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Has anyone ordered from lightinthebox?

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  • Well I considered long and hard buying a dress from LightintheBox and I just ordered mine yesterday. I saw a lot of good and a lot of bad reviews. I figured I can take the risk with a cheaper dress and if it doesn't work out I can sell it on ebay. I think one thing you need to appreciate is that if you order your dress in a store it comes from the same factory as the LightintheBox dress, they are ALL made in China (see Bridal Bargains book by the Fields), so probability of them being screwed up, being low quality, whatever is the same. I KNOW people who ordered dresses at salons and they came in in wrong sizes, wrong fabrics and etc. sometimes you get a size too big and then it means you have to shell out at least $300 on alterations, but if you get too small you are screwed. The Fields in their book tell you that dresses are lazer cut en masse, so I figured, I have smaller chance of a screw up if I get a cookie cut dress rather than sending them my exact measurements, the dress I ordered should just fit me, if not, I might have to lose 5 pounds but I would love to do that and considering I am 20 pounds heavier than I was just a couple of years ago, I know I can. Fingers crossed.

    Along with the dress I ordered a bunch of accessories which would cost at least $100 more in US retail than in China. So my $60 shipping was basically earned back, considering I get the accessories, because they are all one size fits all so little worry about them not working out. My dress was $200 so not terribly bad. You can also find cute dresses at Jcrew and Nordstrom, they won't have anything puffy with corsets, but they have some nice ones for just a few hundred dollars.

    I will return and update this once I actually receive my order. Good luck girls!
  • If it's any help, my sister got married at the end of November and her dress was from light in the box. It arrived very quickly and was beautiful, a lot nicer than some of the ones she had tried in bridal shop and only cost a fraction of those too.

    She also ordered our bridesmaid dresses from there and they turn out to be very good quality and the were a perfect fit as she had ordered them made to measure.
    I was dubious about these type of companies before but after seeing how well my sisters dress turned out, I am ordering one for my wedding next year.
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    I think the issue is they are very inconsistent in the quality. I personally would not risk my dress from there, it's just not worth it.
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  • hi there, we ordered my sisters wedding dress from them, and ordered by size not personal measurements as these from what i have read come up wrong fairly often. Go by dress size and if you do need to do measurements add an extra inch as this can be pinned in if worst comes to worst. it was a beautiful dress and at £110 looked as if it cost that with an extra 0 on the end. happy shopping!
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    This whole thread needs to be removed, it just attracts SPAM like flies to a pile of ..............................................
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  • Mine has arrived too and I couldnt be happier, it is lovely, I have made a few changes (white zip in champagne dress!!!) plus I ordered the bigger size (thought if it was bigger rather than smaller it could be changed) so needs a few inches taken of the waste, but nothing I cant handle.

    All in all pleased as punch and all for under £100. yipee
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  • Just bumping this up to the top.
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    Just bumping this up to the top.

    I think there needs to be a new thread to get rid of all this spamming.

    Many companies have google alerts set up so the minute their company is mentioned they can get straight to it. What I think is sad is that they have a feedback score but still need to comment in places like this. This company is so big it shouldn't need to send out people with 1 post to give a good review when someone is saying otherwise. If they are that good, why do they need to worry about 1 or 2 people who aren't happy? You can't please everyone.
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    I bought a mobile phone for my daughter from lightinthebox, good value for money and good customer service. I have however since returned the phone as my daughter broke the touch screen and the company offered to fix it for a very reasonable price, the phone has yet to be returned to me though. communication between me and the company has been good so i`m not worried.....yet

    this piece of spam made me laugh out loud!
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