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Using up fresh fruit



  • Floss
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    freeze raspberries in a single layer on an open box, then chuck in a box and use for desserts or smoothies or defrost overnight for your breakfast

    blackberries (yes i know they're not yet in season!) can be frozen in a bag or box, defrost & add to apple for pie or crumble

    lightly cooked / stewed apple or pear can be frozen for winter pies & crumbles

    blueberries can be frozen in their plastic boxes, defrost overnight for breakfast or use from frozen for smoothies

    lemons & limes can be sliced & frozen for adding to drinks - saves making ice!
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  • Fruit crumble!!

    I cut up the fruit into little chunks - every kind except oranges - and throw into a pie dish, cover with crumble topping and bake in a med. oven until golden brown.

    If the fruit is really sour (plums, or some tart kiwis) I'll add a bit of sugar.

    If I have room in the freezer, I will either stick a bag of cut up chunks in ready for a future crumble, or make the crumble but don't bake and put the whole dish in the freezer, covered with clingfilm.

    Kids always think it's a treat.

  • greenpixey
    greenpixey Posts: 2,806 Forumite
    We don't really throw away fruit anymore since I found this site. If the bananas goes brownish and no one wants to eat them I use them for a banana cake which doesn't last five minutes after its done. The apples I now dry under the grill and the kids loves to eat them or I make an apple pie crumble.
  • scuzz
    scuzz Posts: 1,995 Forumite
    Bit obvious and boring, but what about a fruit salad?


    crumbles as everyone's saying

    if you've got any cream make a fool


    if you've got apple and some pork, make apple sauce to go with it

    poached pair
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  • ziggy2004
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    Banana loaf
    2 oz caster sugar, 1,5 oz Margarine, 4 oz plain flour, 1,5 teaspoon baking powder, 1 egg, 1 banana, 1 oz dried fruit/dates/nuts.
    cream margarine and sugar beat in the egg add mashed banana then rest of ingriedients bake in a moderate over for 40 min. Yum ( this is a recipe from a very old cookbook from st andrews church in Ayr got it of mil)

    I make smoothies with yoghurt mashed fruit and milk or orange juice it it needs further thinning

    Compote I make without sugar just cover the fruit in water and boil till soft.( I did add sugar to the apple/rubarb compote I made last week as it would have been to sour otherwise)

    Poached pears (stoofpeertjes)
    1 to 1,5 kg of pears peeled but whole unlees they are very large, 3dl water5cm pice of stickcinamon or rind of a lemon, juice of a lemon, (4 cloves), 50gr caster sugar, (10 gr cornflour if you want a thicker sauce)
    boil water and add pearswith cinamin and lemon juice, sugar(and cloves). boil for 45 min till they are soft or for a pretty effect for 4 hours till they are red (think this may only apply for certain pears) remove cinamon or lemon rind(and cloves) thicken sauce with cornflour. Alternetavily you can use port or wine instead of the water just boil for 45 min.
    We allways have these with the main course at christmas time and they freeze really well.
  • vivw_2
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    I have lots of fruit, apples, oranges, kiwi, melon that is past its best and is not being eaten ....what can i do with it to save it being wasted.....
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  • cupid_s
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    make smoothies, or sorbet, or fruity sauces (for ice cream maybe etc) and freeze.

    Or kiwi martinis are delicious :)
  • freeze chopped melon and kiwi - can have it with yogurt when you want. fruit puree with some sugar and freeze
  • squeaky
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    Crumbles, pies, fruit fools... the list in endless, and they'll all freeze so you don't need to pig out :)
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  • tr3mor
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    To make really easy (and very healthy) sorbets from softish fruit:

    Chop fruit up into small dice sized chunks and freeze.

    When you want the sorbet throw this fruit into a blender, blitz it, and add fruit juice until it's the right texture.

    Pineapple and Orange Juice work well. As do raspberries and apple juice.

    Lots of expermenting there :)
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