MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should you come clean about the extra refund?

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Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:

Should you come clean about the extra refund?

You've bagged a bargain with a 20% off voucher but decide you don’t like it and take it back to the shop. When the shop assistant gives you a refund she reimburses you the full amount rather than the price you paid. Do you fess up or keep schtum?

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  • I know the answer should be that I would speak up and let the assistant know, but to be honest, it depends on a few things, like how big the discount was and how big the company was. If it was a small shop, or a shop I used quite regularly, then probably, yes, I would. If, however, it was a large chain store, somewhere I'd had regular bad service, etc, then probably, no.
  • I will certainly tell the shop assistant about the mistake, let it be a small or a big shop.
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  • guirimanguiriman Forumite
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    Yes! In fact I've done it. I bought an MP3 player in the sale at Lidl and it stopped working after a week. When I took it back for a refund they tried to give me £60 and it had only cost me £40, took ten minutes to sort out but I was glad I did the right thing.

    On a separate note, why do we rationalise our morality, surely it's about the principle? Big or small it shouldn't matter.
  • spirospiro Forumite
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    I think it would depend of if I had given them the original receipt as well as the item. If I gave them the receipt that showed the discounted price but they still refunded me the full price I would keep the extra. I once took something back that was bought in a sale (50%) as faulty wanting a replacement and it took an assistant followed by 2 supervisors before they would replace it with the same item that was now over double the original prive because not only was it no longer on sale but had increased in price. So the store ws obviously trying to not to give me a replacement I was entitled to.
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    If they have the original receipt in their hand with the reduced price when I want a refund then no, I wont tell them if they refund me the full price
  • Usually I would tell the shop assistant, but in these days of the credit crunch and being so short of money, I think I would just keep the money.
  • They have more money than I! NO WAY Jose !

    Ethics is a place on the East coast of England. :)
  • Yes, you would certainly complain if they shortchanged you. It feels better to be honest than to have cheated someone even a big company that might not notice the loss much. Honestly!
  • tuggytuggy Forumite
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    I know its wrong but id keep it
  • SandCSandC Forumite
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    Feel a bit guilty even saying it but I think I would keep schtum.

    They are obviously refunding without a receipt involved so........
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