Great 'What's Hot and What's not at Aldi, Lidl & Netto' Hunt revisted

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  • Bella56Bella56 Forumite
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    To Buy:
    Cottage Cheese
    Orange Juice
    Strong white flour
    Plain flour
    Bin bags
    Chicken tikka sauce
    Recycled toilet paper 10 rolls £1.19

    To Avoid:
    "fresh" chicken
    Minced frozen beef
    Debts 2004: £6000..............................................Aug 2007: £0!!!!
  • LIDL:

    Goody Special Muesli - the nicest muesli you can buy!
    Chow mein stir fry noodles
    Fruit pastilles - yummy!
    Orange jaffa cakes - less cake and more orange than normal ones.
    Feta cheese - not as crumbly as some feta, but in really convenient smaller packs.
    Passata and tomato puree
    Croissants and Pain au Chocolat
    Luxury coleslaw
  • Aldi - good stuff
    Soya milk - tastes like creamy real milk, better than all the others at up to 4x the price.
    Olive oil - extra virgin 750ml for £2.50ish (it's blended extra virgin so even though the brand may look Italian it may be a mix of oil from anywhere - eg Spain, Tunisia, Israel)
    Feta cheese - 99p for 100g
    Other cheeses generally good too

    Aldi - bad stuff
    Fresh veg - they get a delivery on Monday, and then most isn't chilled for the rest of the week. It doesn't last very long when you've got it home.
    2litre plastic bottles of cider (Strongbow clone) - it's mostly sweeteners
    Tinned veg - nothing particularly wrong with it, just the value ranges elsewhere are usually much cheaper
    Vitamins - concentrations are very low. The vitamin D+calcium is just lumps of chalk

    Lidl - good stuff
    The big salamis (about 680g for £3.50)
    Packet just-add-water rice/pasta - a meal for 35p
    Lentils - 49p for 500g
    Greek yoghurt - 1kg for £1.50ish
    Dried fruit and nut mix with chocolate crunchies
    Fairglobe chocolate - (Fairglobe is their Fairtrade brand)
    Shower gel - 11p!

    (all prices approximate from memory)
  • Supermarket: Aldi
    • My top things to buy are: Parmesan cheese - smoother and creamier than other supermarkets
    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil - used to be only place doing 750ml for £2.49 or less and it's perfectly useable stuff
    • Running gear - when the specials are on, this stuff performs as well as the mega-brands, saw me through training for 2007 London marathon and have been using it since then with no problems.
    • My top things to avoid are: buying too many "bargains"! :rotfl:
    Supermarket: Netto
    • My top things to buy are: cheap loo roll - every so often they have massive packs of Nouvelle on offer (soft and recycled so we both approve!)
    • Luxury cookies - seem like good value and workmen love them, always stock up when having work done on the house.
    • Art supplies - some good value and decent items from time to time.
    • My top things to avoid are: Place frequently full of tat, fruit & veg in local store always looks rather manky
    Top tip all round - check websites or leaflets for upcoming special offers if you are looking out for a spcific item; take lots of stout carrier bags.

  • DCFC79DCFC79 Forumite
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    armybike wrote: »
    One thing I can definitely recommend from Aldi is the wonder that is

    "Austin’s - grain liquor with fruit extracts", which costs about £5.99 for a 70cl bottle.

    Which is their version of *cough* Pimms, but you'd hardly notice the difference once you've added the lemonade and ice etc!! Another tip is also buy a carton or two of pomegranate juice from Aldi and make yourself some cheapo versions of Pim Pom :D

    austins is in imo a good cheap alternative to pimms,
  • JF77JF77 Forumite
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    Red Grapes - 69p (500g)

    I buy about 4kg per week costing £5.52 a saving of up to £6.00 a week for me.

    **Edit** Now back up to anything between £0.99 - £1.49 but still good value especially as ASDA have decided to shrink there grapes from 500g - 400g and keep the price the same (cheeky!) they do a value range but not always available and sometimes the grapes are seeded which I hate!
    Excited for Florida - May 2012 :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
  • cowbuttcowbutt Forumite
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    Parmesan cheese
    J.D. Gross chocolate
    Bourbon Vanilla Ice-cream
    Parma ham/Prosciutto
    Bagged rocket
    Fresh mozzarella
    Choc-chip 'luxury' cookies
    Red ("Rosso") Balsamic Vinegar
    Jars of Amarena cherries
    Lemon and Lime marmalade (indistinguishable from Rose's)

    Wernesgrüner pilsner
    Cooker hood filters
    Self-bake croissants
    Jars of black olives

    From either:
    Apricot jam
    Most electronic goods, though recent PCs at Aldi haven't been as good deals as a couple of years ago.
  • giadagiada Forumite
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    Top things to buy for us are:
    Feta Cheese
    Frozen Lean Steak Mince
    Bramley Apple Pies
    Tinned tomatoes
    Baked Beans
    Fruit Juice
    Frozen Frying Steak
    Frozen Whole Green Beans & Peas & Steak Cut Chips
    Imitation Snickers Bars
    All Pizzas except the Seafood one - that, we think, is disgusting
    Dog Food Chubs
    Bathroom Products generally
    Scotch Eggs
    Dry White Wine
    Muesli bars

    We do a stock-up once a month and, of course, you can't be sure that you'll always find the same thing - but that's all part of life's rich pageant!

    What we avoid - those Seafood pizzas!
  • Supermarket: Lidl
    • My top things to buy are:
    • Kanpur Garden curry cooking sauces - especially the Green one, they are delicious!
    • Layered fromage frais deserts - cheap and very creamy
    • Cien shampoo - REALLY good, and smells lovely!
    • Galpamol - children's paracetamol suspension sachets - 99p and just as good as the real thing!
    • Cold meats - their hams are great quality
    • Potato salad - it comes in a big square tub and is very creamy
    • Pasta salad - a big tub from the chiller - very tangy!
    • Mini battenburgs - mmmmm, covered in a yellow & brown icing
    • multi-vitamin drink - either big cartons or them individual ones are yummy
    • Frikaddelen - GORGEOUS!! We eat em cold as a snack - also do some savoury bites filled with chilli which are great to nibble on!
    • Mini stollen bites - these are usually in around Xmas and are so moreish
    • Weekly bargains - love trawling in here
    • My top things to avoid are: beware of their fresh meat - we have bought a couple of packs of dodgy chicken in the summer :(
  • CuddlesTCCuddlesTC Forumite
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    Belgian chocolate seashells
    Coffee chocolate bars
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