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    Finally, today I was contacted by a Agency that would have liked to put me forward for a 'peanuts' job in Manchester, in return they wanted my NI, passport, Birth certificate, Driving licence, a utility bill or bank statement for proof of address and the excuse was that 'These documents are requirements in order for us to comply with the Employment Agency Act' Hmm! really? since when? Since when does an agency have authority required by the Employment act to check your ID? even for a client?

    The only requirement for an ID check would be by a new employer and or if the job was of a sensitive nature like dealing with money like in a bank or building society and special clearance is required - and I only have their word that my data is safe with them, needless to say I was offended , told them so and asked them not to contact me again. They are now blacklisted on my Monster account.

    Life is hard enough without people like this about in the job jungle.

    I'm afraid that is pretty standard for any agency. They need to check you are entitled to work in the UK (yes, even if you are British). They do the check when you join the agency, as the employers pay them to pre check all applicants. It is likely they only wanted some of the above, tbh - they would have needed passport, driving licence OR birth certificate to prove nationality, then the bills for address and the NI number for eligability for work. I would be shocked if an agency didn't ask for that upon registration.
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  • just taken voluntary redundancy and am unsure if I will get JSA or help with mortgage. Does anybody know?
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    A quick question if I may... I believe that if you apply for Voluntary redundancy but get rejected for it by your company (on the grounds of key skills, blah blah) and THEN if the take up for voluntary isn't enough and they apply criteria that puts you at risk for INVOLUNTARY (despite having registered an interest, and being turned down)... legally they cannot offer you less than you would have had in the Voluntary, had they accepted you?

    I asked a mate who used to work for HR and she believes that is still the case - but curious to see if anyone knows if the law has changed...

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  • Thats an AWFUL LOT OF REDUNDANCY, and far more then most people will get.
    Im being made redundant on 28th April 2011. I need my tax calculating.
    My redundancy is £76k and with add ons this comes upto £96k. The add ons are 12 weeks in lieu of notice, loyaly bonus & £5 training fee. Could you calculate what tax I will pay on this:mad::mad:
  • Hi,
    I really hope you can offer me some help. I was made Redunant. And my ex employer has refused to pay me my redudnacy pay, wages for hours I have worked with was one months work plus holiday pay. I was not given any notice either or any notice pay.

    I have since gone to a Tribunal and won a Judgment, but the ex employers are still refusing to pay telling me the company is in liqidatation, I have checked this out and this is not true they have only applied to Strike off their company which has been rejected by companies house as lots of people have complained.

    Being they are not legally insolvant the redunacy payments office will not pay this either and say the company are will responsable to do so.
    What can I do now? I really want to be paid at least for the wages I worked.

    Thanks you
  • Hi, I'm hoping that someone out there might be able to provide some help to this Newbie.
    As a result of work-related stress, fatigue etc, I was forced to take a period of sick leave in November 2009 and this continued until this year. I was offered voluntary redundancy which I accepted and had to sign a Compromise Agreement.
    As part of that, I asked that my employer provide a reference to be incorporated into the CA.
    My employer duly did so but that reference was completely unagreeable to me.
    As the deadline for signing of the CA was fast approaching, it was agreed by solicitors and HR and myself that the CA should be signed on the understanding that 1) I would be allowed to submit a revised reference to my employer who would then approve/amend.
    The CA was then signed and I duly submitted my revised reference to HR. My ex-employer then dragged her feet and it was almost two months and after veiled threats of legal action that a reference based on my amended version was produced.
    in this third version, my employer had left our some relevant pertinent facts that a future employer would require information about. I therefore refused that third reference, pointing out reasons why it was not acceptable.
    My employers and HR then stated that they would not make further changes and were not prepared to enter into any further negotiation with me.
    I informed my union that I cannot accept that reference and they referred the matter to their solicitors who are of the view that I don't have a case.However, I do not believe that the CA is valid as in not providing me with an acceptable reference, they have breached the terms of their agreement. Is this correct?
    Any advice welcomed!
  • Oh dear. Sounds like it is your union you should be sueing - they should not have advised you to sign before the reference was agreed. Depends on what precisely was agreed, but it sounds like the employer was under no obligation to accept your version of the reference. Surely the union can knock some heads together and get them to come up with a mutually acceptable version?
  • Jarndyce
    Thank you for taking the time to respond.
    As part of the Compromise Agreement (CA) includes a confidentiality clause, I have to be very careful as to what I say. I was employed by one of the elite universities as a senior lecturer/associate professor in the social sciences. It is primarily my Head of Department that is proving so obdurate. What really upsets me is that during the first few months of my sick leave she was constantly emailing me asking me to provide lectures, exam papers etc etc and I did all of this out of goodwill but now she will not act in a principled manner. I have been left feeling as though I had been sacked for committing some gross act of misconduct when in fact I had been the victim of harassment and bullying by very senior professors.
    I am desperate and don;t know where to turn now. I feel that maybe I should return the redundancy money and therefore that would leave me free to go public about my experiences and believe me, if I did it would hurt the university a great deal...
    At my age 51, it will be very hard to secure another post and so I need the best reference that I can get...and after 12 years of service to the university, I think I deserve this...
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    Try getting the union to sort it out first as suggested by Jarndyce. Have you got legal cover in your household insurance? - that was invaluable to me. Your solicitor would request a copy of your case file from the union . When the union legal team review that they may realise they are vulnerable, Failing that you can always request your case file yourself.
  • Cessj wrote: »
    I feel that maybe I should return the redundancy money and therefore that would leave me free to go public about my experiences and believe me, if I did it would hurt the university a great deal...

    Believe me, it would not, nobody would care, quite frankly.

    Now stop feeling sorry for yourself and get the union to sort this out. Go over the heads of local reps if necessary and get someone to come in and get a reference agreed - its not difficult.
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