A Payment a Day Part 2!

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  • This is HILARIOUS - I'm laughing right now at how simple yet effective this is.

    I couldn't wait to get into work this morning and make my PAD.

    This morning I've paid £145.53 off of my Halifax CC. Will take the necessary steps today to close this account to avoid any 'mis-haps' :-).

    Also found £1.58 in a redundant Current Account so paid £1.50 off of my HSBC CC.

    Will update signature soon.

    BAD NEWS : Car Tax due, so that'll be costing about £90 :-(
  • jenchin66jenchin66 Forumite
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    Morning all. Hope everyone is okay this morning. Dh is back at work today so was up mega early this morning, am so tired.

    £21.00 to po cc today
    Pad, started 28.11.08 running total £3674.91:T
    Sealed pot challenge member 346:T
  • Hopeful1Hopeful1 Forumite
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    Morning everyone!

    Well done everyone on the payments for the 1st day of the year :j Thank you very much Flying_Fresian for adding the figures up ;)

    Welcome to all the new posters, i'm glad you can see what a great idea PaD is (thank you again Emily) and that you have sussed out what lovely people we are on here :p Good luck!


    £1 evil loan
    £2 EPDL

    £3 TOTAL FOR TODAY....it's going to be a slow week this week!!!! Roll on hubby's payday on Thursday :D

    DT - you're very brave for making the decision on the house - i'm full of admiration and hope the evaluation is positive xxx

    Terri - are you ok hun re OH??
    One step at a time ;)
  • Payday today :)

    Haven't got time to sort out what is what just yet, but because I know I have o/t in there, plus we don't have to pay council tax this month, I have paid £54 off the Skycard, making it a round £1k...

    Back later with more payments :D
    'We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars' - Oscar Wilde
  • DamitaDamita Forumite
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    Debt-free and Proud!
    Payday for two weeks today... not three as I thought oh hum...

    £150.00 to the savings
    Debt Then 06.07 - £11,000 - Debt Now £0.00
    DFD Aug 2011
  • BAD NEWS : Car Tax due, so that'll be costing about £90 :-(

    Opted to pay for Car Tax for the full 12 mths @ £170 (rather than £93.50 for 6 mths) so that's a saving of £17 over the year.

    Thanks to Flying_Fresian - I've paid this £17 saving off of my HSBC CC (which can count as yesterdays PAD because I missed it).

    "And we'll have FUN FUN FUN 'til we paid all our debts away" Woooooo...
  • Hello,
    I've made my payment of £1 (skint after Christmas!) into my Virgin card!
  • Morning Campers!

    £7.81 for me today to....hmmm choices choices.........Barclaycard!

    Have a good one all.
    LBM 10/08 £12510.74/
  • I haven't made a payment since the 31st December! :eek:

    But I have put £1.50 in a candle holder and will throw some in each day and pay it off one of the many CC's on the 15th when it's pay day I promise!:A

    Checked the ol' bank account this morning and I've only got enough for petrol and lunch with the girlies that I've been putting off for way too long!

    But good news, due a 5% increase in work so any of that can pay off the Virgin CC methinks! :T

    Anyone have any tips on going back to full-time study and coping with debt payments? :confused:

    It's lovely and sunny here - hope you all have a fab day today! xx
    :j (2013) :j
    * Virgin Atlantic [STRIKE]£2,837.01[/STRIKE] £2,835* B'card [STRIKE]£851.51[/STRIKE] £850 * Egg [strike]£5,608.83[/strike] £5,608.83 * Mint [STRIKE]£816.13[/STRIKE] £770 *
  • Today I have paid £40 off next from my xmas money was saving it for new pair of boots which I dont actually need
    DMP starting 1/3/09 - thanks to CCCS & MSE
    I am now proud to be dealing with my debts!
    Big thanks to everyone on the DMP Mutual Support Thread
    your support has inspired me to get this sorted once and for all xx
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