Great 'What's Hot and What's not at Aldi, Lidl & Netto' Hunt revisted

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  • I haven't yet found anything that we don't like. Its a brilliant place to shop. Try it and see. I reckon we save £10-£15 per week.
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    Go for:
    • Cheap white wine in bottles - slightly better & cheaper than other cheap white wine!
    • White strong bread flour - gives best of all results in breadmaker and cheapest around, sadly they don't do wholemeal.
    • Frozen whole french beans - best frozen whole french beans I've ever tasted and cheap with it.
    • Dentalux Mouthwash
    • Bourbon Vanilla Icecream - very cheap for a 'premium' icecream and not at all bad
    • Tio Nico Sherry - if you want to drink sweet sherry or use it in cooking this is pretty indistinguisable from market leader brands and much cheaper
    • Bleach. It's certainly cheap but whatever do people do with all those varieties and sizes of ultra environmentally unfriendly bleach?
    • Most fruit and veg - the two Lidl's I can access specialise in sagging cucumbers, green veg turning yellow and similar. (Might be different if you could shop the day they got their delivery) but overall my local greengrocer is much better quality and for many things just as cheap and worth the bit extra for the others
    • Emmental cheese - like non-flavoured rubber
    • Olives. They are certainly cheap but lack the certain something in the flavour which makes olives worth eating in the first place.
    • Bleach. Cheap bleach seems to be the speciality of the deep discounters? Most of it can't really be needed?

    Given that I'm a vegetarian, don't eat breakfast cereals, eat little canned or prepared meal stuff and not catering for children - so rarely buy biscuits, crisps, etc - it wouldn't be worth going to Lidl (both stores involve a shortish but special trip) if I didn't drink wine and bake my own bread : - ). As it is if I can time the occasional trip right and stock up on bread flour and cheaper wine etc, it makes it worth while to also stock up on some frozen french beans, icecream etc.


    Go for:
    • Almost nothing. The only Aldi I can access involves a significant drive from my workplace in a direction where I normally can't access anything else, so it has got to be more than one or two things to make it worthwhile. On the two or three visits I've been able to make I just haven't found things that I wanted to buy again.
    • Like all such discounters they seem to offer very cheap prices on bleach and devote a lot of space to it. Whatever do people do with all this bleach???
    • frozen corn on the cob - awful, tough and no sweetness
    • mayonnaise and salad cream - pretty much taste free. This is a particular downer as these aren't healthy foods and getting all the fat with none of the taste is a real downer!

    They may well stock stuff I would like but it is so far out of my way that it is not worth experimenting further given that I feel the products I've bought up to now were a poor use of limited funds. W


    I seem to live in a Netto free zone...
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    Ok, top three Lidl buys:

    Frozen Tuna Steaks - brilliant, especially when on special offer.
    Shortbread - This is just the best I've tried anywhere.
    Salami - in fact most of their cured meats are pretty good.
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    Aldi love

    Toilet Paper
    Weetabix - kids love them
    Baby Wipes
    Tubey yogurts
    Frozen Chips
    Veg - just check quality first!
    Own brand Twix (bargin)
    Medium sliced Bread (Best bread around in my opinion & only 45p)
    Pizza frozen and fresh about £1.69
    Jalepeno and cheese in breadcrumbs (can't remember proper name - we call them jalepeno bullets!!)
    Wine fav is called Bordeaux £3.49 (am enjoying a glass now)
    Ham is ok
    Cheese is ok
    Small cartons of orange/apple.

    Don't like
    Frozen/Fresh ready meals, not nice at all
  • What's hot at Aldi and Lidl -

    They both do cheap cycling stuff a few times a year - clothing, shoes, saddles, pedals etc.
    A lot of it is surprisingly good. 90% of my cycling clothes are from Aldi and Lidl - you have to be a bit selective but there's lots of good stuff available. Example: long sleeve winter cycling top - nice and warm, not too baggy, reflective piping: £8 or so compared with £30+ for a branded one. I've done two winters in mine, about 1000 miles, and it's still as good as new. I do wash it occasionally :-)
    You just have to keep an eye on the websites or leaflets to know when to go.
  • In Aldi we [and the cat] like - in no particular order!

    Cat food, the one in the foil sachets
    Soap powder tablets
    Duck spring rolls [frozen]
    Pizza [frozen]
    Frosty's icecream
    The other luxury icecream - chocolate and zabglione flavour
    Vegetable crisps
    Gold teabags
    Instant coffee
    Chocolate - the fruit and nut has far more of both than another well known leading brand
    little sesame seed biscuits
    Tiramisu in pots
    Fromage frais
    Lemon and ginger tea - recommended by my sister
    Ham is ok
    Pate is ok
    Make up removal pads, lip gloss, face creams, toothpaste etc all been very good.

    Don't bother with the lamb shanks - not much meat and tough!!
    The fruit and veg are ok if you are eating them soon. They never seem to last long for me.

    We've had a sat nav, memory sticks and various other techy stuff which has all been very good.
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    Won't list items as most have been covered. I defected from Tesco a few months ago and save at least £30 per week. Several reasons:

    1. The prices (obviously)
    2. Less choice within food types (this is a good thing)
    3. Less stuff available (this is also a good thing).

    And one other very important thing is that it takes me only 45 minutes, which includes travelling 3 miles to get there and back, to do my weekly shopping. It used to take me 2 hours in store in Tesco and over an hour online.

    Heard today that Aldi have just won Retailer of the Year. Gave me a warm, cosy feeling :rotfl:
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    WE used to shop at Lidl but find the groceries to be much better quality at Aldi, plus the shop itself doesn't resemble kwik-save. :rolleyes:

    Hot at Aldi -

    Cycling clothes. I stock up twice a year, without the silly prices of branded clothing.
    Frozen lasagne, delicious.
    Sultana bran
    Fruit and fibre
    Chocolate hoops and coco pops
    Mars, twix and snickers clones
    Bottled water
    Onion and chive flavoured brie
    Chicken thighs and drumsticks
    That blue vodka stuff, my wife loves it!
    Fruit and veg seems good
    Chocolate biscuits
    Choc chip cakes

    Not -

    Bananas, they always seem bruised and mushy
    Bread, always a bit dry even when well inside the sell by date
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    We buy:
    unsmoked bacon double packs
    luxury ham
    2 pk tiramisu (fantastic)
    fruit - berries, apples, bananas
    cleaning goods
    toothpaste and toothbrushes
    loo rolls
    kitchen towels
    washing up liquid
    washing powder
    ice cream
    joint of beef (lovely when pot roasted)
    free range eggs
    plain salted crisps
    orange juice
    high juice blackcurrant
    Porridge (in small blue paper type packet) fantastic and 34p a packet
    Green pesto (excellent)
    cooking oil
    fish fingers
    smoked salmon
    salmon steaks
    ice cream
    boil in the bag rice

    We AVOID

    Chickens - the two we've had were horrible, totally tasteless and watery

    Burgers - these were so bad that none of us could bring ourselves to mention just how bad incase we were sick. We still turn green if we so much as think about them.
  • My best buys at Aldi are the ground coffee, the fresh fruit and veg. Try the individual ice creams. Also the plum tart fantastic with their fresh cream.
    They also have some very good red wine.

    Lidl good buys are butter,red wine and some good bargins.
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