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Has anyone ordered from lightinthebox?

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    jpmiller704jpmiller704 Forumite
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    I got married this May & really wanted to keep costs down, I spent months reading reviews about LITB and looking at the dresses. I decided to buy my junior bridesmaids dresses from them, I measured my bridesmaids and they matched perfectly their junior sizes but I ordered bigger sizes for both of them anyway, I got two different styles in the same colour. Both dresses arrived (I had to pay £20 import tax) and were too small, they didnt look like the pictures of the dresses on the website and generally didnt look nice at all. I contacted their customer service(you always have to wait 24hrs for a reply) & they seemed good, I had to email pictures of the dresses with the tape measure next to them to prove there was a problem. They agreed to refund me and told me to post by normal royal mail, when my refund didnt arrive I contacted them and had to email another picture of the proof of postage (another £10). They told me to wait! (this was in March!) I'm still waiting, I posted a negative review & they took it down from the site. So frustrating in total with the cost of the dresses, import tax and return postage I lost £150. I ended up buying lovely dresses from BHS which weren't that expencive, I wish I had done that in the first place.

    I also ordered a wedding dress from Well Bridal another Chinese company, again a disaster nothing like the picture and really bad quality and no refund as promised when I ordered! I can't warn people enough from using these Chinese sites, you could end up losing alot of money like I did and not saving any!

    Also its very frustrating dealing with customer services because they don't ever action anything, so the comment from LITB stating anyone with a problem should contact them is a waste of time! They won't do anything! Ive had dozons of emails with them & I really feel like they were just stalling until I got bored of chasing them.

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    stevepa999stevepa999 Forumite
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    I have a friend whose daughter ordered her wedding dress form Lightinthebox. The dress was very well made and he said that for the money the dress was really good. The problem: it was way too large. They placed the measurments in centimeters when they should have placed it in inches. The good thing is that they made the order six months before, so they had more than enough time to shop for a dress locally. So that is my first advice, if the wedding day is approaching do not take the risk where you have to at the last minute look for a wedding dress.

    Second advice: It is better to order the dress a little bit bigger and go to your local seamstress to have it altered. They are so cost conscious that they will not leave any extra fabric to make it larger.

    I recently received five hand drawn paintings from lightinthebox for for €154 shipping and framing included. Four of them were very good reproductions of Van Gogh and I am really happy with them. The fifth was just a ordinary painting for 40 and was sloppily done. I gave it a review of two stars and included a picture of the painting for all to see. They did not publish that review. Not honest is it?

    Update: After I published the negative review of the painting, LITB contacted me and wanted to know what the problem was. I showed them a picture of the painting and they agreed with me that it was not a good reproduction and offered me a new painting or a full refund. I took the refund. I think they are trying to improve their customer service.
  • kgbowerskgbowers Forumite
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    I looked at lightinthebox for a long time and almost buy my dress from them,I gave up my thought after read so many negative reviews though I think lightinthebox have professional and beautiful website.

    I finally bought my dress from which recommended by my friend, it looks very nice and well made!

    Besides me,I do know quite a few people that have ordered from china manufacturers like perfectweddingforever,lightinthebox for their wedding dresses and have got them come and were very satisfied. Most do advertise that its a designer replica and not the actual brand. Now it does take 4-8 weeks to get it in most cases as thy have to custom make it and then send it. I also know a girl that went to a local seamstress got measurements of all 5 of her girls and sent it and just got all their dresses come last week with no complaints. But again it all depends on you and what you want. If you want the fanciness at a fraction of the cost then go for it ..if money isnt an option for you then maybe not.
  • Minimoo24Minimoo24 Forumite
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    i just brought from them yesterday paid with credit card because i wanted to be protected x3 furr borelo jackets £35 inc delivery - cant wait for them to arrive xxx
    Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue. Only fools are statues every day. (15.09.12 cant wait!)
  • My daughter ordered a dress from this company.The dress(not a wedding dress but a formal one)is actually quite nice and fits quite well.She paid,however,delivery with the dress but has just received an invoice with a fed ex letterheading for another £25.It doesn't make much sense as she has paid more(using dollar exchange rate quoted on this invoice)already.Also,sent as a FEDEX invoice,it carries a stamp,totally in chinese,with no indication whether this is legal or not.
    Needless to say,having already paid postage,we will not be paying this,and are taking it up with Fedex.
    I may be wrong but this looks like an attempt to get more cash.Has this happened to anyone else?.
  • Minimoo24Minimoo24 Forumite
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    Its because you imported from China, its the TAX fee x
    Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue. Only fools are statues every day. (15.09.12 cant wait!)
  • bad! please stop!
  • Evie82 wrote: »
    anyone at all?


    anyone heard anything good or bad about them even?:confused:

    Confused is the word Ive just tried to order 2 wraps. For a holiday with official functions. Which goes in 15 days time. The site was confusing

    I decided as there was no tailoring and items were in stock I would go for it. But after one day I'm trying to cancel. The 3-5 days has become 12 days before shipping.
    The site says you can cancel but Ive tried via ticketing inquiry but cannot find a form to fill. I'll try stopping opayment via PAYPAL.
    No clear idea about import tariffs!!
    Anyone know where i can buy a reasonable priced shoulder stole via UK site or shop??
  • I have just recieved 2 bea
    utiful dress from the above company within 4 days of ordering, the quality of the dresses were excellent but were too small so have returned them and hoping for a refund. What puzzled me was that they were delivered by UPS and I was charged 21 pounds on delivery but my friend who order 2 dresses that were delived by Fedex wasn't charged a penny. When I rang UPS they said that she would be invoiced at a later date but I can't see that....They are sending me a claims form as I'm returning the dresses to get my monies back but will keep you updated...
  • I ordered some faux fur wraps abouy £6 each inc delivery and they were received within a few weeks and no extra charges x
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