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  • hello there!
    I appreciate that you try to enlighten all the people that suddenly believe having that job they'll be the next Donal Trump in 6 months of training. It's ridiculous, indeed.
    However. I personally have worked for this company. Since you are aware that the 'management business training" is nothing but a scam, why not STILL working there only for the money? My point is that a lot of people find these companies ridiculous but i guess if you're just looking for getting some money, why not doing it? In terms of payment i guess there is nothing wrong with working at this type og organisation, is it?

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    DeeRamDeeRam Forumite
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    The problem lies in the "self employed" bit, and the comments from many here about never actually getting paid the money they were owed.

    Self employed is generally a bad bad thing. Doubly so here.
    Indications that a worker is self-employed

    If any of these statements applies, your worker is likely to be self-employed:
    • they can hire someone else to do the work you have given them, or take on helpers at their own expense
    • they can decide where to provide their services, as well as when and how to do the work you have given them
    • you pay them an agreed fixed price - it doesn't depend on how long the job takes to finish
    • they can make a loss or a profit
    Even if none of the statements in the previous list applies, your worker is still likely to be self-employed if most of the following apply to them:
    • they use their own money to buy business assets, pay for running costs, etc
    • they're responsible for putting right any unsatisfactory work, at their own expense and in their own time
    • they provide the main tools and equipment needed to do their work
    now, if you were employed by the company as a worker, instead of self employed. they would be paying your expenses. (i cant link in this forum, but this is from a uk site about work status, businesslink)
    Indications that a worker is your employee

    An individual is likely to be employed by you if most of the following statements apply to them:
    • you can tell them what work to do, as well as how, where and when to do it
    • they have to do their work themselves
    • you can move the worker from task to task
    • they're contracted to work a set number of hours
    • they get a regular wage or salary, even if there is no work available
    • they have benefits such as paid leave or a pension as part of their contract
    • you pay them overtime pay or bonus payments
    • they manage anyone else who works for you
    now. did you see that line in the self employed bit?
    "they can make a loss or a profit"
    That sums this thing up in one lovely sentence. You can make no money to the point you pay to work there (due to travel and various expenses), and they will expect you to keep working.

    I didnt include the tax bits either. They pay less tax (actually, they dont pay any. You need to do that) for you to work there, because you are essentially your own business. You get to pay all those lovely fees too,out of your own pocket, or have the tax man knocking on your door.

    While i am not sure how much that would be in Britain... in Sweden those fees are only slightly less than your salary if you had been employed normally. (employer basically pays your salary twice there, one for you, one for the government)

    also. "they are contracte for a set number of hours" - ie. no 8 am to 11.30 pm work hours, those are kinda illegal... unless you are self employed
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    Stu_WPStu_WP Forumite
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    My girlfriend had attended one interview with Blackcode Advertising in Brighton, and the combination of their inability to supply any concrete details of the role, salary or the second stage of the interview process raised our suspicions.

    Their website uses a lot of words to say precisely nothing (it's quite funny and worth a read, in fact: and thanks to this forum, she was able to phone them with a few questions before wasting a day on their 12:00-20:00 stage two selection process.

    They were evasive to say the least, and eventually admitted that the role was door-to-door sales, 100% commission based, and further questioning revealed the whole operation is a bit of a sham - imagination managers, impressive-sounding business trips that never happened. All quite embarrassing.

    Although annoying, there's nothing inherently wrong with that work, but their entirely disingenuous, misleading and deceitful way of presenting themselves during recruitment is laughable.

    Why not just say you'll be selling dishcloths door-to-door while people try to make their dinner?
  • guineguine Forumite
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    Has anyone been for an interview at the Club, it sounds like a simular marketing company, it's in Bournemouth and was just wondering wheather to go along to interview, as my friend says she realy enjoys working for a simular company who does charities.
  • New name for the companies in London Bridge, Carolina Consulting, owner is Sara Beth King Cote, Josh Cote's wife. skinny plastic woman with american accent. He is the owner of EA Worldwide Acquisitions. They interview more people to send to London Bridge for second interview.
    Doing b2b mainly which means doing the same program 100%commission, same long hours, but going to shops in main roads. Same scam

    Admin: Sara Beth herself and Stacey Kehoe.

    Stay away, address 3 more london riverside. It's almost next to the main one in Shand street.

    All these companies will have a similar ad saying no experience?? entry level management, new year new career... Saying salary negotiable and asking the questions: over 18? allowed to work in uk? and available to work full time or more than 30h? and notice of one week...

    Do not attend any interviews..
  • Hi Guys,

    My wife was offered an interview with EA Worldwide Acquisitions and she thought it looked like a false company. We then found lots of forum posts about them. I'm a computer genius in my spare time so I looked them up on Companies House and got their "real office", I then Google mapped it and you can see it is a Freight Company.

    Google map this search: GRIFFIN HOUSE DN22 7SS

    Use street view to walk around the street until you find Griffin Freight. Their postal address is:

    DN22 7SS
    Company No. 06412852

    Then you can get the details for the Freight company:

    UNIT 12
    DN22 7SS
    Company No. 03454732

    They are at the same address. Cased solved! They are not a marketing company.
  • I've found out loads of companies have the same address.. maybe that's where they all started and havent changed the address in companies house????

    Live marketing direct is new in London Bridge and it's registered with that address in london bridge, shand street, so i think maybe the rest didnt bother changing it..????
    i dont really understand the "freight". They dont do marketing obviously it's just sales. Maybe it's just an industrial area with differetn companies with the same post code..

    This website gives information about the origin of these companies... i wish they all shut down... it's
  • this address is on the internet for carolina consulting:

    Flat 411, Spice Quay Heights. 32 Shad Thames SE1 2YL

    They might have another office there cos it's in the same area or maybe that is where she lives.
  • InketaInketa Forumite
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    Lol I've been in the same boat as well about 4 years or so ago !!!
    I remember turning up in the morning in MY NEW SUIT on the first day thinking "I'm on my way to management lol !!!! Ohhh They did get me.

    TBH i did the job for about 2 months " whilst hating it every day " and I have to say that I learned allot about myself and it made me more confident.

    Fast forward.................I'm 26 now and working as a Operations Director for large company getting a real salary.

    Remember all it's what you learn from your past experiences that matter going forward.
  • And watch out for Arcedia Direct
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