Great 'What's Hot and What's not at Aldi, Lidl & Netto' Hunt revisted

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  • Supermarket: aldi

    My top things to buy are:
    fruit juice
    soft cream cheese
    j2o equivelent
    tortilla crisps

    My top things to avoid are:
  • Lidl

    Top buys:
    Smoked salmon
    Roll mop herrings in jars
    Kinder eggs (frequently on offer at very low prices)
    Novelty chocolates for Easter, Christmas, etc
    Chocolate muffins
    The choc ices on a stick that look a bit like Magnums
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    Don't think anyone's mentioned this so:
    Aldi's triple blade razor blades fit perfectly in my Gillette Sensor Excel razor and at £2.99 for 10 are a fraction of the price of the Gillette ones and just as good. Their shaving gel is excellent too and is about £1.19 I think, lasts for ages and gives a great shave.
  • Aldi - I always buy:

    - Foil, Film and Freezer Bags - all top quality
    - Nuts - pistachios/mixed nuts
    - Hairspray

  • Pros for Aldi:
    Electronics - TV's and associated goods
    Kitchen specials
    Range of cheese
    Meat, despite poor range
    Ground coffee, tea
    Aloe Vera loo paper
    Orange Juice
    Garden furniture and plants
    Friendly staff, at least in Fareham and Portsmouth
    Walking/outdoor gear, esp boots
    Fresh flowers and herbs

    Weaknesses for Aldi:
    Tinned soup

    Strengths for Lidl:
    GraffenWalder lager - even better if you can get to France to buy it.
    Charcuterie, esp Chorizo and best ham
    Oxtail soup
    Veg can be briiliant and very cheap, but check freshness
    Staff at Fareham excellent
    Short queues
    Steak mince
    Cleaning/janitorial supplies
    Binoculars - incredible value for money, usually available-ask at checkout

    Weaknesses at Lidl:
    Chicken breasts are awful
    Tinned chilli con carne
    Returns policy can be awkward
    Why are credit cards accepted in Wales and France, but not England?
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    Lidl- We do most of our shopping here; great things (mostly not mentioned):

    fair trade chocolate, light and dark (though the dark is 70% coca, it isn't very bitter, of course, ingredient no 2 is cane sugar
    :D )
    fair trade instant coffee (DH doesn't like most types of fair trade instant coffee, but will drink this)
    organic milk-- 2L is 22p more expense than regular milk, so why not?
    organic tomato juice (or so I'm told...)
    fair trade orange juice
    museli bars
    big bags of MSC Alaskan frozen white fish at not much more than non-MSC fish (over fishing is a BIG problem, and chosing cheap over ethical is going to kill the oceans...)
    recycled loo roll

    I know that not everyone cares about fair trade, organic, or sustainable fishing, but it's nice to sometimes not have to stare at things in the supermarket and say "do I spend half (or even 1/3 :eek: sometimes!) the amount on the cheap stuff, or do I buy what best matches my ethics?"
  • Sami_Bee wrote: »
    Netto we like:
    Big Juicy BRITISH Strawberries (in summer obv)
    Frozen lamb shanks in gravy
    White swing bin liners

    Don't like
    black bin bags - too thin
    Sometimes milk has short date (but I just don't buy when this is the case)
    Pan au chocolat - Sends hubby all funny/dizzy
    Fabric softener the one with a baby on it made me & bubba all ichy

    hey Sami do you get the offer emails you can sign up for? Netto send two a week... Can pick up some good deals! ;-)
  • Lidl

    I would recommend 'Orange Cakes', their own brand version of Jaffa Cakes - they're yummy.

    I would recommend their Rowan Bakery Farmhouse White Bread 79p.
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    My top favourites at Aldis for both price and quality are:-

    Nappies - fantastic, cheap, a great fit and lovely quality. Best I can find.

    Jam - more of a conserve, crammed full of fruit

    Anitbacterial spray - great

    Bleach - the cheapest around

    Rechargable batteries - what can I say 4 batteries for £2.99!
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    I would like to add that I will now go shopping in Aldi for everything but my little boys soya milk that I buy whereever is closer, simply because Tesco has nothing but empty shelves, quite literally, for the last 3-4 weeks, last week even the freezers were half empty and none of the deals are ever available to buy until day they go off othe offer. The Bread Aisle is constantly empty and as I am a busy mum and student I simply can not go in at 1am when they seem to restock there. I am appalled at what they think they can get away with in such a large store.

    And want to praise my local Aldi, luckily a couple of bus stops the other way on the tewkesbury road in cheltenham, just same distance as they always have fully stocked shelves and a bigger choice of items available. We also like Lidl but that is not as easily accessible for us.

    Only down point is a bit hard to manoeuvre with a buggy and a toddler on my other hand as I dont drive, but Tesco is just the same somehow, also its about 5 times bigger and stocks a smaller choice of food products.
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