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Please help me impress my new man!!!!!!!



  • Icey77
    Icey77 Posts: 1,247 Forumite
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    What does he normally choose when you eat out? What do you normally choose?

    We've had two dinners out, the first he had a linguine pasta dish and the second he had a pan fried chicken dish thingie.

    Hmm, I'm a little doubtful of the spag bol idea only because I'm likely to get whiplash from a stray spaghetti strand and have it end up either on my forehead or on my front ... either way a sure fire way to impress, not.
    Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re probably right ~ Henry Ford
  • izzwizz_2
    izzwizz_2 Posts: 382 Forumite
    A pack of fresh filled tortellini, some sunblush tomatoes and mozzarella balls. Just cook the tortellini in boiling water for 5 mins, drain and put back in the pan. Add the coarsely chopped toms & mozzarella to the pan (add some pitted olives, basil, parsley if you like them). Mix and serve with salad & garlic bread.
  • Paulie'sGirl
    Paulie'sGirl Posts: 923 Forumite
    I'd go with a posh-ish stew. It looks good, but takes little effort and stress.

    A few ideas:

    Coq au vin
    Beouf bourgignon
    Mock bouillabaisse (chunks of fresh fish in a garlic tomatoey sauce)

    Serve with buttered carrots / mange tout / green beans and either mash or crushed new potatoes.

    If you need recipes for any of these just ask :)

  • mandi
    mandi Posts: 11,932 Forumite
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    For a aimple starter I love garlic cream cheese spread onto smoked salmon slices , roll & cut into bite size pieces . Serve with watercress , sliced brown bread & a lemon wedge . It takes less then 5 mins to make ..:)
  • bitsandpieces
    bitsandpieces Posts: 1,736 Forumite
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    Asparagus, poached egg and bacon tastes great and looks good :) You can cook it all in 10 mins or so, too - grill/fry bacon, trim and boil asparagus, poach eggs (duck eggs go nicely), put a bit of butter on the asparagus if you like, grind over a little salt and pepper (the bacon will likely be salty), then serve.

    For an easy starter, if he eats seafood I'd buy something ready-cooked or smoked. A dressed crab or some smoked salmon with thin toast and a little salad is no work at all, and tastes good. Oysters are traditional, though a bit of an acquired taste. If seafood is out, a basic chicken liver pate is tasty with bits of toast, very cheap (even getting free range livers) and not especially hard to make.

    Not sure how moneysaving this is - it's not the cheapest you could do, but you'll get a very good meal for two with change from a tenner and leftover ingredients.
  • gingin_2
    gingin_2 Posts: 2,992 Forumite
    You could make a cut in a chicken breast, stuff with some sort of soft cheese like feta, ricotta or goats cheese and then wrap in bacon or parma ham and pan fry at the last minute. You can preprepare it in 5 minutes and keep in the fridge until you are ready to cook.

    You don't have to but I would throw some wine in the pan at the end to make a sauce.

    It would be nice with any sort of potatoes and some fresh green veggies
  • Numpty_Monkey
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  • dom300186
    dom300186 Posts: 342 Forumite
    Ifind good old steak chips and salad with peppercorn sauce always wins my other half over. And its EASY.

    Good luck have a great meal

    Trying to make big cut backs!!!

    :TExpecting DS2 EDD 28/March/2012:T

  • Icey77
    Icey77 Posts: 1,247 Forumite
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    Thanks very much everyone! I'll be giving some of these a try soon ;)

    I think I've decided to go with Chilli (assuming he'll eat it) to start with and if another evening comes along I'll go a little bit more Domestic Goddessy.
    Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re probably right ~ Henry Ford
  • zippychick
    zippychick Posts: 9,364 Forumite
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    Good luck with it Icey! I know how nerve wracking it can be cooking for a new bloke (recent experience he he):rotfl:

    I've merged this with another thread on "impressing the new beau" to keep the ideas together

    good luck - do report back!:j
    A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men :cool:
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