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Chocolate Truffles recipe?



  • bigburd
    bigburd Posts: 117 Forumite
    :xmastree: I wonder if any of you creative people can give me the recipe for chocolate truffles with bashed-up digestive biscuits as one of the main ingredients - I tried googling it with no success!! My son wants to make them (and I'd like to eat them, lol!!) As you see I don't post very often so I'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas when it comes!! :xmassign:
  • Swan_2
    Swan_2 Posts: 7,060 Forumite
    hope this is what you're looking for :)

    10 digestives, crushed
    5 Tablespoons dessicated coconut or ground almonds
    1/2 Tablespoon cocoa powder (not drinking chocolate)
    small tin condensed milk
    2oz melted butter
    chocolate vermicelli for coating

    mix dry ingredients (except vermicelli)

    add milk, then butter, mix well

    form into balls & roll in vermicelli
  • bigburd
    bigburd Posts: 117 Forumite
    Thanks Swan - you're a star.
  • squeaky
    squeaky Posts: 14,129 Forumite
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    Good morning :)

    For those of you new to Old Style I'm posting links to the fudge thread and the hot chocolate thread (mentioned earlier) just below here, and, if you'd like more ideas on Christmas, a mix of threads about cards, presents, food, booze and all things Christmassy are collected at the top of the Old Style forum listing in a CHRISTMAS sticky.



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  • rchddap1
    rchddap1 Posts: 5,926 Forumite
    Might make some myself on my time off just before Xmas. Might be nice to hand them round.
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  • This recipe came from my local newspaper many years ago and I have used it most Christmases since then,

    4 trifle sponge fingers or 4oz left over cake
    2 oz plain or milk chocolate
    1 tsp jam (apricot is best)
    orange juice or spirit as required
    chocolate vermicelli or cocoa powder to finish

    grate or liquidise cake and add to melted chocolate. Add jam and enough juice to make a fairly stiff paste. Roll into small balls and coat in vermicelli or cocoa .

    My children loved to make a box of these each year for Grandma.
  • AussieLass
    AussieLass Posts: 4,066 Forumite
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    I'm going to make Curry Queen's recipe this weekend. Have some Bailey's floating around the fridge that needs to be used. ;) Could anyone tell me if powdered sugar is icing sugar? Or do you just put some sugar in the FP and give it a whirl to make it finer? They sound lovely.
    Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia. ;)

  • Poppycat
    Poppycat Posts: 19,913 Forumite
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    Nice free plug andy. Two posts with the same content, are you trying to advertise by chance?
  • One year we made truffles and replaced the double cream with clotted cream because that's all there was at the corner shop. They tasted absolutely delicious but did sit in the stomach like mini-cannonballs
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  • AussieLass
    AussieLass Posts: 4,066 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    I made CQ's Bailey Yule Balls and they were so yummy. We covered ours with cocoa after a few experiments. I used normal chocolate as I couldnt find any semi-sweet and they were still nice. Included them with HM chocolate & caramel fudge for gifts. I made some nice little boxes (well DD did) out of recycled xmas cards from last year. Thanks for all the inspiration. :A
    Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia. ;)

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