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Has anyone ordered from lightinthebox?

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  • I used lightinthebox for our fake fur shrugs - they were cheap, but we did not know about the import tax, so that was a big shock to us... Luckily, when they arrived, they were fantastic quality, and well worth every penny (and more!) even including the import tax...

    We were worried about quality, but honestly - we couldn't have been happier. Can't comment about the quality of dresses, but would wholly reccommend their shrugs lol

    Hope this helps...
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  • Dear Customers

    We are sorry for all the inconvenience you have experienced while shopping with us. Thank you for your feedback as it helps us work on improving our services and products.

    Our customer service team tries their best to offer the most suitable solutions to customers. We have included a full section on how to contact our customer service team in the "Help Page and Knowledge Base" section under Customer Service at the bottom part of the LightInTheBox landing page.

    We urge all customers with pending issues to please follow the instructions included and submit a ticket to our customer service team.

    Your satisfaction is extremely important to us, so please let us know how we can improve your shopping experience at

  • Dear LITB.
    have you considered the registration of either "!!!!!inthebox" dot com or "liesinthebox" dot com both these would surely be more reflective on what is actually "in the box"
    My wife ordered me a 7" Android tablet from your site. after being stung for import duties of £23 on top of the £125 she paid.
    (NB most legit firms are upfront if there are extra costs to be incurred.)
    hey ho, it was delivered on time. just about in time for christmas. thanks for that....
    anyhow, initally TBF I was made up with my present. it's a bit rough and ready and clunky but I thought it was alright and would do the job. however once I'd charged the unit it wouldn't (and won't) hold a charge for more than an hour I then got a little jittery. maybe this was as cheap and nasty as it looked.
    After initially contacting your "customer service" portal to register our problem your end has gone very quiet indeed.
    and following your request, we are no further forward and after two subsequent follow ups asking for an update and having now requested a refund due to it being faulty and were greeted with, surprise surprise, NO REPLIES.
    I'm thinking that maybe if I register the above domains and filter out all your fake reviews then maybe you'll reply.....

    sorry MSE, very angry as you can probably detect.

    Other (non LITB shills) IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING USING THESE COWBOYS, Save your time and money for someone else.....

    you WILL get stiffed for extra import duties.
    NB the majority of the reviews, IMVHO, on the review websites are FAKE.
    you WON'T get any satisfaction if (sorry that should be when) there is a problem/mistake.

    Merry Christmas !!
  • I can chip in with a positive review for LightintheBox. I had to go to a posh work event earlier this month and my work mate ordered a LITB dress for it - this one. It looked absolutely stunning and fit like a glove. She did have to pay customs charges (about £25 on a £99 dress) but that's still less than she'd have paid for a dress from Coast or the like. Based on her experience, I'll definitely be shopping there for my next formal occasion.
  • I've posted a new thread, but now I've just found this thread after a google search so i'd like to add my experience with these fraudsters.

    I saw a pair of boots advertised for £20 while reading TheSun online. I followed the link to the website, and ordered them. at the checkout they added another £9.00 delivery, which I thought was steep and in total was above the value of the boots, but I stupidly ordered them anyway and paid on my Visa debit card. They arrived today and the delivery driver tried to charge me an additional £16.99 at the door even though I already paid for delivery, I can't afford that and there was no mention of this anywhere when I ordered them, so I had to refuse delivery. To make matters worse I also ordered a jumper and a cheap top, at a cost of £15 inc delivery. They were dispatched separatly and although they've not arrived yet, the delivery guy said I'll have to pay £16.99 extra each for them too when they arrive, which again I can't afford. I've rechecked all my comfirmation mails, and my order details on the site anhd there is no mention anywhere of an extra hidden delivery charge aside from the delivery costs I already paid.

    I only ordered the boots because my son gave me £20 for christmas and I wanted to show him I had not spent the money on bills, the jumper and top were bought because they seemed a bargain. Now I've ended up with nothing and I'm £44 out of pocket. I'm going to contact visa tomorrow and if all else fails I'm going to pursue this through the small claims courts. No one should have to pay twice for delivery, and it should never be hidden from customers right up until the delivery man knocks on your door. This is pure and simply an internet scam.
  • I'm not a PR for Lightinthebox (honest!) but that wasn't extra delivery charges that you were asked to pay for, sherriesim – that was Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs' charges. They add on import tax and duties to anything that is bought here from an overseas business (in this case, China). As the buyer, you are liable to pay those charges. Sorry to hear you got caught short.
  • The three dresses I ordered are low quality and don't fit right at all, not even custom fit. The off the shelf sized dress is not that as advertised, it doesn't do up at all but fits at the front. POOR! On top of that the returns policy is, if it doesn't fit you have to pay to get it altered. But to cap it all the postage cost 35 pounds sterling and 115 pounds to clear it through customs. YES 115 pounds, rendering the dresses much much more expensive than buying in the UK. That on top of the amount it will cost to alter the dresses as i can't afford to buy new ones. They of course put the customs information...that isn't very helpful at all, in the small print. This site it is highly misleading and I have wasted a lot of money and had a very stressful experience with UPS. Lesson learned, buy local less stress and you can see the quality before you buy.
  • Mupette wrote: »
    my wedding dress came from litb. put in all my measurements, the dress arrived within the time scale stated on their website :)

    and yes i had to pay import tax at my front door.

    Which is legal and above board, its from china, people really need to read the T & C's and get to grips with buying from overseas will incur these costs.

    My dress is a little bit big, but my bridesmaid is a dressmaker and we will be starting on the alterations after Christmas..

    I don't work or am affiliated with litb, but i think a few people on here are going over the top with the tax duty, which if they had read the T & C's would see..

    And for those that say they never knew you had to paid import duty on things coming in from abroad, you do now.

    I'm pleased with my dress, and i would buy again..

    They need to give a better guide to the charges though. £11 Duty on £60 order I can understand. The extra £15 odd because LITB get UPS to fill the forms in, and then charge you for the pleasure? That I don't agree with. The charges came out at almost 50%, that seems a little excessive.
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  • MupetteMupette Forumite
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    missminx wrote: »
    They need to give a better guide to the charges though. £11 Duty on £60 order I can understand. The extra £15 odd because LITB get UPS to fill the forms in, and then charge you for the pleasure? That I don't agree with. The charges came out at almost 50%, that seems a little excessive.

    It's not them, its HRMC as MsShopper has correctly stated.
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  • Mupette wrote: »
    It's not them, its HRMC as MsShopper has correctly stated.

    HMRC is only the £11. That's the point I'm making. The larger fee is a UPS 'administration fee'. The last parcel from China came with a different carrier, and no admin fee. The duty was reasonable, and around what I expected, but UPS seemed to be pushing it a bit.
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