Great 'What's Hot and What's not at Aldi, Lidl & Netto' Hunt revisted

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  • carpy wrote: »
    lidl sell some great sweets..........the party mix (various individual packets) are great.

    orange juice (still yet to find anywhere cheaper @ £0.58)

    Hi, Farmfoods seems to have a running deal where you can buy 2 standard size cartons of Orange and/or Apple Juice (forget the brand) for £1!
    Def my best deal as value OJ generally around the 58p mark...
  • It's Aldi's for our household:

    Lasagne - Absolutely top marks. 1kg - £2.26. I stopped making my own when I found this because it was almost impossible to tell the difference.

    Titans - Mars Bar equivalent. Half the price for twice the taste. MUCH nicer than the real deal.

    Frozen Chicken Nuggets in Breadcrumbs - These are the mutts nuts folks. We won't buy nuggets from ANYWHERE else. They beat all the rest hands down.

    Wine - They do a very nice one that I can't recall the name of - white wine, blue bottle, German. It is scrumptious. It's only £3.29 a bottle & it tastes much better than most of the 'named' brands you find in other supermarkets.

    Marmalade - Again, half the price of Robinsons but oohhhhh, the taste... yummy!

    Steak & Onion Pie - From the chiller. We first tried this 3 weeks ago & impressed isin't the word. A nice firm pastry case, plenty of filling and, most importantly, more meat than you find in other supermarket own-brand pies. Also about 70p cheaper than the cheapest (but not value range) pies.

    Make-up: I recently tried both a face powder & an eye shadow set. No more than about £1.20 for each item. I was not disappointed. The eye shadow in particular, is of a quality far superior to many that Boots flog for £7 upwards. It goes on nice and, very important this, it doesn't crease. It retains a nice matt look through the whole day. I recommend this highly!

    That's all for now folks!!!

  • DonnaKDonnaK Forumite
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    i have only ever tried ALDI so here are my faves....

    Orange juice in glass bottles - really yummy, and has the nice bits in it too. Plus its recyclable packaging!

    'Oscars' peach schnapps - just as good as 'Archers' and only cost me £4.99 last time (had £1 off!)

    Rose pinot grigio wine - can't remember the brand or name, but it was lovely and only £3.99 a bottle

    Fabric conditioner - the white bottle, looks same as comfort, and smells and acts exactly the same too.

    Frozen lemon sole gougons - really tasty.

    things to avoid
    Organic nut/choc chewy bars - these were really dry and yucky i thought. Although they were only 89p for 6 i think, so dont know what I expected!!

    thats all i can think of right now as I dont go very often, mainly just to stock up on wine and spirits!!
  • The frozen Jumbo chips are really good, so are the yoghurts but avoid the baked beans, they are like bullets. Personally I find the frozen peas ok cooked for 10 or 12 mins in the microwave. Asda's are like bullets. Pork chops are good at Lidl too.
  • many thanks i'm stocking up..
  • ALDI

    What's Hot:
    • speciality/finest/extra special frozen thick cut maris piper oven chips
    • dishwasher cleaner (2 bottles)
    • nuts
    • crisps
    • snack size chocolate bars (snickers=racer; mars=titan)
    • barms (Robert's bakery)
    • jars of olives
    • cooked meats
    • muller style yoghurts
    What's Not:
    • vegetable crisps - too greasy
    • normal yoghurts - label says they contain pork gelatine which really put me off!
  • Aldi's frozen pizza's are ace!!
  • Supermarket: Aldi

    My top things to buy are:
    Dish washer tablets
    Cereals, especially oat bran flakes, swiss muesli, weetabix
    Pizzas - all good, Romagna and meat feast excellant
    Shaving gel
    Old Moors cider, wonderful
    Ice cream "cornetto-like" cones
    Mature cheddar
    Beef Wellington
    Baked beans, not as good as Heinz, but good enough for me
    Drinking yogurt
    German ham
    Orange and blackcurrent squashes
    Bottled bitter beer
    Italian red wine
    Italian rose wine, my wife loves it
    Ground coffee
    Dry cat food
    Mar and Snicker bar equivalents
    Business shirts
    Business shoes - at £16.99 it is cheaper to buy new shoes than have old ones re-heeled and re-soled
    Wakos - chocolate bars
    Cycling gear
    Skiing gear, have 2 outfits, with the original one still going strong after 6 holidays
    walking boots
    • My top things to avoid are:
    Vanilla non-dairy ice cream
    Corn flakes, not a patch on Kellogs

    Keep the receipts for electrical goods. They are always great value, and the returns service is excellant, but you will need the receipt. I am on my 4th MP3 player.
  • Lidl is great for :
    Luxury fruit & nut muesli
    part-baked croissants
    fresh fruit and veg
    greek yoghurt in enormous tubs
    smoked salmon
    free range chickens
    free range eggs
    orange juice
    cloudy apple juice
    bottled cherries
    frozen part-baked rolls - especially the brown ones
    mini and not so mini ice lollies especially the ones with chocolate and almonds
    quark strudel (looks odd tastes great)
    apple strudel
    chocolate biscuits (with ships on) look like Bahlsen but half the price
    digestive biscuits
    and the many many special offers we just can't resist!!!
  • samhalesamhale Forumite
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    W5 Products- my dad swears by them.
    Mister Choc Caramel and Orange Cake Bars- YUUUMMMMYYYY

    Computers... ;)
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