A Payment a Day Part 2!

Emily Hallett started a fantastic thread called 'a payment a day' which you can find here:


:T The thread has been a fantastic success and has grown so much it is fit to burst!! We have decided to carry on Emily's great idea in this new thread:
New Year New thread, more debt busting!

The principle of the idea is that you pay any extra money you have against a debt to clear it a little bit quicker. Not everyone makes a daily payment, but instead they save money to make a lump sum at the end of the month. You can do it anyway you want to, but join the thread and let us know how you are getting on.

Anyone is welcome to join in at anytime. You will find all the posters are extremely friendly and we are all very supportive of each other.

Best wishes for 2009 everyone :beer:
One step at a time ;)


  • :j Happy new year everyone:j

    Had an interesting chat with the bank last week. Unfortunately both me and OH found out we will be stuck on basic hrs for the forseeable future, this was not good news as we've had a manic month with bills coming out our ears. Some were things i'd forgotten about and some were just unexpected. Thing is, if i were to just plod along as normal in 3 months we'd be n some serious poo! So i've had to do the one thing i didnt want to do.....Take out a consolidation loan:o. Has both its positives and negatives. Negatives being its a loan i didnt want (but needed!), and 2 its over 6yrs!. The positives being, i've managed to save us £190 a month on our out goings and 2 its a flexi loan so i can and will be making overpayments.
    Crazy thing was the lady in the bank showed me how long it would take for me to get out of this mess if our money wage situation stayed the same.
    We're £600 into our o/d and once all of our bills have been paid we could afford to pay no more than £20 a month towards it! Then that brings us to my cc. My intrest free peroid ends soon and coz of our o/d getting another interest free card wasnt looking good. We were told it could take us in excess of 40odd yrs to clear it all:eek:

    Right sorry for the rant. I feel a lot more positive going into 2009, hope everyone here all the best :beer:
    Pay my debt by End of Feb 2022
    49.28% paid!

    £199.55/£500 savings by End of April 2022
    39.91% saved!

    Make £2022 in 2022 - £20
  • Great a new thread

    check on line banking have some extra money in it as we decided not to go out last night or get any drink in as both of us are working over the new year period so paid

    £40 to credit card and £50 to virgin
    :mad: 5 account to clear- £14580.47/£1074.90- 7.3% paid off
    debt free nov 2012 before that I hope
    sealed jar no 420
  • Hi

    Going to be first to post (if I am quick)

    Thanks to Emily for starting pad thread and thanks to Hopeful1 for continuing... it is sooooo addictive.

    pad for today ... £4.55 to loan and £2.00 to savings. Will sort sig later.

    Have a good day everyone.

    miss t
    #76 Save £12k in 2015 challenge

    £3625/£4000 :j
  • Happy New year everyone. :T A nice shiny thread, hope everyone has a healthy one :D

    £5.00 to post office today
    Pad, started 28.11.08 running total £3674.91:T
    Sealed pot challenge member 346:T
  • cally6008cally6008 Forumite
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    Happy 2009 to everyone.
  • mooominmooomin Forumite
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    Morning all hellowave.gif and Happy New Year! HSNewYear.gif

    It's nice to see a new thread for 2009 - now which brave soul wants to volunteer to add up all our PADs each day? :rotfl:

    On with mine, £3.97 paid to the Overdraft Begone Fund, and 8p interest went into that account too, so total PAD of £4.05. Shame my overdraft interest of £3.04 came off today th_footstompingsmilie.gif

    Hope you all had a lovely night and that you're not feeling too rough todaybed.gif

  • LewbyLewby Forumite
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    Morning all. I'd like to join this challenge please. I have managed to persuade OH to help me free ourselves from debt (most of it built up by me giving in to his 'I want it' nature) and we have agreed that if he can see the debt going down he will be motivated to stop spending and we'll pay it of more quickly!

    As it stands today our DFD is June 2012 - just in time for the Olympics! So I am aiming to get it cleared by Dec 2011 ..... which sounds so much better.

    I will be paying something 'extra' everyday to our debts - even if it's only £1. I will put it into a jar and make the payment at the end of each week. We cleared our overdraft this week and will be living within our credit balance for the first time in a decade! I psychologically (big word for this time in the morning) like the idea of living within our means and reducing the debt everyday!

    I'll check in with this thread to keep me on track. Thanks for the support!

    Lewby xx

    ** Official DFW Nerd Club Member 009**
    Total Debt 01/02/11 [STRIKE] £64,912 [/STRIKE] 01/04/16 [STRIKE]£32,700[/STRIKE] 01/01/19 £0 :j
    NSD's for Feb 01/15 GC £0 / £300
  • Hopeful1Hopeful1 Forumite
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    It's nice to see a new thread for 2009 - now which brave soul wants to volunteer to add up all our PADs each day? :rotfl:

    *everyone looks intently at their keyboard avoiding eye contact at all costs*

    My payments for today:
    £1 evil loan
    £1 EPDL

    Hubby should have had 1 weeks pay last week, but won't be getting it until next week now. For the 1st time ever i'm not in a state of panic! I will have to use my cap 1 card but i knew i would. Looking forward to kicking some debt !!! in a couple of weeks time when we're all back to normal.

    Have a nice day everyone :j
    One step at a time ;)
  • Hopeful1Hopeful1 Forumite
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    Welcome Lewby. Sounds like you're married to my hubby's brother lol My hub has improved only cause he now knows we aint got it. HOWEVER, i have discovered he spends £22 per WEEK on bets and can't see what's wrong :eek:

    When he is being paid weekly again i will be saving £22 per week to show him what that looks like at the end of the year.

    Geez!! :D
    One step at a time ;)
  • It's nice to see a new thread for 2009 - now which brave soul wants to volunteer to add up all our PADs each day? :rotfl:
    just added up everyone so far and its

    £107.60 today
    keep it up everyone
    :mad: 5 account to clear- £14580.47/£1074.90- 7.3% paid off
    debt free nov 2012 before that I hope
    sealed jar no 420
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