The £2.00 Coin Savers Club



  • Mrs_A.
    Mrs_A. Posts: 443 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    count me in!!!
    everything 20p and under goes intoempty coffee jars, took mine to bank last week and had £28.00 for my savings account. i only have one £2 coin so far. but will keep collectin them from now on.
    total debt jan 06= £15441.97 dfw nerd no 112 proud to be dealing with my debts.
  • carlih1
    carlih1 Posts: 846 Forumite
    Saved £1 just before christmas and had enough for the snazzy hairdryer i wanted.

    Gonna start saving £2 coins now though and put it towards next christmas!!!

  • Yay Greenfingers!

    I've been saving them for years - you can see my current total from my sig ;) .

    Most I saved was over £200, I used it for a washing machine deposit and to have my bathroom floor fitted!
    Mortgage-free wannabe!
  • Maisie wrote:
    If you want to collect one each of the different designs of £1 that's interesting .

    you reckon??? :confused:

  • skylight
    skylight Posts: 10,716 Forumite
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    Reading the thread - it inspired me!

    So, got a box, sealed it up and just chucked in the only 2 x £2 coins that I could find! Heres saving!

    We have a loose change jar, normally anything 20p and under - 50p and £1's if I have plenty of change in my purse. Manage about £150 a year - this is used for the kids shoes in Clarks sales 2/3 times a year (have 4 kids and new shoes are not cheap......)
  • jaybee
    jaybee Posts: 1,555 Forumite
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    I put away in vaious piggy banks, whisky bottles etc. everything under £1 (ie. 1p, 2p, 5p 10p and 50p). I counted it out today ('cos I really need some extra!!!) and it came to £70.32. That's in about a year. The thing is, it's all just 'change' that would have got spent if I hadn't stashed it away!!!

    Sadly, though, the microwave died yesterday and had to be replaced and, damn me, the scanner died today so had to get another one. Seems like one step forward and three back at the moment!!!
  • Kimberley
    Kimberley Posts: 14,871 Forumite
    £2 and £1 coins are put in my piggy everytime i get one. I've been doing so since 1st Jan, when i last counted i had £42 :)

    It's well worth doing but you have to have the will power to not break into it when you see loads in front of you :)
  • cjbaps
    cjbaps Posts: 76 Forumite
    Think I will subscribe to this club too - what a fab idea! Is it too early to think about Xmas 2006???
    Gimme back my bank charges!!!!!
    JAMIEDODGER Posts: 4,339 Forumite
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    hey! im gonna join this one too....thanks greenfingers!!!, what a great thread! i have a £2 coin in my purse so i guess thats my starting point!
    November NSD's - 7
  • pixie1
    pixie1 Posts: 1,442 Forumite
    Debt-free and Proud!
    I'll play :) £0 so far as i gave this up a few weeks ago but now that more people are playing it will be more fun :)

    Are we going to check in once a week or month?
    :jDebt Free At Last!:j
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