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  • Hi

    my girlfriend recently took voluntary redundancy from work , this was accepted and her 5 years at the company entitled her to redundancy pay ,this was worked out by her employer and she was told how much she would receive, however over the weekend her employers have changed their mind and withdrew her voluntary redundancy! she is seven months pregnant and very stressed out over this ,

    Could you please advise on whether her employers have the rite to just change their mind like this ? the manner in which this has been done is discusting to say the least.

    Any help on this would be great.

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    Hi i have been roaming different sights forums an asking loads of ?s but still no joy, about 11 weeks ago i got told i was getting made redundant due to doing away with part time workers an only offering full time hrs which having to young kids i cant do. How long can they take to actually give us our notices as i am fed up waiting now?, dont get me wrong the money is a bonus just now but i have lost all interest in working now as i know it aint mine at the end of the day. there is a very lack of communication about anything just 1 letter we got saying there was a glitch with trying to sort things out an they were trying to sort it a month later an still nothing, i have been trying to find work but with not a lot of luck i am obviously going to have to go on benefits as i am a single mum, can i just go to benefits office an claim telling them whats happening or do i need to work my time out, i have only been with this company for 9 months so aint eligible for redundancy money? if sum1 please advice me on what i can do id be very great full? x
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    May I suggest that posters start a new thread if you need information/assistance as your query is much more likely to be spotted and replied to.

    I'm a retired employment solicitor. Hopefully some of my comments might be useful, but they are only my opinion and not intended as legal advice.
  • My boss has recently reduced everyones work days instead of giving redundancy. But I have been offered a job to start next Monday, can I take voluntary redundancy and start my new job next week.
  • hi
    i am being made redundant but my question is the company i work for was bought out in july 2011 and i am still on the old companies terms and conditions, i was told i would be made redundant on my old companies T and C but now they are saying it will be on statuory terms, can they do that. i have worked for the company for over 12 years, any advice would be appreciated.

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