A Payment a Day Part 2!

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    Hello all,
    Sorry i havent been around for a few days, just needed a few days away from it all to myself. Went to visit some family to try and get myself together. All this money lark just seems to be getting on top of me at the minute and it feels like a never ending battle.
    The thing to top it off was that the council have just decided that they have been overpaying us on housing benefit and want it back. How they think i can afford that i have no idea.
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    Hi flower08,we had a similar situation with our housing benefit too.To the tune of nearly £400.Which is nuts as we are always honest and give the info when they ask etc.We've just finished paying it off but it really got me down too as it always seems to be someone wanting paying.They're v hot at claiming money back but not so hot when dishing it out!Grr.Chin up sweet,your a tough cookie,just a bit weary at the mo ;) We're currently fighting with hmrc (don't get me started-lol!)
    My pad today is a whole70p take care everyone x
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    I've got an additional payment a day because the account I closed has sent a cheque so another £50.00 for me. I was going to use it for tomorrow's PAD but it arrived this afternoon so i'll be good. Even if I only pay a pound tomorrow it'll be an extra pound so it has to be good. I've got to pay less than £24 a day now for the first time!!!
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