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Using up fresh fruit



  • MonkeyGirl
    MonkeyGirl Posts: 587 Forumite
    Yes I do have a blender. I normally make strawberry and banana or just one of the other never thought of mixing necterines in though. Which works better milk or fruit juice? The only juice I have is apple though. I knew you guys would come to my rescue you thank you so much.
  • BWZN93
    BWZN93 Posts: 2,182 Forumite
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    Lol! I dunno, im floating around trying to decide whether or not to go to bed, but then something somewhere catches my eye I cant resist reading!!

    I think im also attempting to avoid boyf - he will be up for another couple of hours and I know he will ask me to get him something to eat first - so im trying to avoid the inevitable!!

    Jo xx
  • Ticklemouse
    Ticklemouse Posts: 5,030 Forumite
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    Well, I've used all 3, it depends what I feel like. I find the ones with milk in go really thick and frothy, because they are essentially a milkshake. They are my fave at the moment, and I suppose you are getting your calcium too.

    I also have lots of kiwi's and cherries to use up soon, along with my usually bucket load of strawberries and grapes etc. Quite fancy stewing the cherries - crumble or just with custard/cream?
  • Do you have a yoghurt maker? Make some fruit yoghurt, or else buy cheap plain yoghurt and chop up fruit to make a cheap and healthy dessert for the family. Also, put the bananas under the grill on high and let the skins blacken, then peel and serve hot, they taste caramelised but are still good for you (I am just having one) yum yum!!
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  • pavlovs_dog
    pavlovs_dog Posts: 10,197 Forumite
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    how about fruit kebabs?

    and i know some fruit can be frozen.

    what about crumble? or chocolate fondue?

    do you have any elderly/ill relatives or neighbours who would appreciate a small fruit basket?
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  • nabowla
    nabowla Posts: 567 Forumite
    If the bananas go a bit mushy by the end of the week, why not try making banana bread?
  • elona
    elona Posts: 11,806 Forumite
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    If you have freezer space what about making fruit sorbet?
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  • barbie_babe
    barbie_babe Posts: 668 Forumite
    what about putting orange segments in a jelly then make a trifle.
  • pol
    pol Posts: 643 Forumite
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    Do you have any alcohol around? Put the fruit in a jar and cover with vodka, whisky, whatever. Come Chr****as, you'll have the yummiest trifle ever, and a nice bottle of liqueur too!
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  • aliasojo
    aliasojo Posts: 23,053 Forumite
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    Oh I wish I had this problem. I know it's healthy to eat fruit, but my lot go through roughly 15 pieces a fruit a day or more. I can't keep the fruit bowl filled. It costs a flippin fortune.
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