Great 'What's Hot and What's not at Aldi, Lidl & Netto' Hunt revisted

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    Whole Chorizo
    Sliced ham
    Iced coffee
    Sausages (98% meat, a lot better than the supermarket ones)

    Basically I think that if you're are going to buy any continental foods then get them from LIDL because they are actually from the continent, if you want Bratwurst then buy German Bratwurst, same with Spanish Chorizo.
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    If you make your own smoothies then Aldi's bags of frozen fruit are super value and top quality. Three varieties - Black Forest Fruits, Summer Fruits and Tropical Fruits. Chop one banana (Aldi), add handful of frozen fruit and apple juice (Aldi) and liquidise.
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    We just had a Lidl open on our town woohoooo - saves driving 80 mls round trip for a stock up!!


    their pre made Lasagne @ £2.39 unbeleivable value - good quality mince
    fresh minced beef - 400g on offer at mine for £1.85 (half the price of Morrisons) Their Premium Ham. huge lean slices not plasticy - cut in half for same size as morrisons pack half the price per weight.
    Baked Beans (but make sure its the red n blue cans as they do vary)
    tinned stewd steak - cheap way 2 make a stew - no nasty bits (and I'm fussy lol). Their stir fry noodles are excellent. Lidl butter in a blue/silver wrapper identical to Lurpak (but sadly not on sale at my Lidl so stockup with this item from Shrewsbury).
    Veg spot on - lasts longer than morrisons stuff - and much much cheaper - but anyway - who hangs on to fresh veg ?? their Raspberry Jaffa Cakes, wheatabisks (just as good as weetabix) luxury museli, white german wine (Hock in particular yuummm and cheap ) chicken in white sauce (cans) again great for a quick pie with added ham or mushrooms...their 70% dark chocolate - excellent value and good quality. O/H bought some binoculars recently for £5 (or thereabouts) pocket size. IHO excellent - almost bought same type for £20 at local outdoors shop - just as well i made him come shopping to wield the extremely large carts !!! (i'm 5foot - find them difficult to steer and cant reach anything in the bottom rofl - new store waiting for the smaller ones to arrive - manager suggested i start a petition, as he requests them every week ...thinks customer demand may get action..)

    sorry just realised i havent listed it neatly....
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    Hi-juice blackcurrant drink (BETTER than Ribena, we think!, and much cheaper)
    Turkey breast joint (not cheap, but all lean meat and very tasty - cook in a roasting bag with a little stock to keep it moist)
    Chocolate, especially the strawberry and yogurt, and the chocolate raisins!
    Mini Brie with yogurt
    Frozen chicken nuggets (real breast meat, not minced)
    Mixed fruit/vitamin juice in small cartons, ideal for picnics etc
    Ginger nuts
    Mini ice cream cones (like little Cornettos)
    Chicken and bacon pasta salad (rather rich, I bulk it out with chopped salad veg and add a bit more cold chicken or turkey)
  • Autumn/winter collection men's socks . . .
    and another vote for Schöfferhofer hefeweizen :beer:
  • SuzySFSuzySF Forumite
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    p.s forgot ...Lidl Luxury christmas pudding with pecan, cherries etc available now - last year it was 2nd in Blind tasting at Pru Leiths cookery school - done by either The Times or Telegraph - whatever it was in a sunday's fab, and cheap at less than £5 (think its about 4 actually) also forgot to mention their Ice Cream in 1 ltr tubs - pure luxury proper icecream (hard not soft scoop) and their mini "magnums" in assorted types - 2 diffents boxes are less than £3. again superb :)

    also Lidl now does small jars of olives of various flavours - herbs, chilli etc for 99p - previously these were the domain of Aldi.......
    What goes around - comes around
    give lots and you will always recieve lots
  • Lidl

    Their frozen margarita pizzas 2 in a box - awesome
    Fresh minced beef is as good as any regular supermarket
    Cheddar and yoghurt drinks are popular in our house
    Brioche covering in icing sugar - husband eats the entire thing
    Frozen spicy chicken wings - great
    Heinz branded baby cereals and other baby foods
    Deli mayonnaise in squeezy bottle - omg 1000% better than Hellmans, probably way more calories but very very lovely
    Toffee liquer in the red and blue bottle - gorgeous !
    Any of the ice creams in the round tubs
    Frozen chips
    Scourers and dishclothes are good
    Feminine hygiene products (panty pads) are good and v cheap
    Pool shower creams are divine in all the fragrances
    Korma chicken sauce is far better than any premium range in any other shop and its under £1


    Their Siana (sp?) day cream and night cream is brilliant - I have been using both for about a month now and can see the difference. At under 4 quid for two pots its cheaper than some of the Cr*p on offer at high street chemists

    Nappies (I am a pampers mum/snob but these are great)
    Choc chip brioche which again my husband eats all of it
    They do an imitation, Mars, Snickers and Bounty - all of which taste the same as the originals yet cost about a £1 for a pack of about 10
    Cat food - well priced sachets
    Still and sparkling waters are good priced
    High juice 50% fruit at 99p a bottle which is good for my toddler and her older sibling in nice flavours like cherry, apple, florida orange
    All their own brand chocolate is lovely
    Prawn crackers and coriander crackers
    Their houmous range with or without toppings is fab
    Breakfast drinks are popular husband has one on the way to work each day, not that cheap but he reckons they are quite filling and he eats a lot (see above)
  • Kay_PeelKay_Peel Forumite
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    Aldi - recommended:

    Own brand cat food

    Aldi - avoid:

    Ground coffee - it's disgusting
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    Very reasonable prices for yummy continental dark (and milk, Swiss, etc.) chocolate.
  • saver6saver6 Forumite
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    Fruit & Veg
    Half-bake bread rolls. Delicious, will only keep for a couple of days, but excellent otherwise, and of course you can freeze them too
    General tinned goods like chopped tomatoes etc.
    Pasta sauces (especially the tomato & marscapone)
    Tinned sauces eg. indian, chinese etc.
    Chiller ham/salami (and lasts for aaaages)
    Chiller pizzas - really good value and not too doughy
    Chiller lasagne
    Chiller pasties
    Chiller potato au gratin (REALLY nice! great to keep in fridge for months until you might want it)
    Freezer meat although I haven't tried much of it, I bought the cheapest of cheap lamb and made an excellent stew with it
    Vanilla ice cream
    Cordials - brilliant value
    All the random things you find in the middle of the store!
    Frozen veggies and chips
    Frozen ready meals are good, especially the tagliatelli one.
    Frozen snacks are also good, eg. cheesy poppers, satay sticks etc
    Dried noodles and rice
    Great range of snacks
    I support my local butcher for meat (which is no more expensive and much better quality/service than anything you'll find in tesco's btw), but I hear Aldi is very good with their fresh meat

    They never seem to have milk in....
    Bread will only last a day
    I haven't found anything that's utterly dire apart from the bread.
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