The £2.00 Coin Savers Club



  • Can I join too? We bought one of those terramundi (spelling?) things that you put the money in but have to break it to get the money out! We've got about £30 so far since the start of January. Often, if I've not had a £2 coin for a while, when I break a tenner or get change back I ask for one in the change (!) just to feel like I'm always contributing. Then the next day I get 3 in one go and I'm like - NOOOOO!!!!! :eek: - but do I put them all in. If I'm being REALLY strict I probably would, well, maybe keep one back... ;)

    Worked out that pot thing can hold £200 of mixed silver so we think it'll hold about a grand of £2 coins :S - might reach that by 2020 at this rate :D

  • Copperplate where do you buy these terramundi's from I could do with one of those cause i'm sure I would use the money at some point otherwise.
    cc debt ( end dec 05) 6485 :eek:

    Shopping for March
    Week 1: £46.74
    Week 2:
    Week 3:
    Week 4:
    A+L loan but as I have already paid the intrest no point in paying it off early(dont get one) so going to save, save, save when cc paid off

    The £2.00 savers club:£24.00
  • Kimberley
    Kimberley Posts: 14,871 Forumite
    We could all put how we are doing in our signatures and say update the amount once a month :)
  • Mmmm. I bought mine at a local garden centre.

    There is a website:

    It cost about £16 but they're about £18 from the sites plus P&P

  • brummiebabe
    brummiebabe Posts: 1,894 Forumite
    I did start this....errr but then I spent them:shhh: so will start again today!

    Have 1 in my purse, so will use this to start me off! Will use it towards spending money for our holiday in August!! Just need to find something to save them in....any ideas???? We already use a big whiskey bottle for all loose change (50p & smaller - for kids saving accounts)
    20p Saver Club #33 60p/£100
    Christmas Saving £0/£1300

    Saving Target 2014 £25/£1000
  • Gosh…The £2.00 Coin Savers Club has really taken off and such a lot of members in such a short time – hee hee. :D I guess we need to show each of the Club Members how much we have in our Piggy Banks and what we are going to do with it.

    I suggest we follow JamieDodgers, Kimberleys and Ruyarecces example and put a sentence in our Signature Panel stating: -

    “The £2.00 Coin Savers Club = £x.x”

    We can update our data periodically for all to see as we do now for our other bits and pieces. If a member withdraws any £2.00 coins for depositing into savings accounts or uses it for any treats, Christmas clubs savings, presents, emergencies or is saving for a specific purpose and so on then the members might be interested in writing an update post. This is fun…..hee hee.

    Any more suggestions anyone…..

    Well..I shall go and update my Signature thingy now... :rolleyes:
    :)The £2 Coin Savers Club = £346.00 (£300.00 transferred to Savings a/c)

    :)"Some days you're a Pigeon...some days you're a Statue"
  • Kimberley
    Kimberley Posts: 14,871 Forumite
    Done my Sig :)
  • count me in...

    will update my sig soon..

    welldone greenfingers for the great idea

    and welldone kimberly for the sig idea..

    got one £2 coin its a start :)

    If you do a job well, people won't be sure you've done anything at all :rolleyes:

    Must claim back bank charges!!!:rolleyes:
  • Count me in!

    SS x
    MBNA = £4,000 / Next = £925 (approx. tbc on 19/8)
    Tesco = £2,910.11 / Smile overdraft = £500
    Bank of Scotland = £2,782.83
  • Doh! I'll have to weigh my terramundi cos' I'll soon lose track how much I've got in it...and the only way to tell is to break it :eek:
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