The 'complete this challenge' challenge...suitable for all!

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  • Found the UTR on the same piece of paper (using a bit of guess work!) Now awaiting an activation code that will be sent through the post.... who ever said this was easy!?!
    'We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars' - Oscar Wilde
  • I was lucky, I must have changed the password to something I use loads last year as I just found the username and guessed the rest. They make it far too complicated - why bother with all these daft codes when they're only going to leave all the details on a CD in a train anyway?!
  • Hi

    Can I join this too please?

    My list for 2009 :

    1) Stop lurking and join in these forums !
    2) Learn all the abbreviations used in the posts so I can understand it more !
    3) Clean up the house so it doesnt look like Del Boy's warehouse and I can let people in rather than entertain on doorstep
    4) Get my online businesses off the ground so I can do more than break even
    5) Save 10% of all money received - target £2500 savings by Dec 09
    6) Change the girls bedroom from red and brown colour scheme ( rented property - yuck)
    7)Clear all debt by Dec 2009
    8) Sell plot of land in France that I have done nothing with in 5 years
    9) Successfully sue the garage in London who sold me a shed of a van
    10) Save loose change - target £500 for Xmas 09
    11) Do car boot twice a month
    12) Be brave enough to open every letter that comes through the post
    13) Start comping again - I had very successfully run then stopped.
    14) Be happy

    Good luck everyone

    :T :T :j :j
  • Welcome MMTWGR - you've made a good start with No 1 anyway!

    See for help with No 2 - the second post there has loads of the abbreviations on it. Can't help much with the rest though but I like No 14. Good luck!
  • Ok, so I have swapped the bubbly that I wanted for a cup of tea and a digital camera....:eek: no such naughty thoughts, I'm doing pics for eBay!:D
    Turbolister is being uploaded as I type,:cool: gotta dig out the cable for plugging the camera into the lappy and I'm ready to go!:D

    Kitchen in clean and tidy again (ready for OH to trash when he gets in!:rolleyes: ), and just waiting for DS to get into a deeper sleep before I excercise the Dyson!

    Download complete, gotta go!
    'We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars' - Oscar Wilde
  • LelcLelc Forumite
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    I'm just the sort of person who takes up challenges and then falls of the 'challenge wagon' (usually) very quickly so this challenge is just what I need.

    My challenges are as follows:
    1. 100 day challenge of not spending any money when I'm at work on lunch or snacks. I'll make my own soups and bread and take that instead.
    2. Rejoin Payment a Day challenge and pay off the £200 (approx) overdraft and then start saving for a new surround sound system to compete with the eejit who lives downstairs from me who has annoyed me so much that I'm about to become the neighbour from hell.
    3. Use up all of the food that is in the freezers. I've got 2 freezers that are full to the gunnels and yet I still keep on shopping:confused:
    4. Finish decorating the shower room. This is the smallest room that needs finishing so I'm hoping that it won't take long to do and when it's done it will inspire me to complete the other rooms.
    I think that will do me for now.
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  • Hiya

    I am a real lurker and keep on thinking of joining challenges but never somehow get round to it so can I please join this one?
    Here are my goals so far (major ones first)
    1) Clear capital one cc by end of march
    2) fill the bank i got for my 30th birthday this year by the end of June
    3) lose half a stone
    4) go on wii fit 3 times a week and do the fitness test once a week
    5) pay into savings to pay off overdraft every week
    6) Have at least 4 no spend days a month
    7) Keep a proper diary with all of these things listed (my diaries never make it past the end of January usually)
    8) Eat at least 1 bit of fruit a day - crisps are not a suitable fruit substitute!
    9) Learn to crochet and sew properly by the end of the year
    10) Complete every survey that comes my way from Pinecone, Valued Opinions and Lightspeed
    11) Try and have fun!

    Thanks for starting this threat pandapaws - it's great to see everything up there in black and white! Now I just need to get my finger out and do them all :cheesy:
    Good luck to everyone else with their challenges

  • babs2008babs2008 Forumite
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    pandapaws wrote: »
    Who gave you it Babs? If it was a gift, where they expected you to buy yourself something nice with it then go for the 50/50 but if it was something less personal then go for the savings. Is there anything that you actually NEED or would you be spending it for the feel-good factor of buying something? Or could you bank £150 and get yourself £25 worth of something?

    It was a gift from my mother. She didn't know what to give me for Christmas. I couldn't believe she'd given me that much (though she has done very very well on ebay this year. Maybe I should take a leaf out of her book.).

    The spending would definately be for the feel good factor. But then I would regret spending it as there is nothing I really need :naughty: .

    I might bank £150, as you say, and keep the rest in another bank account. If I don't spend it I'll stick it into savings too.

    I must be determined. This is the first year I've had no debt :j (apart from the student loan).
    My list for 2009 :

    1) Stop lurking and join in these forums !

    Welcome moneymakestheworldgoround. Joining in is a big step. This is the first proper challenge I've joined. I hope [strike]we both[/strike] everyone [strike]do[/strike] does well.

    Hiya Emma - I like your 11th challenge "Try and have fun!"

    Keep it up everyone x
    Looking forward to the future.
  • I'm back to update! I was so keen to join I didn't put everything on my list so here's an updated list and what I've been up to past 2 days!

    My challenges are:
    1. Tidy house @ all times, not just the weekend!
    2. Using up all food in house as much as possible and not overbuying
    3. Saving any loose change and using towards CC debt.
    4. Using what's in the house instead of buying more cause I fancy it (eg shampoo etc)
    5. Keeping a spend diary
    6. Clearing out and selling anything useless to me and recycling anything else
    7. Meal planning (did well with this last year but fell off the wagon)
    8. Drive rather than taxi-ing on nights out
    9. Looking for bargains and making personal gifts/cards

    Whew - list updated, think I better print that off!:rotfl:

    Have started a diary for spending and have sectioned it into where I spend what and will look to cut.
    Cleared out kitchen and have a pile for recycling/charity shop (none of it worth e-baying)
    Cleared out bathroom and will use open items first!
    Sorted out wardrobe and ditched wrecked shoes and old jackets I never wear - now need to cull further but waiting on another day to do this!
    Had a no spend day yesterday!

    List for today:
    Post office to sell Amazon item (£15 - only paid £10 on e-bay!) and return faulty item to same
    Go to parents to drop off recycling bag for mum to split up and pass on
    Catch up with friend at her house (free!)

    Right I think that's enough of an update for now!

    May Grocery Challenge £121.93/£200 :j
    June Grocery Challenge £48.69/£200
  • Just a quicky from me - have paid 15.00 off MBNA bringing total to £45.00 with 455.00 to go!

    See you later x x
    Pay Debt by Xmas 16 - 0/12000
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