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AIRING CUPBOARD how do you organise



  • [Deleted User]
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    Oh dear I hope I don`t get anyone else rushing to sort out `that` cupboard

    I`m half way there now. Towels and sheet sets, spare pillows are in. There is just the odds and sods. Mmmm now where do I start with them?

    ps not just linen in mine but a vaccuum cleaner, carpet shampooer, pedistal fan, halogen heater, expanding and contracting step ladder

    That`s the trouble with these modern tall town houses. No nooks and crannies for storage
  • jcr16
    jcr16 Posts: 4,185 Forumite
    i have an airing cupboard but i don't do ironing since having a tumble drier so i use it just to store my linen.

    on the top shelf ( it is the biggest ) i keep spare duvets , blankets , fleeces etctec

    on the bottome shelf i keep everything in piles pillow cases , fitted sheets and duvet covers

    then on shelf on otherside i keep the kids bedding again in piles blankets , fitted sheets , flat sheets.

    at the bottom of cupboard i keep the airers , laundry basket and anything i am sending to charity shop or selling on ebay.

    i keep all towels on display on a fab shelfing unit in the bathroom.

    i also have a blanket box at foot of our bed for anything that is too big and bulky for airing cupbaord.

    i generally set myself 10 mins once a month to tidy it all up so it never gets to point i dread opening the door.
  • This is a great thread!

    Mine I suppose is a litle organised, but tend to have loads of towels in there that I never use and some bedding (have an ottaman full too:rolleyes: )that never see the light of day. I usually just wash and dry the towels in the bathroom-dont match or anything really but its just easier and maybe lazier:confused: for me to do this. I might sort this out this week and ebay what I dont need or use (the surplus) as most of it is new. I found some BNWT Debenhams hand towels 2 weeks ago-cream with gold swirls and I paid £14 (2 years ago) each for them:eek: they are now in the pressy box as they can be given to someone else:D

    Also have a BN scooby doo suitcase thing on wheels all tagged thats never been used-this me thinks will be ebayed too.

    Will be following this thread closely.

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  • hi,
    we keep the school uniform for 4 children in the airing cupboard as its in the kitchen.
    If we put the uniform in the bed rooms it gets lost or creased .
    The tea towels are under sink,flannels are in bathroom cupboard ,towels are in a pile in corner of mine bedroom.Sheets and duvays are in bottom of hubbys wardrobe (i extra set each as we wash and put back on in a day)Extra duvays and pillows are in bottom of mine wardrobe as used most weekend for kids friends.
    from sarah
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    and my greats love is the Grandchildren xx :)
  • summerday
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    Don't forget about of the back of the airing cupboard door either- buy some cheap self-adhesive plastic hooks from Tesco etc and stick them on the back of your airing cupboard door to instantly give yourself more room to hang stuff.
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  • We have a combi boiler and no shelves you are not allowed to as it needs to vent.

    So i have a set of shelves in the bathroom with all the towels on. As they are on display i keep them nice and neat.

    The bedding is kept in a wardrobe in the spareroom. I keep everything in piles. All the pillow cases in one, covers in another and so on.

    My house is sooo short of storage. they dont make houses like they use to :rotfl:
  • Sarahsaver
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    I have got almost a walk in wardrobe next to my bedroom. I must admit something has taken over me and i have coats and long dresses in there with protective covers on, shelves for shoes and boots in labelled boxes, and a covered shelf unit for shoes which dont have boxes, plus travel bags/suitcases/sleeping bags stored in those woven plastic shopping bags which you can get from the pound shop. Sheets for mine and dds bed are in a blanket box in her room. I did downsize to one on one off then my mum keeps buying her duvet covers :rolleyes: The boys' bed linen is in the bottom of their wardrobes, with spare blankets in zipped storage bags.
    I'm not obsessive about storage but now i look at this it appears that I am!?!?!
    Member no.1 of the 'I'm not in a clique' group :rotfl:
    I have done reading too!
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    Finished and it didn`t take as long as I thought. It looks neat at the moment and I have managed to stow some things elsewhere. Towels are rolled up and bedding in bundles. I have used those vaccuum bags again for spare pillows because they are bulky

    I am going to get some hooks for the back of the door

    This house keeping is non-stop folks. You sit back after its done then slowly but slowly it reverts to what it was before

    My last house had masses of storage funkyfairy.
    The cupboard under the stairs here has been shelved out by my DH because there is a chronic storage of useful cupboards in the kitchen. It is a `glossy` kitchen alright but not a home-makers kitchen. I mean, where in a new house are you supposed to store your ironing board for a start
    THIRZAH Posts: 1,465 Forumite
    I keep things like towels for swimming and guest towels in those plastic folding stacking boxes on the top shelf of the airing cupboard at the back. There's still room for sheets etc in front of them but it does give me a bit more storage space and I can find them easily.

    I'd love to have a big linen cupboard like my grandmother used to have with every shelf labelled.
  • MATH
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    Mines is a mess:eek: No organisation, no system, no order!

    Duvets, sleeping bags, bath towels, beach towels, face cloths and illuminated globe.:rolleyes: Don't ask what that's doing there cos I just don't know.

    I self comfort by telling myself it will be only half the mess it is now when I take all the bed linen and towels that belong at the coast back. I hefted them all back here so they didn't get damp over the winter.

    I've just had a peek and con confirm that most of my towels are now beyond frayed and edging towards fringed:D
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