The 'complete this challenge' challenge...suitable for all!

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  • Hi Buffy, I'm currently in Africa, (visiting Popeye) I've come indoors out of the hot sun-it's 30 today :D but I'll be back at work in the new year.

    Pooky, if you're desperate try Head & Shoulders, it's a stripping sort of shampoo -to be avoided if you dye your hair like me :o
  • Hi Panda can I join? Been off the mse radar for a couple of months and need to get back into it :rolleyes: So here are my challenges :)

    This Year ~
    1) Save £500
    2) Save 6 months wages ~ £2400
    3) Save £300 for christmas 2009

    1) Stick to £20 for craft stuff
    2) Stick to £40 spending money
    3) Lose 6lb's
    4) Read two books
    5) Visit mse at least twice per week

    Thats me for this month. I promise I will update this thread whenever I am on mse ~ which will be twice a week at least ;) The main three I have placed in my sig, thanks for the inspiration Panda :D
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    well i managed the first day of shiney sink and sides, which is a major achievement for me, i'm going to win the war of decluttering tomorrow, i can feel a trip coming on the charity shop already
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    Hi all,
    Yet another one who joins up to these challenges and never sees them through. Well enough is enough and I really need to stick to this one to get my life back on track.

    1) I want to pay off my credit cards this year, will get the total and update later.
    2) Stop spending money I don't need to.
    3) To get organised and declutter and list unwanted stuff on freecycle and ebay.

    Think thats enough for now otherwise I will probably not manage them.
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    yukkibear wrote: »
    Can I join in? I have a few challenges I have been thinking of setting myself this year. This thread might mean I actually do them!

    - spend at least 30 minutes a day writing (reviews, a novel etc)
    - finish a novel by the end of the year
    - de clutter my house and keep it that way
    - make enough to pay for a wedding (small one)

    Not many but not small tasks either..... Starting NOW

    So far the writing is on target. Have written more reviews than I have made progress into the novel, but the first paragraph has been written so it's a good start.

    Really need to crack on with the decluttering though, maybe I need some daily decluttering goals. A lot seems to go out for the rubbish or recycling but nothing looks any tidier!
  • Hi everyone,

    Well so far I have

    1) Contacted tax about my tax return. Apparently don't have to complete on until after April.
    2) Found cheap flights for hols next year and paid for them with my MB profits.

    Over next 2 months plan to pay off my student loan - 1,500 pounds.
    I hope to do this by -
    Starting spending diary.
    Only getting out cash each week and when it is gone it is gone.
    Mystery shopping.
    Match betting.
  • Welcome new challengers! PAP - not seen you around for ages! KC, shall I give you a number? You know you want to...!

    I'm wondering about how many of us have listed some sort of de-clutter/re-organisation as one of our challenges. Is it everyone who has that problem, or just people who hang about debt forums?!
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    Yes please, Panda, a number would be good. And as for decluttering ... I think *everyone* has that problem. After all, people who've paid off their mortgages then have more money to buy "stuff"!
    Downsized and paid off mortgage 2010
    Retired August 2016
    Paid off French mortgage September 2018
    New kitchen fully installed June 2019
    Not counting this! 2020
    Garden fencing completed, woohoo 2021..........
    October 2021: aiming for £5,000 new money for premium bonds or a car.
  • Evening all - heres todays update!

    1 - NOT eat chocolate - this will be the hardest one of all! I didnt go near chocolate today wohoo!
    2 - Go to SW weigh in and dont chicken out Gained 2lb which I wasnt too disappointed with considering it was christmas week
    3 - Make list for food shopping and stick to it didnt get round to doing the list or the shopping so kind of saved money there for one more day.
    4 - Pay the money in the bank that is sitting round the house didnt quite get round to this neither
    5 - Work out budget for January again another one not done will rollover till tomorrow
    6 - Make payment a day to MBNA did this one another 15.00 paid
    7 - Make a proper start on Living Room instead of half heartedly looking round it and then giving up! tidied the living room which is a good start!

    All in all not too bad - could have been worse. I am back in work tomorrow so will attempt to get the rest of the list done tomorrow along with tomorrows payment to MBNA. Really got to do the budget tomorrow though.

    Lucky Ive got nothing planned for tomorrow night! x x
    Pay Debt by Xmas 16 - 0/12000
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    OliveOyl wrote: »
    Hi Buffy, I'm currently in Africa, (visiting Popeye) I've come indoors out of the hot sun-it's 30 today :D but I'll be back at work in the new year.

    Pooky, if you're desperate try Head & Shoulders, it's a stripping sort of shampoo -to be avoided if you dye your hair like me :o

    Wow Africa! deeply Jealous.

    I measured my garden today, wrote a review for Bview (which I totally do not get) and collected loads of points of Toluna.

    thats not a great deal for 12 hours is it?

    hmmm. what did I do?
    I worried about my hamster (sad but true) watched TV with Mum ate lunch (felt rough afterwards) ermmmmm.

    am now eating chocolate biscuits.

    and drinking tea.

    hmmm again!

    Nevertheless she persisted.
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