinking mugs, it can do the inside of my mug as well!
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  • mrssnowy_2
    Oh yes. At the time of writing, there is 200g of chopped tomatoes in the freezer, left over from a previous medium beef curry (a portion of which is also in the freezer), but earmarked for a mild chicken curry (a portion of which will also end up in the freezer).

    My view on wasting food is well known on here: I refuse to waste any food, as long as there is one other person in the world dying for the lack of it.

    PS. Does anyone else suck water up into the "empty" washing-up liquid bottle to wash the last molecule out?

    .....and bleach bottles!
    plus flattening tooth paste tubes with the hairbrush,and cutting open tubes
    of handcream!!!
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  • calleyw
    calleyw Posts: 9,847 Forumite
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    DenBo wrote: »
    Funnily enough, in my bathroom I have several different body washes for the shower, which I was "saving" cos they are so pretty they are sort of ornaments (:o ), having seen this thread I'm going to use them up! I reckon I have enough bath products to last me a year.....................

    If they are in nice jars or bottles then use the the contents and re-fill with coloured water.


    Hope for everything and expect nothing!!!

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  • soappie
    soappie Posts: 6,786 Forumite
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    PS. Does anyone else suck water up into the "empty" washing-up liquid bottle to wash the last molecule out?

    Yes! I do that. In fact, I go one step further and unscrew the top so I can add some water and do a good slosh out of those last little drops
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  • arlybarly
    i have just read this thread and just gone and had a shower. my dd has sorted herr bedroom out tonight and thrown away half empty body shop ect lotions and gels in the bin. well i have just rescued them out the bin and now i smell lovely.
  • skintscotslass
    angchris wrote: »
    im the same, i just will not throw anything away and things hang around for years sometimes before they are used up. my problem is shower gel...every year i get loadsss of it for crimbo, do i smell? are they trying to tell me something? :confused: over the years i have collected probably about 20 odd bottles of the stuff :o and only last year i decided i really needed to start getting rid of it as it was taking over my bathroom :rotfl: this crimbo i put all the shower gel i recieved in my present drawer to recycle it as gifts next year so just leaving the older dusty stuff :rolleyes: since last year i have used it for washing up dishes, as liquid soap to wash hands in with a squirty dispenser, a floor cleaner and as a shampoo every other!!! i am drowning in the stuff....

    Fancy swapping some body lotion for shower gel? I manage to use up shower gel/bubble bath from sets, but never the lotion :confused:
  • Olliebeak
    Olliebeak Posts: 3,167 Forumite
    My OH is a nightmare - always HAS to be the first person to use the new bottle/jar/tube of everything. He likes the 'good toothpastes' (but buys them from HomeBargains so not too expensive) but has a habit of leaving half a tube because he squeezes from the middle - :mad: . He also likes the L**x shower gels - though when I get any for him I buy Asda's own brand.

    I have made it my mission in life to decant the Asda's own into the L**x bottle without him ever noticing. Balancing one on top of the other against the bathroom wall takes a bit of practise to get it exactly right :T . Even when he's had cheapie gel bought for him, I decant it into the L**x bottles - they're black so he doesn't have a cloo what's in them as he can't see the colour!

    With the toothpaste, I re-squeeze the tubes till the bottom is flattened and all the paste at the top - so it looks as though there is more in the tube, then I hide his new tube without telling him. Eventually, I cut open the tube when it looks empty to get another couple of uses out of the tube and THEN the new one miraculously re-appears.

    He NEVER buys shampoo - hardly has any hair at all - but he uses more than twice the amount that I use but I do 'suck-up' water into it.

    My own shower gel has a hanging hook so all the gel is at the neck end of the bottle and again I 'suck up' water into it for an extra shower. Drives me mad when there is some gel stuck inside the hanging hook and I have to twist and turn the bottle to get it down!

    I leave the plug in the bath when showering - that way my feet get a soaking at the same time. Saves having to soak them in a bowl!

    Washing-up liquid is always watered down at the end of the bottle. You know how around the cap gets all 'gungy' when you leave it open - sometimes I just hold the bottle under the hot water while filling the bowl for the dishes. There is enough thick liquid around the cap for the whole washing up without squeezing any out of the bottle!

    Definitely the ketchup/sauce bottles upside down in the fridge door - dad taught us that one!

    I love pickled onion vinegar for using on chips - couldn't abide having to throw THAT away!

    Wouldn't dream of NOT rinsing out cooking sauce jars, soup tins, scraping jam jars etc. Silicon spatula gets used on lots of things - amazing how much comes out with one of those.

    I buy SmartPrice toilet cleaner and decant it into Asda own toilet cleaner bottles because they have the angled neck for getting under the rim of the loo. Again they get rinsed out with water!
  • lil_me
    lil_me Posts: 13,186 Forumite
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    Use up, however that makes me cringe a little (comfort zone for me = very full cupboards) I think I need to do it, stocks are still way OTT, when I couldn't freeze something tonight to save it due to lack of freezer room, I know they are overfull. Cupboards have overspilled into boxes because there isn't the room to put anything else (yes with all this I keep on buying more) so going to use up as much as I can this month. I think it'll help if I can do this as much as possible next week with it being half term to save me having to drag the boys round the supermarket.
    One day I might be more organised...........:confused:
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