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February is 'use up' month



  • HOLsale
    HOLsale Posts: 1,231 Forumite
    Spendless wrote:
    Anyone any ideas how to use my 4 bottles of vinegar up:D

    chutney! you can also then use up any old bits of fruit and veg that are past their prime all in one fell swoop! :T
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  • Rebob
    Rebob Posts: 1,010 Forumite
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    Help, I am gettting nowhere fast!!!! :eek:

    Mum went away today. She phoned before she set off to say there were some things in the fridge for me........1 pint of milk, half a bottle of orange juice, bag of brussel sprouts, potatoes, tub of potatoe salad, 2 salmon fillets, 4 chicken breats in sauce.......... :D

    After picking up ds from school we walked to his nans another way and called in a shop to see if they had and gob stoppers (ds's fave) and they were selling 4 large bottles of pro vit shampoo for £1!!! :j could not resist.... :confused:

    Where will this end???? :confused: If you see a feature on the news of a woman found buried under a mountain of shopping you know who it is!!! :eek:
    The best bargains are priceless!!!!!!!!!! :T :T :T
  • rubytuesday
    rubytuesday Posts: 22,383 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Not buying any new toilitries or makeup still have loads. Have really cut down on the shopping trying hard to use things up!
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  • bonvonnie
    after reading this thread, prompted me to look at my shelves. just checked the 2 drawers in the bathroom, and theres 8 bottles of shampoo, and 7 bottles of shower gel!!!

    o, the days of BOGOF temptations!!!
  • roversbabe
    roversbabe Posts: 1,008 Forumite
    Debt-free and Proud! Mortgage-free Glee!
    I checked my cupboards for toiletries last summer after trying to cut down on what I was spending - I'm still using up stuff and got more smellies at Xmas. I'll be using up bath stuff (and I loooove my bath!) until next Xmas at least! The only thing I'll need is toothpaste & loo roll (when on BOGOF of course!)

    I'm going to go for the use up the cupboard and freezer - looking forward to the challenge!

    rb x
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  • us,thecat&thedebt
    i have to say this is the best thread i have taken notice of!!!

    thanks so much to the OP...

    I stopped shopping and started using so far this month ive spent less than a fiver....
    considering my budgeted spend is £30p/w and were in the 2nd week im estatic!!!!!

    altough admitaly my darling father in law whom knows we are cutting back brang me a months worth of cat food, and a few bits of shopping totaling about £15 but it doesnt count as i didnt spend!!!!!!

    If you do a job well, people won't be sure you've done anything at all :rolleyes:

    Must claim back bank charges!!!:rolleyes:
  • chardonnay_2
    hi, we've been doing this for ages as money got tight, but this thread has prompted me to use up all the shampoo instead of buying my fav brand. haven't had to buy any shower gel or bath stuff for ages due to mag subs.

    also don't be too concerned with the 2 year unopened shelf life as i have worked for a major health & beauty retailer and we never had recalls of products because they had been in warehouse or on the shelf too long
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  • Ticklemouse
    Ticklemouse Posts: 5,030 Forumite
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    chardonnay wrote:
    also don't be too concerned with the 2 year unopened shelf life as i have worked for a major health & beauty retailer and we never had recalls of products because they had been in warehouse or on the shelf too long

    I think the problem occurs because after a while, the ingredients ie chemicals in the products, start to interact with each other and reakdown, thus forming other noxious chemicals (don't ask me what :)) I saw a prog a few years back where they tested amongst other things, shampoos and they told us what had happened. I'm sure the 2 years is a 'safe' period and a bit over that won't matter.

    However, with sun-cream, it's efficiency changes. ie a really high factor sun cream will provide very little protection at all after 2 years, so although you think you are slapping factor 30 on your little darlings, if it's over 2 years old, it's like factor 4. I may have to bite the bullet and chuck most of mine away this year and just buy what I need. We are all too fair skinned in this house (I make Bargain Rzl look brown :D:D) In the USA, sun cream has a use before date on it.
  • Spendless
    Spendless Posts: 24,177 Forumite
    Name Dropper First Post First Anniversary
    I've finished off a few half used bubble baths and made a start on the vinegar:D
  • nabowla
    nabowla Posts: 567 Forumite
    I've had a root round in my cupboards/freezer and this is what I need to use up:

    - 1 unopened packet of country soup mixture (which I've had for the past 18 months at least)
    - half bottle of thai fish sauce that's been lurking at the back of the cupboard for longer than I care to remember.....
    - 1 redfish fillet (frozen)
    - 2-3 frozen scallops
    - sandwich bag full of frozen grated carrot (why???!)
    - 1 portion rice (frozen because I didn't want it to go to waste...)
    - 75 frozen sausage rolls (it's only me at home and I don't even like sausage rolls....)
    - packet of sunflower seeds (bought to go in salads, but I didn't really like the texture of the raw seeds)
    - lots of strong brown flour (can't even remember what I bought it for)
    - endless packets of dried instant yeast (must have had something to do with the flour!)
    - jar of apple jelly with sage (a present; not opened because I don't know what to do with it)
    - 3/4 bottle orange-flower water
    - unopened packet of pumpkin seeds (how did that get into my kitchen???)

    The reason that all this stuff is lurking in the kitchen is because I'm totally stuck for inspiration. So come on guys, what am I going to do with it all?!
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