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AIRING CUPBOARD how do you organise



  • Chipps
    Chipps Posts: 1,550 Forumite
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    Look, all this talk of organising airing cupboards is all very well, but the nice thing about airing cupboards is that they have a door which can be kept well and truly shut!!!!

    Our airing cupboard is enormous, as airing cupboards go. It has our condensing boiler in it, all our camping equipment, all our towels, a small inflatable dinghy and oars, a couple of beach windbreaks, all the bedlinen we have ever owned, a couple of months supply of Lidl loo rolls, several duvets (never used), pillows (same) and sleeping bags. Some fabric which may be useful one day... a wooden bathmat thing I have never used, 2 coolboxes, one of which is filled with lots of small items that I don't really want to throw away, but have never used for anything at all, a box of cleaning cloths aka old tee shirts & terry nappies, and of course the Lonely Sock Club, some of whose members are now far too small for anyone currently living in this house.

    (ok, did anyone actually read all that lot?)

    Also there is a towel rail hanging on one wall, and a shower rail suspended diagonally across the place, for hanging washing when it is too wet outside. Oh, and the place is brimming with coathangers for that purpose - I think the coathangers multiply in there, cos they always seem to jump out at you whenever you open the door.

    I think I need to throw a load of stuff away and get this place organised, but for now I will just shut the door and concentrate on the places I have to look at...
  • rio
    rio Posts: 245 Forumite
    I store all the stuff I don't use that often or only seasonally (i.e. duvets) in my suitcases, as my airing cupboard is so small. I keep the cupboard purely for clothes and bedding that are used regulary so in theory it is completely emptied once a week and then refilled; when the aired clothes are put away and the newly washed clothes are put in for airing. I find that when I pack to go on holiday I completely empty the airing cupboard and all the stuff normally kept in the suitcases fits in the airing cupboard. I wouldn't claim that this would work for everyone, but it does for me.
  • Linda32
    Linda32 Posts: 4,385 Forumite
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    babe_ruth wrote:
    Now what to do with an attic full of rubbish. Now youre talking

    eBay of course :D
  • exlibris
    exlibris Posts: 696 Forumite
    My cupboard sounds like most of those untidy ones described but with one exception - balanced on top of the hot water tank is all the odd socks accumulated over the past months. I'm ever hopeful of the other one turning up!

    It might have, but its partner is on top of the tank. If you have children get them to do a matching session and then recycle the remaining odd ones into hand dusters!
  • pennies_from_heaven_2
    hi ticklemouse your towels with the holes in would be welcommed at a dogs beauty parlour or even at a vets
  • pennies_from_heaven_2
    hi babe ruth
    sorry we dont have an airing cuboard.
    what i tend to do is put my bedding and towels in the draws under my bed.

    should you not have draws you could buy the plastic zipped bags and place your bedding in them and your towels and put them under your bed.
    hope this helps
  • 123xyz
    123xyz Posts: 436 Forumite
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    I am such a Virgo that my airing cupboard is all neat and tidy, pile for bedding, pile for towels, pile for OH, pile for me and pile for small person. HOWEVER on the floor at the bottom are my dog's towels, spare bedding, blankets etc and even though she died almost 10 months ago, I cannot put it in the rag bag. I also still have a box of bonios downstairs. I know I should, but I just can't!
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  • helenstuff
    helenstuff Posts: 140 Forumite
    A small wheely vegetable trolley (the sort of thing you can get in Woolies for under a tenner) fits in the front of mine and takes pillowcases and rolled hand towels very neatly - and wheels out for when you need to climb in to reach less tidy stuff!
  • moggins
    moggins Posts: 5,190 Forumite
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    I don't have an airing cupboard as such, our hot water tank sits right in the middle of it, as it's right next to the bathroom I have the laundry hamper underneath the tank and a joint of bacon curing on top of it :D
    Organised people are just too lazy to look for things

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  • PoshPaws_3
    PoshPaws_3 Posts: 485 Forumite
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    We don't have an airing cupboard in this house, but in my previous place (which was a granny annexe to a big Edwardian house), I had a fairly normal-sized airing cupboard in the bathroom - one of those with a big water tank and immersion heater at the bottom of it.

    Inside mine, I had cuphooks screwed into the inside of the door from which hung my horses' bridles and spare headcollars - great for drying them out after rainy days.

    The first shelf was slatted, from which would hang canvas and fabric girths, tendon & brushing boots plus any leg & tail bandages which needed drying.

    The second (highest) shelf was reserved for seasonal horse clothes - in the winter, all the summer sheets, sweat rugs and coolers - in the summer, all the quilted stable rugs, fleece leg bandages and bandage pads.

    Smelled "interesting", my bathroom. ;) :rotfl:

    Edited to say "Where's my avatar gone??" ~weep~sob~snivel~
    :hello: I'm very well, considering the state I'm in. :hello:
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