The 'complete this challenge' challenge...suitable for all!

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    Evening all - here is my update for today :-

    1 - No chocolate - gained 2lbs at SW this week so have to lose 8 lbs now to get my 2 1/2 stone award - hmmm - didnt have chocolate but have had 4 pieces of white bread and also savoury biscuits which arent very SW friendly!

    2 - Sort clean washing into piles and put them away (they are currently strewn across a chair in the living room!) - this is my job to do tonight whilst watching the TV!

    3 - Quick tidy of living room done - twice because we got DS train set out to play with which involved lots of mess everywhere!

    4 - count and bag sealed pots have bagged up 68.00 worth so far and then ran out of bags!

    5 - Januarys budget (still not done) - done

    6 - Do 2 washes done and a third wash on

    7 - Make 15.00 payment to MBNA done

    Back to work tomorrow so will only have a little list to do!

    Keep up the good work everyone x x x
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  • Evening all :cool:

    I've had quite a productive day. I've done my 50 questions on AQA so am on track for my £600 in January.

    I've done 1 load of washing and that is drying as we speak. I've cleaned the bathroom, tidied up the living room and cleaned the kitchen.

    I haven't done any Dooyoo yet but am going to do 5 review before I go to bed which will take me up to my first £10 voucher of the month.

    Tomorrow's to do list is:
    • Hoover upstairs and down
    • Do another 2 loads of washing
    • Do another 50 questions on AQA
    • Tidy bedroom
    • Change bed
    • Get together all paperwork needed for tax return
    I think that will do for my last day off before going back to work (on Monday anyway).

    Emily x
  • Having just had the laziest day ever - got up at 11, been slobbing with DS on the sofa or playing with him and his toys for most of the day - I think I need to get a list going of all the things I need to do tonight. OH is at work for 1900, so once DS is in bed, the housework will begin!

    *[STRIKE]Get all the recycling from around the house and put it out[/STRIKE]
    *[STRIKE]Empty all the rubbish bins[/STRIKE]
    *[STRIKE]Put toys away[/STRIKE]
    *Hoover downstairs (and upstairs once DS is asleep), and sofa (Charlie took advantage of an open stair gate last night as slept on it!)
    *Clean kitchen floor and move a few bits around
    *[STRIKE]Start listing ebay items on Turbolister[/STRIKE]
    *[STRIKE]Clean Bathroom[/STRIKE]
    *Sort out paperwork [strike]file[/strike] pile and shred as needed

    I have, in between playing/slobbing with Connor, cleaned the kitchen sides, done the washing up, done the washing, sorted out the huge toiletries/present cupboard, fixed the shelf and put the clean laundry away, but still I have lots to do tonight.
    On late night tomorrow (1430 start) and DS is at nursery from 0800, so it doesn't matter if I'm up late tonight :) Good job really!

    Listed my stuff on Turbolister - well everything except the seasonal stuff - and how long does that take!? Seems like I've been doing it for hours!
    Gonna do the downstairs hoovering and cleaning now, but think I will save the upstairs til the morning....
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  • well done very little other than mse, sleep and eat but then thats what today is about! Did sign up for a second scratch card so now have virgin and take a break which should net me 67.59 if I do it daily for the year at 10p each a day...also signed up for the 4000 a year but with my way of doing it - ie I live on 333.33 for spending (shopping, petrol, clothes, petrol etc...) for the year which should leave me more to pay debts off with! Off to bed I go and got through the day as a nsd...hugs all!
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  • Listed my stuff on Turbolister - well everything except the seasonal stuff - and how long does that take!? Seems like I've been doing it for hours!
    Gonna do the downstairs hoovering and cleaning now, but think I will save the upstairs til the morning....
    Done, just pottering whilst waiting for the water to heat up so I can have a bath with my free Boots magazine, then off to bed. Got lots of bits to do tomorrow too before work. No rest for the wicked!
    'We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars' - Oscar Wilde
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    Well I have just worked out my total debt which is in my sig. I now need to think of ways to reduce that so that I can get rid of as much as possible. The amount also includes my loan which still has another 2 years to go at least and that is just short of £9000. So I need to find about £10,000 this year to get rid of other debt then I can start overpaying on the loan.

    I have made a start decluttering and have listed some stuff on freecycle. Tomorrow I will list some things on ebay too.

    Glad to see everyone making progress so far. Lets hope we can keep it up.
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    Happy New Year everyone!

    I've had an unproductive couple of days, so nothing challengewise done.

    I feel really unorganised, and reading everyone's posts makes me feel worse.

    Tomorrow I'll be off to the bank to pay some money into savings and sort out all my loose change. Cheque now banked :j - as soon as it clears it'll be straight into savings account. I'm having a daft day today - I filled out the deposit slip and handed it in completely forgetting to handover the cheque :rolleyes: . Got the money bags too, so I'll sort out my loose change this weekend.
    Looking forward to the future.
  • For January, I am committing to:
    • Pay half of outstanding holiday balance
    • Put together meal plans and shopping lists for the month - done!
    • Clear out the study - started!
    • Apply for the re-mortgage
    • Go for a swim twice a week
    Today I'm going to put together my details for the re-mortgage so I can contact the broker on Monday. I'm also going to spend another couple of hours clearing the study and putting some unwanted items onto Ebay - yawn! :o
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    Lelc wrote: »
    I'm just the sort of person who takes up challenges and then falls of the 'challenge wagon' (usually) very quickly so this challenge is just what I need.

    My challenges are as follows:
    1. 100 day challenge of not spending any money when I'm at work on lunch or snacks. I'll make my own soups and bread and take that instead. (start 5 January when I'm back to work)
    2. Rejoin Payment a Day challenge and pay off the £400(approx) overdraft and then start saving for a new surround sound system to compete with the eejit who lives downstairs from me who has annoyed me so much that I'm about to become the neighbour from hell. (just paid £150 to overdraft and my neighbour seems to have quietened down a bit so maybe I'll save for something more useful)
    3. Use up all of the food that is in the freezers. I've got 2 freezers that are full to the gunnels and yet I still keep on shopping:confused:(working at it but as there's only been 2 of us here and we've just been snacking it's not gone down much)
    4. Finish decorating the shower room. This is the smallest room that needs finishing so I'm hoping that it won't take long to do and when it's done it will inspire me to complete the other rooms. (done nothing with this yet - it's too cold at the moment to be anywhere but the living room or in bed)
    I think that will do me for now.

    Have updated my challenges above. I'll also add the following things (great as it's like having a longer term to-do list)
    • Do a freezer/fridge/cupboard inventory and then some meal planning for the next couple of weeks. I usually give up with meal planning after a few weeks but this time I'll try and keep it up throughout the year.
    • Joined the £100 on clothes in a year challenge - I spend very little on clothes anyway so I'm not expecting this to be too difficult.
    • List my old multi-fuel stove on e-bay plus a couple of other bits and pieces and then try and list at least one thing a month (I know that doesn't seem a lot but I really do struggle with procrastination so one thing a month is actually an achievement).
    It's great to see everyone getting on with their challenges. Have a great day.

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  • Upstairs hoovered this morning, and been out to get all my bits done..... just back in time to eat lunch before going to work!
    'We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars' - Oscar Wilde
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