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Has anyone ordered from lightinthebox?

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  • susan have you got a link have been looking for reasonably priced ones for ages!!
    The only people I have to answer to are my beautiful babies aged 8 and 5
  • has ne1 had ne accessories from LITB? i see the biggest problems wer dresses tht wer ill fitting hence the reason why i havent ordered my dresses from them, however, can they be trusted wiv tiaras and shoes etc???
  • lele100308 wrote: »
    Hi superchild.
    I am a dressmaker and what concerns me is the quality of fabrics. Some are so thin underwear can be seen through, boning, the stuff that structures the gown, is poor quality that it buckles. (we have this conversation going on in my sewing forum) This does not mean ALL dresses ordered from abroad are poor quality, but without causing any offence, some people do not see the quality nor understand it. Some wouldn't know the difference between silk and synthetic. I wouldn't want to put anyone off at all but I would source your local dressmaker before spending out on something you haven't seen. :money:

    Ok ive jst seen this on anutha reviews company!!!! hmmmm fishy :doh:
  • Never order from this company! Chances are you won't get what you ordered and you will incur considerable unexpected costs. I ordered several items from them for my wedding. On the first order I bought 3 x custom sized bridesmaid dresses and on a separate order I bought a guest book, ring cussion, flower girl basket etc. Neither order arrived correctly. The bridesmaids dresses arrived completely incorrectly sized, the quality was okay but they were unwearable because they were tiny (more than 4 inch discrepancy from the measurements provided) so didn't even zip up. After several months of their excuses and delay-tactics, I gave them bad publicity and took legal action, they replaced the dresses with the correct sizes. The second order that I had placed did arrive with the correct items included but also came with a $47.30 bill from DHL Express for delivery (I had already paid LightInTheBox for their standard delivery). I disputed the bill with DHL but apparently, because LightInTheBox had not filled out the Australian Customs declaration correctly, this was an additional "Quarantine Processing Fee". The products were okay but definately not worth the price after the unexpected cost was added. I have written to LightInTheBox asking them to reimburse me for their error but to no avail. My best advice - don't buy from this company!
  • I ordered my wedding dress from light in the box. I had it made to measure as I am not a standard size. My chest is 2 sizes bigger than my bottom half and the dress was boned. I read up on the reviews and found most of them positive. So I went ahead and ordered it.

    It arrived very quickly and I paid what I considered next to nothing. I was perfect in every way. The material was of excellent quality and it fitted perfectly. I had so many lovely comments about the dress.

    The customer service was great from start to finish.
    What I would say is if you are willing to take a chance and save some money then you will get a bargain. I had to think about an alternative if something went wrong. But for the price I paid which was £100 fitted and delivered you could not get anything like this made in uk for 4 times as much.
    So yes if you are willing to take a chance then order from here. I know I am so glad I did.
    Ps my friend ordered something from here too and was really pleased.
  • What do people expect? I think some people forget they are dealing with a country thousands of miles away. Do they want to risk losing a bit of money if the item is not correct? Or do they want a quality item made in England and (most of the time) they are guaranteed a good job or their money back? Can't have it both ways.
    Stop complaining.
  • i ordered 3 at once and one on its own as i added a bridesmaid lol xx and i took the chance as they were something like $7 i then bought fur muffs from ebay at £12 for the first one and £10 each for the other 3:0) so teamed with my bargain bridesmaid dresses from newlook my bridesmaids outfits have cost something like £30 (hope i can find bargain shoes now ) xx
  • i bought a chandellier from them and the product was chinese and looked so cheap that it made it impossible to put it in my house. Not to mention that it was halfly damaged and some parts were missing.
  • MupetteMupette Forumite
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    my wedding dress came from litb. put in all my measurements, the dress arrived within the time scale stated on their website :)

    and yes i had to pay import tax at my front door.

    Which is legal and above board, its from china, people really need to read the T & C's and get to grips with buying from overseas will incur these costs.

    My dress is a little bit big, but my bridesmaid is a dressmaker and we will be starting on the alterations after Christmas..

    I don't work or am affiliated with litb, but i think a few people on here are going over the top with the tax duty, which if they had read the T & C's would see..

    And for those that say they never knew you had to paid import duty on things coming in from abroad, you do now.

    I'm pleased with my dress, and i would buy again..
    Terry Pratchett
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