The 'complete this challenge' challenge...suitable for all!

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  • Not done much at all MSE wise or de-clutter wise today as have been at work all day.... Tomorrows jobs are to upload my ebay stuff onto Turbolister ready for 5p listing day on Sat/Sun.... got some not too bad stuff including some shoes of DS's that seem to sell quite well. Also need to get the computer table downstairs and to the tip - they have an area where you can put stuff for others to have, like an open-air Freecycle :) - and the bag of stuff to the charity shop....
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    Ok im such a procrastinator so here goes in 2009 I will...
    1 Sort out my debt and stop ignoring them - I know I know... they dont go away! Doh!!!
    2 Get to my happy weight - I don't know yet what it is so i'll just keep going till I get there!?
    3 DECLUTTER... I'm a serial hoarder!
    4 Ebay or freecycle clothes etc I and the family don't wear.

    I will update if I think of more!
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    Been a long time but i'm back.
  • pandapaws wrote: »
    Welcome new challengers! PAP - not seen you around for ages!

    Yep Panda, I left just to get away for a bit and then my money world feel apart and now I am back. Not in debt though so thats good :j

    Today I recieved £10 in a card so i will be using £6 for a class and then save the other £4 :D
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    Gooooooooooooooood Morning everyone:D

    more wii fitting this morning:D
    signed up for the 100 day challenge take 2 so if you see me eating crisps, buying bath stuff or magazines then tell me off:rotfl:

    Happy New Year to you all:D
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    Please can i join in? i need something to keep me motivated and stick to my goals.

    This what i want to do:


    1. Start diet and lose at least 4lbs
    2. Start exercising even if its dancing or jogging on the spot to music in the kichen
    3. Get dh to complete his tax return, been on at him for months, last year ended up with £100 fine:eek: i was not a happy bunny:mad:

    Long Term

    1. Pay of existing debt of £5386.32 by end of October 2009
    2. Save at least £500 in my "secret account"
    3. carpet the lounge, dining room, stairs and landing - its completely bare and has been for past 4yrs
    4. stick to the sealed pot challenge
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    I'm still chipping away at my challenges:

    1) Decorate the children's bedrooms (borrowed this one from see78)
    2) Research 10 year fixed deal for mortgage to pay it all off (found another deal and will keep looking)
    3) Start buying for christmas 2009 straight away and WRAP AS I BUY!!
    4) Don't buy any presents at full price (two half price wii games arrived today for children's birthdays).
    5) Write down all presents I buy and who they're for (i've got the book to do this but can't start until i'm allowed to lift stuff again - need to empty present stash and catalogue it all).
    6) Get a new bank account for when we leave the one account (found out I need to wait for this as it might be dependant on the mortgage we go for)
    7) Stick to the budget every month
    8) Do as much of my 2008-2009 tax return by the end of January
    9) Do homework for course by 14th January (due at the end of the month)
    10) Complete coursework for hospice care diploma
    11) Pay off 0% credit card before April -[STRIKE] £1350 £1325 £1275 [/STRIKE]£1265 (paid £10 off yesterday)

    So, i've started quite a lot and i'm going to do 8, 9 and 10 once the children go back to school. Number 7 is long term but we're starting that from today. I need to find out how much money DH spent on New Years Eve food today. He's cooking it all though so I don't mind too much !! xx
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    Right. One of my last posts of the year on mse, so here goes: the challenge I've more or less abandoned on here, which is one of the main things that Panda wrote in her opening post on here, is the "list ten things a day" that Floxxie set up. I did do the easy stuff, listing everything on Amazon that had an isbn etc number, but I still haven't done anything about all the *stuff* - whether its magazines, whatever - that doesn't have an isbn number and has to therefore be listed on ebid or whatever (I'm a firm believer in no listing fees till it sells, so no ebay).

    So thats my challenge for this thread - to list. Five things a day is what I want to do. The stuff needs to be out of my house by the time I have the money for the renovation, and will also help provide a little bit of money FOR the renovation, so its win-win, if I actually do it. Oops. WHEN I do it. Five things a day, from 1 January.

    There we go, committed (in many ways!).

    Have a great evening all, doing what makes you happy.
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  • Hi all,

    Wee update from me before we go crashing into the new year (already - who can believe it?!?)

    I am on track with the tidy house (mostly!) and have been putting change into a sealed pot every day to open at end of month for paying to CC's. I have been organised with meals, barely been to the shops and am keeping a spend diary! Still need to clear out, bargain hunt and where possible make personal gifts/cards as occasions arise! But I am getting there and posting on here and seeing what everyone else is doing def helps!

    Have a fab new year and speak to you in 2009!

    Clayremonkey x
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    Morning everyone - happy new year. Need to get cracking with my challenges for Jan so here is todays list.

    1 - No chocolate - gained 2lbs at SW this week so have to lose 8 lbs now to get my 2 1/2 stone award

    2 - Sort clean washing into piles and put them away (they are currently strewn across a chair in the living room!)

    3 - Quick tidy of living room

    4 - count and bag sealed pots

    5 - Januarys budget (still not done)

    6 - Do 2 washes

    7 - Make 15.00 payment to MBNA

    That will keep me out of trouble for today!

    Have a great day everyone and happy 2009 x x x x
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    just joined another challenge for me to commit to .. £1000 in 100 day challenge :D
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