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AIRING CUPBOARD how do you organise



  • ajd3
    ajd3 Posts: 32 Forumite
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    those difficult sheets with there is a knack to that (which I've yet to discover!).

    I think the knack is to take the corners and put them inside each other. It's a bit difficult to explain but bear with me.
    Put one hand in each corner of a short side
    Bring hands together by folding sheet in half
    Put one corner inside the other
    Fold in sticky-out bit to give a square edge
    Continue to fold as normal
    Hope that made sense:o

    I love the idea of putting matching bedding in a pillowcase

    Also can't believe I've read all this thread, fascinating insight into airing cupboards - maybe we could look at kitchen drawers next. You know the one - the 'that'll come in handy for something' drawer.
  • wendym
    wendym Posts: 2,945 Forumite
    This is getting spooky.

    I was sitting being glared at by my airing cupboard when I found this semi-bonkers thread, and I've just risked the kitchen drawer that contains:

    small pieces of string
    3 rt hand rubber gloves
    2 empty match boxes
    several of the white plastic paw-shaped seals from Whiskas biscuits (my last cat died 3 years ago)
    also several plastic containers that once held disposable gloves
    the thing that holds together the lost picnic cutlery
    lots of irretrievably bent plastic straws

    I could go on, but it's embarrassing enough before I read any contributions by people with neat drawer dividers.
  • RachelD
    RachelD Posts: 217 Forumite
    When airing cupboards were invented (dunno when , Victorian?) they were meant to be used for airing laundry you had just damp- ironed or got more or less dry on the line. You then moved the aired stuff to a linen cupboard or wardrobe.

    Nowadays they just get used as storage areas and that's fine if you don't have a hot water cylinder in there. I have one (Economy7) and my airing cupboard get s quite hot even though everythin is superlagged. I used it for storing bedding and towels. It was all OK until I needed some pale cream duvet covers for a guest staying. They had abominable brown stains along the folded edge, presumably because they had been left overlong and due to the heat. The same thing had happened to some antique linen tablecltohs

    Thanks to a tip in this forum the stains came out after soaking in vinegar - what else- but I no longer sore duvet covers there for that reason.
    if i had known then what i know now
  • elaine373
    elaine373 Posts: 1,427 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Due to a possible house move, we decided to sort out our airing cupboard and there were mountains of quilt covers, pillow cases etc. we sorted through what we didnt use and ended up with 3 full black bags of unused items!!! Now when i open the airing cupboard i feel alot better, sad isnt it?
    “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. Your really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” Lucille Ball.
  • trippy
    trippy Posts: 539 Forumite
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    Any ideas how to label the sheets? I have all white sheets of which I have more than duvet sets.
  • Poppy9
    Poppy9 Posts: 18,833 Forumite
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    A couple of weeks ago I decided that the airing cupboard had to be sorted. I was using it for storing towels, spare duvets, pillows and drying washing in. It's is a full ceiling height cupboard with double doors. There is a hot water cylinder to one side with 2 shelves of wooden slates over. Then there is two shelves in the top half of the cupboard (4 shelves in all)

    The top has the spare duvets, pillows, the next one down the beach towels table clothes, fleecy mattress protectors. The next shelf down is the everyday towel shelf. This is sorted into from left, Bath sheets, bath towels, hand towels, swimming towels and turbies. This leaves the lower shelf clear for drying washing before putting away. It also has 4 odd socks on it.

    I also have a stretch piece of netcurtain wire across the front to hang things on.

    2 weeks on and it still lovely and tidy. The charity shop had a black bag full of old towels.

    Spare bedding is kept in drawers under beds.

    I also tackled my biscuit/goodie cupboard which is now lovely and neat (well empty actually) and I super cleaned my oven.

    Next on the list is the understairs cupboard:eek:
    :) ~Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone.~:)
  • shetitasatic
    shetitasatic Posts: 209 Forumite
    To colour co-ordinate with the bathroom in our old house all our towels were blue/aqua/lilac. In this house our new bathroom is cream /brown /coffee shades.
    I turned out the airing cupboard and found masses of towels of all sizes and had a dye- ing session- they're now all various shades of coffee/browns.

    Our current house was built in 1966, the year I was first married and has 3 things my first home had that I've missed for so long:

    1 an airing cupboard with lagged tank and lots of shelves

    2 A proper pantry, vented to the outside with tiled shelves

    3 an outdoor clothes line, the length of the garden, with pulleys at each end

    BLISS!! (god I'm getting old!) :j :j
  • Claudie
    Claudie Posts: 1,316 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    You ain't seen nothin yet...

    You can be organised to your hearts content.
    The smallest deed is greater than the grandest intention ~ Anonymous
  • Anne_Marie_2
    Anne_Marie_2 Posts: 2,123 Forumite
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    Before we converted to combi-boiler, our airing cupboard was used for drying off towels threaded over the slats on the 2 shelves. Or drying off the smalls.
    Never thought of using it as storage - apart from keeping small dustpan and brush there, if that counts.

    Now, combi-boiler, so we have space underneath. Well we would if it didn't have..............
    laundry basket for towels
    kitchen bin
    brush and dustpan
    Bag hooked on wall for plastic shopping bags - to be re-used
    Peg bag - hooked on inside of door.
  • thyme_2
    thyme_2 Posts: 57 Forumite
    First Post
    Fascinated reading this! I store most of my linen except for the biggys in a cupboard with the folds the same way! Just out of habit of course! Top shelf in the airer are for spare sheets, duvets and pillows. Lower shelf has the sheets and my night clothes cause I am too lazy to put them in their proper place. Daily undies get dried on a hanger. Step ladder beside boiler and sometimes I fold my clothes dryer at the other side with clothes on. Spare blankets which I wont throw away in case the worst happens in the wardrobe drawer.
    I was thinking through whilst reading that perhaps duvets, sleeping bags could store under the mattress? As for the kitchen drawers - one horror filled with junk ie nails, screws, bits of string rubber bands - you name it its in there lol! :)
    2.00 COIN CLUB = £36.00 :wave: ! :think: [/SIZE]

    "It is a fool's life laying up treasures which moths and rust will corrupt and thieves break up and steal"
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