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Barclaycard login broken?



  • Mark153
    Add me to the list. Still not working as of 11:45am this morning, and has been inaccessible at various points every day since last Wednesday.

    I've called their Internet Team helpline on more than one occasion in the past week, and its clearly nothing more than an off-shore call centre. Wasted ten minutes on-hold and then went through a raft of security checks only to be read very... carefully... and... slowly... from... the call operators terminal that "The website is busy, please try again in 48 hours".

    Emails to the customer services department have been even worse. "Yes, there is a problem, but its fixed now" is the set reply I've received twice.

    Annoyingly the reason I'm so itchy to get into my online statement is check the progress of a big refund I have been pursuing for the last month, otherwise the card would be balance-free and I'd tell them where to stick it.

    In the end I went through to their main customer services helpline in the UK to get a balance check. The most worrying part is that they had no idea about the websites problems and offered to transfer me through the Internet Team to ascertain what was wrong with my computer. Muppets.

    I think there some creedence to the theory that existing customer numbers are being blocked. The website hasn't really slowed down as far as I am concerned since this issue erupted. It promptly processes and rejects my login number (which is approaching 10 years old) everytime.

    The thing that really galls me is that, as a self-employed web engineer, if this kind of downtime affected one of my client's sites for more than a day, they'd be complaining about lost revenue and asking for recompense. :mad:
  • moominyak
    Dazzla102 wrote: »
    The reason that I was told was due to the take over of morgan stanley & setting up all of their new customers?
    Barclaycard has blocked access to existing customers whilst allowing the new MS customers access to register

    Erm... as one such (ex)Morgan Stanley customer, I can safely say this is not the case - as I haven't even been able to register, let alone access my account :rolleyes:

    I think it's fair to say that high demand is to blame, but personally I don't think they're giving anybody preferential treatment (certainly not me, at least! ;) )
  • moominyak
    Dazzla102 wrote: »
    What about the ones that...pay each statement in full everytime

    :rotfl: You are kidding, credit card companies hate that sort of customer!

    I'm one of those too... maybe that's why they won't let me register! :D
  • bobnwuk
    I haven't had any problems with opening my account with barclaycard:T
  • solidbond
    Well perhaps someone can explain this one. I am an existing Barclaycard customer, and have been using their online access for many years. However, I was also a Morgan Stanley cardholder (thanks to this site;-)), so have been transferred to Barclaycard. I have been unable to access my original Barclaycard account for the past 8 days or so, each time getting the familiar messages ie login request could not be processed etc. However, I've just registered my MS replacement card and guess what? I can login using those details, with no delay whatsoever. So I try to login with my original account details and - yup - same error messages! What has really annoyed me is that I wanted to register the BC Cashback card to the same login details as my original card but because of Barclaycard's complete !!!!-up of this process that has been impossible, and I don't fancy talking to their call centre in India to try and explain my problem as I'm sure it won't be in their script :angry:
  • Nokia_1964
    :confused: I needed to access transaction information for my Barclaycard and have been trying to logon since Sunday. I have now made 2 phone calls to the call centre and spoken to polite but poorly trained staff with very non-English accents! The information I needed was basic about the sterling value of an overseas transaction, it would usually take me a matter of seconds to find the information online yet it took the telephone representative ove 10 minutes whilst I was on hold to return with the wrong information and a further 10 minutes to give me some partially correct information. I was told that the technology problems are to do with Morgan Stanley cardholders accessing the Barclaycard system. You might think that Barclaycard have the resources to get this sort of thing right but their representatives aren't even being given accurate information as to when the availability will be restored - both times I was told "defintiely within 2 hours" - no surprise that hasn't been the case. :mad: I guess worse things happen but this "new service" is very frustrating.
  • Rich_G_Grays
    I also have been trying to log on to the site without success since last Thursday so that I have view overseas transactions to claim back the GBP amount from the company I work for. I also want to pay off a substantial amount as I travel extensively on business and use this card for my expenses.

    I have been a customer for 20 years now and have never reveived such poor levels of service. Having called the customer services department (this a major trial itself if trying to call from abroad as the only number that now works is lost and stolen cards!) and been passed around 4 people each time each time providing answers to various security questions, I have actually been "promised" that the service would be working again in two hours - of course, this has not been the case!

    Surely, Barclaycard have a basic responsibility to provide an honest explanation of the problem to their customers with a true estimate of when this will be solved instead of treating us like we are stupid. If I cannot rely on the site to make payments and this will not be available soon, I need to start making alternative arrangements - we just need to be told what is going on!

    Come on Barclaycard, start treating your customers with some respect!!:mad:
  • The_Pope
    The_Pope Posts: 14 Forumite
    OK, now this has moved onto an all new kind of farce. Having denied me access to the Barclaycard login for about 10 days now, I am now beyond the point of no return for paying my monthly statement at a branch (3 working days).

    I'm not registered for telephone banking (who needs it when you have online banking??) and they want FIVE days to register.

    My only remaining option is to do a bank transfer from my Barclays online banking, using the account number and sort code on my statement (which I had to dig out of a drawer). So all is well you'd think?

    No. I tried logging on to barclays.co.uk just now and I get a white page that just says "Service unavailable - the server is too busy to respond to your request. Please try again later".

    There's definitely something no right here - maybe they're being ddos attacked by terrorists and just don't want to admit it? :(
  • vbrindle
    vbrindle Posts: 132 Forumite
    1 full week without being able to log in.

    1 day is fair enough. 2 days is disappointing. But 7 days and still no fix. This has to be the biggest joke I have ever seen.

    It's a good job I keep a record of what I spend locally, many will not.
  • gladtobegrey
    Last night, and again this morning, I'm getting the message:
    Barclaycard online account services is temporarily unavailable whilst we conduct essential website maintenance.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Our website should be available again shortly.

    Maintenance my a**e! :rotfl:

    It's been best part of a week - this is incredibly poor (and I speak as an ex-Barclays employee). Some openness about the problem would be very welcome at the very least. :mad:
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