Great 'What's Hot and What's not at Aldi, Lidl & Netto' Hunt revisted

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  • Recommend in Aldi
    Vitacat in gravy - I have two very fussy cats and they love the cat food in foil packets
    Orange juice
    flavoured fizzy water
    Black bin bags
    Instant Coffee
    Lager (red and white tin)
    Foil (very strong)
    Men's Deodorant (blue)
    Also if you buy any special offers, eg clothes very good at taking back.
    Free parking

    Don't like
    No baskets - and being told which way to put my trolley at checkout

    Definitely a thumbs up :D
  • Aldi:

    French Cognac at £11+ a bottle - good stuff
    Gruyere Cheese/Bread sticks
    Neapolitan Ice Cream wafers (10 for about 99p)
    Shower Spray
    Dishwasher Cleaner (2 bottles for about £1.50)
  • Lidl: Dishwasher stuff- their W5 tablets seemed to be about 1/2 the price of Sainbury's own brand last time I bought (though as I always cut them in half, that's a while ago)
    Tissues - little packs x10 or12
    Sandwich bags
    mini ice cream lollies - excellent value+ yum
    juice cartons for packed lunches
    Jam- that Stute stuff is gorgeous, so fruity

    Dont' get the fish fingers, the breadcrumbs are a very strange red colour + the fish is awful
  • aldi the toilet roll by saxon the aloe vera one as the right ratio of strength to softness even preferred by the brand conscious younger members of my family

  • Debt_Free_ChickDebt_Free_Chick Forumite
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    Black Forest Ham (four or five times the quantity for less money, compared with Tesco)

    Sausages - 85-90% meat content
    Warning ..... I'm a peri-menopausal axe-wielding maniac ;)
  • Sami_BeeSami_Bee Forumite
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    Netto we like:
    Big Juicy BRITISH Strawberries (in summer obv)
    Frozen lamb shanks in gravy
    White swing bin liners

    Don't like
    black bin bags - too thin
    Sometimes milk has short date (but I just don't buy when this is the case)
    Pan au chocolat - Sends hubby all funny/dizzy
    Fabric softener the one with a baby on it made me & bubba all ichy
    The very best is sometimes what nature gives us for free.
    3onitsway wrote: »
    I think Sami is right, as always!
  • joeyjimblesjoeyjimbles Forumite
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    Lidl - good stuff
    70% cocoa chocolate - about half the price of the branded stuff
    Dried pasta
    Almost any tomato stuff- passatta, tinned plum tomatoes, puree
    Dutch cinnamon (spelling?) biscuits at Christmas - loads of them for a tiny price only watch taking them home as they're fragile

    Lidl - not so good
    Large family size chilled lasagne - the meat is very pale and peculiar

    Aldi - good stuff
    Conserve - around half the price of the posh french brands and tastes great
    Continental meats and salami - all excellent
    Dried pasta
    Frozen snacks/starters - chinese & indian bits, stuffed jalepenos etc
    Part-baked ciabattas
    Wine (on offer)

    Aldi - not so good
    Brie/camembert - may just be my luck but they never seem to ripen

    op £57.72
  • One thing I can definitely recommend from Aldi is the wonder that is

    "Austin’s - grain liquor with fruit extracts", which costs about £5.99 for a 70cl bottle.

    Which is their version of *cough* Pimms, but you'd hardly notice the difference once you've added the lemonade and ice etc!! Another tip is also buy a carton or two of pomegranate juice from Aldi and make yourself some cheapo versions of Pim Pom :D

  • bzdbzd Forumite
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    Tiramisu desserts (for 2) in the fridge section. Great value for 79p.
    Chorizo sausage (either the sliced one in the fridge section or the whole sausage).
    Indian curry sauces (Korma and Rogan Josh).
    70% Cocoa dark chocolate -- excellent value for eating or baking!
    Big bottles of Hoegaarden when they have it in.
    The optical specials (telescopes, binoculars) are recurring and good value from a recognised make (usually Bresser).
    Steel toe-capped workboots, good value.
    Lervia electric floor-sweeper (in occasionally).
  • Supermarket: Lidl
    My top things to buy are: Jam (preserve, actually); Chorizo; Smoked Salmon with mustard & dill sauce; Smoked mackeral; Herring in cream sauce with apple & gherkin; Vanilla desert (pack of 4 in foil dishes with foil lids - basically creme brul!e without the sugar on top); Parmasan (excellect quality at a great price); White chocolate with strawberry; Chewy fruit sweets; Banana chips; Tortilla chips; All fresh fruit, esp when half-price; Mozerella; Fresh vacuum-packed ribs (gorgeous!)
    My top things to avoid are: Nothing yet!
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