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AIRING CUPBOARD how do you organise



  • Spendless
    Spendless Posts: 24,136 Forumite
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    jw1096 wrote:
    Matching duvet and sheet inside a pillowcase is easier!

    Jo xx
    I can see there'd be room if it was a single quilt cover and sheet, but is there enough room inside one pillowcase to put another 3 pillowcases, a double or kingsize quilt cover, bottom sheet and maybe a valance:confused:
  • amazon_spice
    amazon_spice Posts: 1,639 Forumite
    Spendless wrote:

    Another tip I've read but not put into practise:o is to put all the matching stuff inside the quilt cover, eg the pillowcases,valance etc, so when you are changing the bedding you know its all together inside one duvet cover.

  • Noozan
    Noozan Posts: 1,058 Forumite
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    Spendless wrote:
    I can see there'd be room if it was a single quilt cover and sheet, but is there enough room inside one pillowcase to put another 3 pillowcases, a double or kingsize quilt cover, bottom sheet and maybe a valance:confused:

    Bags of room! :D DH and I have two pillows and a double duvet each and since it all goes on the same bed, I like it to match. I can get two double duvet covers, a fitted sheet and 3 pillow cases into one pillow case. Valance sheets are separate as I don't change those as often as the sheet we lie one.
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  • Mrs_A.
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    I dont have an airing cupboard as such just a cupboard that everything and anything is stored in!!! I also keep my bed sets together folded into pilow case so much easier than searching through piles of sheets, covers and pillow cases. it is my aim this year to get my life totally organised perhaps i should start with the cupboard..... or have another cup of tea and keep reading these brill boards.
    Mrs A.
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  • £Ronnie
    £Ronnie Posts: 218 Forumite
    Well I am amazed:D

    I felt I had to improve on all aspects of housekeeping but it seems not,:j :confused:

    This is the one area of my house that I would gladly show anyone at any time. If my airing cupboard was a summary of my house you would think I had a cleaner in 24/7;)

    I have a tank in mine and 2 shelves. On the top shelf i have the spare bedding, 1 set for each bed(3) (this = 1 on, 1 in wash), blankets, sleeping bag.

    On the next shelf I have towels, all folded with folds out so it looks neater, in piles according to size, and next to this a pile of clothes that need airing. Granted this pile isn't big as I use TD for nearly everything.:o

    We also store our hoover, ironing board and iron, loo rolls in the airing cupboard.

    Personally I know the only way to have it tidy is to have a major clear out, and reduce the amount of stuff you have. We had so much in there and you could never find a rid of a load and somehow it keeps itself tidy, my kinda cupboard, if only all the others were the same.:p
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  • trippy
    trippy Posts: 539 Forumite
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    Having been inspired by Anthea Turner's Perfect Housewife I am going to tackle the airing cupboard. I was wondering if there are any tips for sorting/ organising the sheets which are nearly all the same colour but different sizes. I'd love some lables to sew on them but my husband says that makes me an anorak! :-D
  • Pink.
    Pink. Posts: 17,675 Forumite
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    Hi trippy,

    You may get more help with this on the Old Style board. In fact they have a thread on this very subject, so I'll merge your thread into it. The posts are listed in date order so you'll have to read from the beginning to see all the replies.

  • Savvy_Sue
    Savvy_Sue Posts: 46,007 Forumite
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    Lydia.42 wrote:
    Instead we have a shotgun cabinet inside ours :eek: - police thought it was a great place when they came to inspect
    I think that has GOT to be the most original thing to keep in an airing cupboard! :rotfl:

    Me, I have a cupboard under the loft stairs, and it doesn't have any form of heat in it so it only gets used for storage. The bottom is way too deep to be really useful, and even the top shelf is too deep for me to reach the back! Oh, and you can't see into it properly because there's no light, and if someone's in the bathroom it's almost impossible to get into it or see into it because the door opens away from the bathroom and you're sort of stuck and no light gets in because you're jammed between two doors! :eek:

    So in it, is a VERY old computer, wish I knew why we had to keep it but DH doesn't want to get rid of it. Two tents, three foam sleeping mats, and groundsheets. Towels on one shelf. Toiletries on another. I keep the toiletries in plastic stacking boxes, except they don't stack because shelf not deep enough. The hair clippers. Bedding lives in the drawers under our bed.

    Should have a clear out really ... some of the towels are getting past it, but I've already got one bag of past-it towels I haven't got rid of yet ... and should probably go and WASH the towels as well ... :rotfl:
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    THIRZAH Posts: 1,465 Forumite
    If sewing labels on sheets makes you an anorak I hate to think what your husband would make of my sheets. I got fed up with sheets and pillowcases clashing with the duvet covers so now only buy white sheets and pillowcases. Then I embroidered initials on the corners of the sheets- but I do like embroidery!
  • Linda32
    Linda32 Posts: 4,385 Forumite
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    Our airing cupboard has the tank in there as well, with two shelfs above.

    On the first shelf I put the quilt covers with the matched pillowcases. We only have three so its easy enough (one to wear, one in the wash and one spare) Same for the bottom sheets.

    Then the same for the bath towels, we use two at a time and only have six in total.

    On the top shelfs are old sheets which we use when decorating and the soap bags for when we go on holiday.

    Thats about it.
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