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  • purplecatloverpurplecatlover Forumite
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    just popping in quickly while i wait for the dryer to finish so i can stick it on again and go to bed. i cannot possibly catch up on the last two weeks so i am not even going to try.

    im away again for most of the next two weeks too, by the time th ekiddies are in bed im too tired for anything much other than telly.

    ive skimmed thrugh the last couple of pages, sort of, bz hope you get settled in and sorted without too much hassle, and get your wedding dress ordered :D

    hope everyone who is feeling under the weather for whatever reason feels better (at least somewhat) soon.

    i may get to pop in again in the morning before i drive back down the country, otherwise i will pop in when i can and i have the energy or i will be back properly around the 12th ish.
  • UnityUnity Forumite
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    My goodness CWTA you were up late/early :eek:. Was it the dreaded pain keeping you from sleeping?

    I took a Zopiclone last night (cripes am I allowed to say that these days?:eek::rolleyes:) so had a relatively decent night and feel better this morning - thanks for the support as always ;).

    We have a fair amount of snow, so we've put the heating on permanently during the day at a low setting - which our heating engineer says is more economical than just having it on for say half an hour every couple of hours and the woodburner is keeping the main room at the tropical temperature only I can thrive in :rotfl:(Oh how I miss the Gulf :(). It means I am not so scared of actually leaving my chair to go into other parts of the house.

    I thought the trolls mostly hung out on the 'Vent' board, but it seems they are a bit like those pigs that root around in the muck hunting truffles (I'd rather just pop to Thornton's myself) :D they sniff out any thread where there's obviously a bit of a rapport going on and set about trying to cause problems. I'm sure I have seen a bumper sticker that's appropriate somewhere :rolleyes:.

    "It's a wonderful day :T, now watch some !!!!!! spoil it! ;)"

    I'm off for a quick 'ravelry' then back to OH's sweater where I have now attached the sleeves and am busily decreasing round the yoke.

    Some people hear voices, some see invisible people. Others have no imagination whatsoever :D
  • Unity, I get pin in my legs and hips when I sleep too long on one side, but this morning, it felt like little elves had picked up either side of my hip joint and were playing tug-of-war. I snuggled on sofa (lying on the other side), with tea, a book and TV on low and eventually got a little more sleep.
    Those wood burners are luvvly jubbly. I would love one.
    Don't know why you re doing what you are doing to the yoke, but it sounds cruel and what's it ever doone to you?
    Trilia, I think your post was very well put. But it's gone :confused:
    pcl, nice to see you back. Hope you had a good time.

    Hope everyone is staying warm today.
    tis beautifully sunny here but very cold, with teeny tiny snow flakes that aren't laying. Shame, I want to make an angel :o
    I must go, I have lives to ruin and hearts to break :D
    My attitude depends on my Latitude 49° 55' 0" N 6° 19' 60 W
  • Unity wrote: »
    Excuse me? I didn't call you anything at all - it is you who have chosen to respond personally to a general observation regarding the presence of trolls on this forum, by admitting you are one! My only possible response to this has to be - "If the cap fits, wear it".

    People who make a habit of causing trouble just for the sake of it, and I see it's not just on this thread since I certainly can't agree with your posts in starting with post #18 advising a person not to take their injured cat to a qualified vet, but to bathe it in peroxide:eek::eek::eek: should not be surprised if other posters disagree.

    Thanks for the info on the 'Ignore' button Sue :T.
    you dont like a direct confrontation,? which 'troll' were you talking about because i look through the posts and for last few days there is only me who is someone all these people disagree with or become angry with. who is it this troll who is like a pig,? i did not admit to anything just that i am the only person who is here who you could mean it to be. it very good to look at old post but for why,? in that post i agree with the person who started the thread. it was not me who said to give the peroxide, just that i agree it was a good choice. i want to know what the other thread is to do with here.
    Is all people in here so unfriendly and so mean,? that a person cant say anything cozit upset the people who are here all the time. is it because i am new,? you say things about people that are mean and try disguise it as "i was saying generally". you are a coward and cant even admit what you say or mean.
  • suepsuep Forumite
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    Hi all,
    I thought today was going to be a grotty day, especially as Ive been awake half the night like cwta with hip pain, but it's turned into quite a nice day after all. My DD coloured my hair this morning bless her, she's getting so bored being stuck at home all the time.
    Then my ds2 came round with g/d this afternoon and we've had great fun colouring in pictures and playing playdoh lol I havn't got much done around the house today but theres always tomorrow :rolleyes:

    Our pathetic sprinkling of snow has melted already, while the rest of the south has loads of it. It was enough for OH to go out and throw snowballs at the windows this morning :D I dont think he will ever grow up :rotfl:
    Hope everyones keeping warm and well and I hope cwta has a better night tonight.
    Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time.
    Terry Pratchett ( Hogfather)
  • suep, horrible deep pain in the hips isn't it. I forgot to put my wheatbag on it which I suspect would have helped.

    What colour did your DD do your hair? Pink? Purple? Day-Glo Orange with blue spots?? I love playing with colours in my hair.
    I may be over 40 but I'm not dead yet!!
    My hair is naturally brown (grey notwithstanding) and the last playful clour I had was an auburn all over tint with blonde highlights and a band of pinky-red that went from just above my ears on each side and met in a V at the back. :p

    My ex SIL told me off when she saw it :o

    Problem is I love piercings, shaved heads and tattoos, but also like comfy shoes and elasticated waist trousers :D

    How is your DD? Recovering I hope.

    We have snow here :T :T :j :j
    It's very rare to have it in Cornwall and it is settling nicely. It's so pretty that I may go out with my camera tomorrow and see if I can get some pretty piccies.

    Lots of hugs to everyone.
    I must go, I have lives to ruin and hearts to break :D
    My attitude depends on my Latitude 49° 55' 0" N 6° 19' 60 W
  • soolinsoolin Forumite, Board Guide
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    As this thread has got a little long and a little argumentative in some places I will close it and start a new thread.

    Thank you
    I'm the Board Guide for the Ebay Board , Charities Board , Dosh & Disability , Up Your Income and the Local MoneySaving-England board which means I volunteer to help get your forum questions answered and keep the forum running smoothly. However, do remember, board guides don't read every post. If you spot an illegal or inappropriate post then please report it to [email protected] (it's not part of my role to deal with this). Any views are mine and not the official line of
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