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    Please help!
    I have been working in the same job for 5 years. I have to apply to charitable organisations for my funding every 2-3 years. 2 years ago my employer changed - the people on the new management team stayed the same but extra people came on board. The last funding offfer was for 12 months from 1st April 2009 - 31st march 2010. I have now received my redundancy letter as we are unsure if there is funding available after march 2010. They have terminated my job contract 3 weeks early - on march 10th 2010 and said i will be paid on 31st march the normal amount - the final 3 weeks of march being my redundancy package. They argue that i am only entitled to 3 weeks redundancy as i have only been with this employer 2 years - the old employers should have paid me 4.5 weeks money for the previous 3 years service. With the holidays i have left to take this means i leave this friday! they have also said if i do go on the 10th of march and my job is refunded they will claw back the 3 weeks holiday i have taken!! My job contract states that i will be employed as long as there is funding and my work is acceptable. In my mind there is funding to pay me until 31st march so they should not terminate early and give me a proper redundance package. Also if they pay me as usual they will be taxing my redundncy pay! if anyone understands all this can they give me some guidance

    many many thanks!

  • Hello all

    Is it ok to post here, when you are under threat of redundancy, rather than knowing definitely that you are or already have been, made redundant? This is my very first post after being a lurker for a year or so.
    :ANow MF (thanks in part to following advice from MSE - cheers!)

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  • Hello again

    No need for anyone to answer my first post - I've finally gotten around to reading all the great advice on this thread and discovered what it covers! (You know I picked my username for a very good reason!)
    :ANow MF (thanks in part to following advice from MSE - cheers!)

    DDCF: £225 Little acorns...
  • Hey All - Just found this board and it's really useful, good to see somewhere for people to share practical tips, there's not much going on outside moneysavingexpert on this.

    One site you might find useful, which I've been involved in, is called Retooled. The people behind this were all at MG Rover and made redundant when Longbridge closed. What we've done is to share accounts of what it was like at the time, and offer up our own experiences. Just because it's hard to talk to friends and family when you're made redundant, and this is where to see what other people go through. Really up for feedback on it, good and bad! At the moment its started just with the rover stories, but anyone can add in.

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    I am sure that this part of the forum will be appreciated by people like me facing redundancy, I am on gardening leave until next week when my job will be no more.

    Last week I went into action and got myself registered with Monster and a few other sites and have been surprise that people and companies are asking me to apply for their vacancies. However, I have a feeling that once they know I am 56 there will be other excuses to say that I am not the right person for the job even when I have just left a role doing exactly the same spec...they may have laws about ageism but it still goes on, just hard to prove.

    Today alone I have had 6 phone calls from jobs I have applied for just today, this isn't to say I will get them but it's a good start, once again there is no requirement today to put age on a CV so when they find out my age the jobs may magically disappear or have been filled, call me cynical but it does go on.

    To prove to the benefit people that I am actively looking for work I have logged everything on a spreadsheet and with time spent on job searching so they don't think I'm off on holiday to the Algarve or out fishing when I should be looking for a job.

    Looking for a job is actually harder than being in a job, before I was working from 08:00hrs - 16:30hrs and now my day seems to be start at 06:00 and finish when I finish, normally when the wife tells me off :D

    Lucky for me I am computer literate and know my way around the internet so can route out information that I need regarding benefits etc; This site in particular has been extremely helpful and the no nonsense link to the benefits entitlement calculator is a useful cross-checker to make sure that information received is correct and you claim what you are entitled too.

    Also lucky for me I saw this redundancy coming last year and had made provision so it will for me be like a trial retirement - ish! My wife and I made a concious effort to keep our bills down and keep checking we have the best deal, we also paid off CC's and a lump off the mortgage putting us into a good position if I was to become reliant on benefits for a while.

    Today there is more help out there with coping with redundancy than there ever was when I was made redundant some 13 years ago from another job and I have been surprised how easy the information is to find, also the internet has helped with it being accessible to a lot of people. But what if it's not? not all people are fortunate to have access to a computer or internet or even know how to use it.

    Even Job Centres now have terminals for searching for jobs so what about the people that have no knowledge of how to work a computer let alone get on the internet? Some people like me over 50 may not have had to use computers except for maybe an odd email or letter. Libraries have computers people can use, but no use if you don't know how to use them.

    Finally, today I was contacted by a Agency that would have liked to put me forward for a 'peanuts' job in Manchester, in return they wanted my NI, passport, Birth certificate, Driving licence, a utility bill or bank statement for proof of address and the excuse was that 'These documents are requirements in order for us to comply with the Employment Agency Act' Hmm! really? since when? Since when does an agency have authority required by the Employment act to check your ID? even for a client?

    The only requirement for an ID check would be by a new employer and or if the job was of a sensitive nature like dealing with money like in a bank or building society and special clearance is required - and I only have their word that my data is safe with them, needless to say I was offended , told them so and asked them not to contact me again. They are now blacklisted on my Monster account.

    Life is hard enough without people like this about in the job jungle.
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    Of mortgage protection policies that don't protect you if you find part time or short contract work, bit of a catch 22, If you have 6 months qualifying before you can receive benefits for a year and you take on a 3 month temporary job, the qualifying period restarts before you can claim again, however, read the small print because you may find that the policy doesn't cover temporary jobs - Worth checking

    Mine starts on day zero but if I take on a temp job it voids it until I take up full time employment again and another 6 months qualifying period has to lapse before a new claim is made. They also want to know the inside story of the knat living in your house and want to know what you are doing about getting another about making you feel uncomfortable on top of losing your job not through your fault:mad:
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    If you don't know already you can have the whole of your house insulated for free while your on benefits, also you are entitled to free prescriptions, eye tests and dental treatment. This time around I'm claiming for everything and anything and not just JSA like 13 years ago when I could have claimed for more.
  • Im being made redundant on 28th April 2011. I need my tax calculating.
    My redundancy is £76k and with add ons this comes upto £96k. The add ons are 12 weeks in lieu of notice, loyaly bonus & £5 training fee. Could you calculate what tax I will pay on this:mad::mad:
  • if you have been told that your job is coming to an end eg in Octobe r of this year and the work you are doing is going to be transferred to another place i work with six people and it has been mentioned that because there has been less work they are going to reduce the number of people. can these people be layed off with no redundancy even though the work is going to come to an end in October?
  • Hi duncs pigeon, the first £30,000 is tax free : ) the rest will be taxable : (
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