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Chocolate Truffles recipe?



  • Found a cheap version last year on this OS site and also dosn't use cream as i have an animal fat intolerance, but they went down a treat at xmas...
    1 can of condensed milk
    18oz of chocolate - i used tescos value plain choc
    Liquer of your choice to flavour
    this makes loads so you can divide it into different bowls for different flavours; i tried ameretto, cointreau, whisky

    Over a low heat melt the choc and milk. Remove from the heat and add liquer . Shape into small balls , roll in cocoa and pop into paper cases. chill until firm.
    makes approx 40 good luck and will power not to eat too many before they are given away.
  • torianut
    torianut Posts: 1,841 Forumite
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    would these work with milk chocolate?
  • eSparkles
    eSparkles Posts: 114 Forumite
    torianut wrote: »
    would these work with milk chocolate?

    I don't know about the ones listed above, but I have a variation on them that we've made in the kids club.

    4oz milk choc drops
    1oz butter
    1oz icing sugar
    2oz plain cake crumbled into fine crumbs

    Melt chocolate and butter together.
    Sift icing into the choc butter mix.
    Add cake crumbs and mix well.
    When cool roll into balls and then roll into vermicilli (or however its spelt lol)


    substitute the milk chocolate for white chocolate and roll into desicated coconut at the end.

    Erica xx
  • I add a tablespoon of brandy or rum to mine.

    Variations on the coatings ... roll them in ...

    toasted, chopped hazlenuts (or any other nuts of choice)
    toasted dessicated coconut

    Or add chopped preserved ginger (plus a little of the syrup)

    Always use the best quality chocolate you can get - Lidl are good value for dark 75% chocolate, but the other supermarkets often have offers on the Lindt dark chocolate too.

    Delia, as ever, has an easy to follow recipe for truffles, which has never let me down.
    Warning ..... I'm a peri-menopausal axe-wielding maniac ;)
  • yorksbabe
    yorksbabe Posts: 202 Forumite
    hi, I get about 12 out of that recipe, but it depends on how big you roll them. I put them in petit four cases which are cheap from asda. I also use this recipe as a chocolate ganache. I just put on top of my cake and spread it all over while still soft. You could use milk & white chocolate also!
  • Uniscots97
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    Here's my variation (makes about 20ish). The condensed milk gives them a lovely flavour.


    16 Digestive Biscuits
    1 Tin Condensed Milk
    4oz Hot Chocolate
    2oz Butter

    Heat condensed milk and butter slowly until butter has melted
    Crush biscuits
    Mix crushed biscuits coconut and hot chocolate together
    Add condensed milk and butter to dry ingredients
    When mixture has cooled roll small amounts of mixture in to balls
    Roll truffles in vermicelli or coconut
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  • Bexstars
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    this is the recipie I always use, really easy and so yummy!

    Chocolate Truffels

    these are very yummy! Im planning on making them to give as christmas presents and might add a little rum to them

    200g dark chocolate
    6 tbsp of strong coffee
    2 tbsp runny honey
    cocoa powder for coating

    Melt the chocolate over a low heat till all melted and runny
    stir in the coffee and stir through. The chocolate will begin to thicken
    add the honey one tbsp at a time and mix in well till lovely and silky
    pop into the fridge for about half an hour or until set
    form small balls and coat with cocoa powder

    yummy! Makes about 20-25 balls
  • jazzt1
    jazzt1 Posts: 34 Forumite
    mmm, these all sound soo yummy, think I'll have to copy these recipies down!
  • QOTD
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    Thanks everyone for these recipes. It's my sisters birthday next week so I had planned to make some at the weekend to give to her instead of buying a present :beer:
  • freyasmum
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    torianut wrote: »
    would these work with milk chocolate?
    Hiya, I have't tried these yet, but you might need to be careful as using milk chocolate can make something too sweet :)

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