Great 'What's Hot and What's not at Aldi, Lidl & Netto' Hunt revisted

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  • sazsamsazsam Forumite
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    Highly Recommended:

    Baby wipes
    Toilet Roll with Aloe Vera
    Chicken & Leek Pie
    Mature Cheddar
    Fruit & Veg (always fresh and tasty)
    Spongebob Squarepants Crumpets
    Oven Bottom Barmcakes
    Fromage Frais

    Not really tried any of the fresh meat but always looks nice.
    Charles J
  • Lidl

    Premium sausages - loads of meat
    Bacon - Twin pack smoked
    Kitchen Roll - 3 ply - as good as Bounty
    Vegetables - usually have very good offers - i.e Avocados 22p each Aubergines - 22p each - made a great Moussaka with them and their mince
    Quality ham - very nice
    Their own toilet roll - dessa I think - as good as premium brands
    Shortbread biscuits
    Premium vanilla ice cream is excellent
    Lasagne sheets
    Tinned tomatoes - both basic and premium plum are very good
    Salami and chorizo
    Frozen pizzas - Mozzarella - vegetable is dodgy and the seafood - though looks nice is too garlicky!!
    Luxury Muesli
    Sport shower gel - 13p - good for a handwash dispenser
  • Oh yeah forgot these things are regularly on offer for £1 - you can't go wrong

    Camembert / Mozzarella in breadcrumbs
    Chicken and Leek - Steak and Mushroom pies

    and Their French Brie is very nice for about 85p!!
  • Good: Jaffa Cakes, fruit and veg (my niece used to be a buyer - they don't have a vast network of refrigerated warehouses, so everything is really fresh and seasonal), Parma ham, most cereals, jams, frozen 'German' spring rolls, yoghurt, bread mixes, toiletries, Happy Mix ice lollies, prosecco, crumpets, pickles, frozen fish.
    Bad: tinned stuff, coleslaw, juices, pet food (ask the dog!)

  • Thanks for everyone else's useful comments - i can see there are lots more bargains yet to discover!
    Our family favourites are:
    Lidl - fresh veg (best value, quality and variety), black forest sliced ham, tomato pasta sauce (miles better than other supermarket own brands), J D Gross chocolate bars (way ahead of other supermarkets & brands), dried pasta, apple juice, high juice squash, emmental cheese, korma cooking sauce, luxury bockwurst (5 in a jar, gluten free & really good on a bbq). DH and teenage daughter like almost all the biscuits!
    Aldi - the pestos and their associated range of italian deli specialities (artichokes, mushrooms, tomatoes).
    Our choices are all based on a combination of quality and value compared to comparable products (branded and own brand) available from major supermarkets nearby.
    But ... we also avoid the mushroom tomato pasta sauce from Lidl (as a previous poster mentioned) as well as the Frikadellen from Aldi, but these things are all personal tastes!
  • sarahemmmsarahemmm Forumite
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    Tinned antipasti - the wild mushrooms and the artichokes are fantastic
    Veg - if you choose carefully and remember they are ready to use, then great (esp. 1/2 price days)
    Lemon Iced Tea - I exist on this in the summer
    Chiller cabinet turkey breasts - acceptable quality for casseroles at a great price
    Paprika Crisps - very tasty and make a nice change
    Japanese Rice Crackers - yum
    Cat Food Trays - well received by my cats and 20p each
    Olive Oil - the cheapest one is fine for cooking (£2.40/litre)
    Mozzarella Cheese - last I bought was 49p (78p in Sainsburys)
    Parmesan Cheese - really good value
    Smoked Salmon - good (just don't get the stuff with a sauce sachet in it)
    4-ply Toilet Rolls in 10-pack (has pink flowers on it - don't let that put you off)

    And the specials are always fun - I have bought all sorts of stuff over the years. Its worth remembering that most of the specials come around every year, so if you miss it this time you can look for it next year.
  • ells2123ells2123 Forumite
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    I particularly like:
    French deli style thick cut ham
    Handcut crisps - on a par with kettle chips and at 89p a lot cheaper!
    Fresh smoked bacon bits - great for pasta.
    2011 wins so far: Radio Deal package worth £600 :)

    Best prizes ever:
    Two flights to Tokyo & a years supply of Gas and Electric !!! :D
    Thanks to everyone that posts! :beer:
  • AlexnikovAlexnikov Forumite
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    The big tins of ravioli are absolutely gorgeous, so herby and full of flavour, none of that watery tasteless tomato sauce rubbish you get in other brands.

    Prosecco is delish!

    Always worth a rummage in the specials section, I got some brilliant walking boots in there a few months ago.

    Fresh veg is really good.
  • Mojo1971Mojo1971 Forumite
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    As a family we like most things from Aldi especially the :-

    Marinated vegetable tarte fin pizza (its delicious)

    We also love the mozarella sticks and sauce.

    The only things were not keen on is the beans as they are a bit sweet.

  • cher31echer31e Forumite
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    The hotdog frankfurters in jar of 6 ( i think),no bits,just lovely taste.
    Fruit and veg
    Potatoes ready to cook,in fridges,fry, or in a cheesey sauce(my kids love them) ,you can't go wrong.
    most sweets and choc is great.
    i do a lot of shopping between aldi and lidl,have done for years(use to live in germany!)
    part baked rolls,assorted flavours
    Wet wipes

    Salami ,sliced,large round slices(in fridge,just changed the pkt,but my kids love it)
    Lemon ice tea and multivitamin juice.
    Kitchen towel
    there are a lot more,but def worth the trial and error
    have a nice day
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