Leading Hotels of The World - Rooms for 19.28USD - 1st October ONLY!

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Update Tuesday 21 October 2008

Leading Hotels of the World tried to hold this room sale three weeks ago, but sadly huge demand from MoneySavers crashed its website. It’s now rescheduled the sale and’s brought in a new IT firm to help, so hopefully things will go more smoothly.

The new sale is open to all (not just those who registered) and starts at 3pm on Thursday October 23 2008 at www.lhw.com/1928. There are still 6,000 rooms available at the same hotels, but you’ll need to fill out a form, and submit it before 4.10pm that day. Forms will be available on its site at 3pm.

LHW will then email within seven days, to let you know whether the request was successful.

You’ll need to act fast when the time comes, so it’s worth doing a bit of preparation now. The form requests three hotel choices with two possible arrival dates for each, so pick your hotels and check your diary.

23 September 2008

What's it about?

The hotel broker website Leading Hotels of the World is offering 6,000 rooms at £10 a night, plus taxes. Add those in and its roughly £12 a night, which is a seriously good price as all of the 100 hotels on offer are five star. Rates usually start at £150 a night and up.

If you're not online then, it's unlikely you'll get one

You need to preregister before you can book, so its probably best you do it soon.

Why so urgent?

From experience, its likely you need to be super speedy to get a room. This is one of quite a few limited room hotel promotions that we've included in the weekly email, a common one is a 500 place £1 UK hotel room promotion run by Hoxton hotels.

Everytime the rooms go like proverbial hotcakes, and literally sell out within 5 minutes of opening.

How much will it cost?

There are 6,000 rooms available at $19.28 (c. £10) plus taxes and charges. Taxes are based on the $19.28 rate and they will vary by destination.

The press office assures us that “the confirmation will detail all charges prior to pressing the confirm button”, so you’ll know before you agree to pay.

An example

Gleneagles in Scotland would normally cost £610 for two nights. Under the offer, we predict that the total price would be £10 a night, plus about £4 sales tax, working out at £24.

How long can I book for and where?

The offer’s valid at over 100 hotels for stays between 1 November 2008 and 15 December 2008. See a full list of hotels available.

You can book to up to two nights if you're fast enough but it’s limited to one reservation per customer. Read the full terms and conditions

To get you started here are a few of the destinations on offer (links to Tripadvisor reviews) with rough standard rates.

The UK

The Langham, London. Normal price: £180/night
The Gleaneagles Hotel, Perthshire. Normal price: £300/night


Hotel de l’Europe, Amsterdam. Normal price: £210/night
Grand Hotel Palazzo della Fonte, Rome. Normal price: £150/night
The Alex Hotel, New York. Normal price: £205/night
The Table Bay Hotel, Capetown. Normal price: £258/night
Discovery at Marigot Bay, St Lucia. Normal price: £190/night

Don’t assume this is always cheapest

As you've time before booking, check out what you'd be paying for the hotel anyway, using the Cheap Hotels guide for help. The hotels included in this deal vary in price.

Get a cheap flight to go with the room

It's also worth considering the overall transport costs for a hotel overseas. While the costs of airline fuel is huge at the moment, low demand means there are still bargains around. Read the Cheap Flights and Cheap Trains guide


PS. Many thanks to Bhamstudent below, for originally spotting this top tip. This post was inserted so we could give MoneySaver the full lowdown.


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