Great 'What's Hot and What's not at Aldi, Lidl & Netto' Hunt revisted

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  • Wine - They do a very nice one that I can't recall the name of - white wine, blue bottle, German. It is scrumptious. It's only £3.29 a bottle & it tastes much better than most of the 'named' brands you find in other supermarkets.

    It's called Niersteiner, or rather "Bereich Nierstein". South of Hesse.
  • Wine Bargain

    It's not too often that an Aldi wine gets a positive review in the wine columns of the broadsheet press........but last Sunday, in The Observer, Tim Atkin recommended as excellent value:

    2007 Vina Decana Rosado, Utiel Requena at £3.29

    He described it as 'dry, strawberry fruity'.

    As the name suggests, it's a rose (can't put an accent on the 'e' on this keyboard) and it's a cracker for easy quaffing.


    In the Thetford store today (Sunday 5th October) they were still selling these at £12.99, so I presume you can still find them in other Aldi stores. Amazing value.
    Get down there, quickly!:beer:
  • Quick, Lidls at Harwich TODAY selling non groceries at low low joke...cashier estimates price, I filled my trolly for £10 !
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    Schogetten - Chocolate, love the cappuccino flavour!!


    The rolls of soft cheese in flavours - name escapes me but the one with the red topping is amazing - doesn't last a day at our house!!
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  • Supermarket: Lidl

    I've made a bit of an effort with this as I go there every week - hope it's useful for someone :-) Top tip - get one of those trolley tag things and put it on your keyring - then you'll never find you haven't got a pound coin

    What's Hot:
    Rollmops - rollmop-a-do-wop
    Vita d'or extra virgin olive oil - this is great and seems very cheap
    Plain yoghurt - I've only tried the 1.5% fat tubs - they're yum and cheap
    Vitakrone Houmous with coriander & lemon - eat it most days
    Ellis Welsh free-range eggs - had no problems
    Nordwaldtaler fine wholegrain oats - these are dirt cheap and nicer than Tesco value oats
    Bratwurst and other sausages - had no problems with these
    Cream cheese with herbs - these are not particularly cheap, but nice
    French Brie - this is brill
    Coffee - I've tried all the ground coffee for filters and they're all okay, so you might as well go for the cheapest one (some sort of twin 500g gold pack)
    Fruit juice - the red grape juice is particularly nice
    Wholemeal rolls - I've been trying to escape the tyranny of bread lately, but when I was still held in bread's yeasty thrall these were good (and one type is way cheaper than the rest)
    Sliced Edam / Gouda cheese - Depressingly more-ish in a processed sort of way
    Cottage cheese - this is nice
    Chocolate - I'm no connoisseur, but the cheap fruit and nut block bars taste okay to me, although you have to bend down to pick them up
    Bacon - All the types I've tried have been fine
    Vitafit Vitamin C 1000 mg tablets - under 90p and they're fine
    Aromata Kitchen Foil - not particularly cheap, but I like it
    Kania black pepper mill - cheap and good
    Welsh butter - thank goodness for those Welsh
    Cordelia sugar and Reeva table salt - think these came from Lidl
    Portugal red kidney beans / black eye / butter beans - in the glass jars - these only come in from time to time but are well worth getting when they're in as they're much nicer than the canned versions
    Envelopes - when these are in their offer aisles they tend to be good value
    Silver Tea Bags - I've tried the cheapest ones (see below), and the gold ones, but no problems with Silver
    Formil 5.4 kg washing powder - I'm just a simple man, but this stuff has been cleaning my clothes for years now - absurdly cheap normally, it's best to buy in bulk when it's on offer
    Fruit and Veg - I especially like the fun-sized bananas, red apples, spring onions, tomatoes, broccoli, British carrots, courgettes, spinach, pointed cabbages, kale, and onions. Sometimes need to look at what you're buying, like anywhere
    Soap - the twin packs of soap are good
    Shaving foam - the splendidly named Maverick brand is best - but recently they haven't had it :-(

    What's Not:
    Anti-bacterial washing-up liquid - nasty chemical smell
    Dried mixed fruit - nasty chemical taste
    Chiller pizzas - grim
    Fried breakfast chiller packs - If these taste like they look then there's a problem
    Block cheese - bought it twice and each time it was sweaty - eugh!
    Cheapest tea bags - like all supermarkets' cheapest tea, these are revolting, and shouldn't be allowed to be called tea - where's the EU when you need it
    Canned tuna - this is sludge - Tesco value tuna is better, but not much - Lidl don't do other canned fish in brine which is a shame
    Toothpaste, DO, hair stuff - all cheaper in Wilki's
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    These stores are good for most things in terms of value for money, but Aldi at least seem to be badly let down by their milk, it always seems to go off quickly. The cheap spread butter in Lidl is too highly salted Yuk! Avoid both of these, but never buy just because it's cheap. I work out that between overeating, and throwing food out for one reson or another we could cut down 50% on food, now that would be a real saving and help the environment too!
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    :dance: Hi All,

    I don't have a Netto by me where i live in England but i do use them in Poland when i go home..Their Kabanos are to die for!!!!! They are quite cheap & always busy. I have used Lidi here in England their Crayfish tails are tasty & good vaule,hubby never gets a look in when i buy these,as i pig out on them!!
    Kaz.:beer: :rotfl: :rotfl:
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    Prosseco Sparkling Wine is excellent value at around £3.50 a bottle
    Advacado's 29p
    Chicken and Beef are both half price this week and taste the same as Asda


    Under-eye concealer pen - compares well to Lancome Touche Eclat and is a fraction of the price
  • Lidl:

    The Wholenut Milk Chocolate Bar is fantastic--loads of whole hazlenuts.
    The dishwasher powder in the 4kg size--lasts ages, great quality.

    Not so great--the seafood pizza--yuk!
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  • Aldi's have some great bargains that taste great too

    Alcafe gold freezedried coffee (normal & decaf)
    Pack of 160 teabags
    Holly lane cake slices
    Holly lane fully iced Xmas cake - consistently good year after year
    Moser roth chocolate especially the 70% cocoa dark chocolate version
    Family sized lasagne (1 kg pack)
    Reduced fat coleslaw
    Frozen salmon/ tuna steaks
    Ready made custard & tinned rice pudding
    Soya delight unsweetened soya milk
    Tubs of pate inc. reduced fat.
    Low GI oval breadrolls
    Peking duck & pancakes (from freezer section)
    Fresh/frozen pizzas
    Own brand version of Homefries
    Own brand pot noodles & instant noodles
    Branwells table sauces & mayonnaise

    Non food items include

    Mamia baby wipes & nappies
    Florette panty liners & non-applicator tampons - I have found these to be as reliable as Carefree & Lil-lets respectively but at a fraction of the price.
    Siana sensitive shave gel for women
    Adventure ridge camping equipment
    Tevion USB DVB-T tuner - turns your PC or laptop into a digital TV (subject to coverage ) for only £ 19.99

    However, I do find that the fruit & veg, although great value when included in the 69p promotion doesn't seem to keep very well once purchased. Mind you I have found the same to be true at Tesco lately.

    Happy bargain hunting - give it a go you'll never know! lol!
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