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Weight Loss the Old Style Way! Part 5. Please read posts 1 and 2 before posting.

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Penelope_PenguinPenelope_Penguin Forumite
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Hello, everyone :hello: The old Weight Loss Thread is getting long, so I thought I'd start a fresh shiny one for you all ;)

As some of you know there's been some discussion lately on how to accomodate weight loss diets on the board. It was decided that the daily isn't the place for campaigns of any sort and that there was a very good weight loss thread on the I wanna board which would offer excellent support to anyone wishing to join.

The board guides have talked about this and we'd like to accomodate a weight loss campaign the OLD STYLE way here. However, in order for it to fit with the board, it should be about scratch cooking and healthy eating, NOT about where to get low calorie/fat ready meals cheaply or fad diets.

So, here it is. The Lose Weight the Old Style Way thread. This thread is for support in losing weight but in order to keep it true to the board - which is about money saving the old style way, there are going to be some posting guidelines.

Important. Please read:

The thread should be about healthy, old style eating. That means recipes and meal plans, support and encouragement and healthy eating. What shouldn't be accomodated here is if the thread goes off topic and covers ready meals, fad diets and weight loss clubs. There is a good thread that covers all that on the 'I wanna' board. So if the thread becomes an extention of that, we will have to close it and ask people to join in there instead.

Enjoy, and good luck :A

Penny. x
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  • Penelope_PenguinPenelope_Penguin Forumite
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    And the rest of the details:

    So here are a few more specifics about what this thread is and isn't in the hope that there is some middle ground that everyone can be on board with.

    It is NOT a weight loss club. There is no membership to this thread and everyone is very welcome.

    Recipes are welcome. It would help if they were highlighted in some way - eg by putting the recipe name in the title of the post, or making it a different colour, so they're easy to spot without trawling through lots of posts. It would also be helpful if people could copy them into the recipe index. (I'll post a link later.)

    In order that it doesn't get too unwieldy, because there are SO many people interested, it would be useful if people didn't make LOTS of posts in the same day; perhaps one at the start of the day and one towards the end to say how you got on for example would prevent the thread becoming difficult to read for people who can't get here as often as others. Off topic posts, which do not relate mainly to Weight Loss Old Style, may be deleted.

    And for clarification, the other weight loss threads were closed because they were not money saving old style. It wasn't one board guide's decision - we were ALL following the rules set down by Martin and the team. While the threads were being closed, we were talking behind the scenes about HOW to accomodate this issue without it straying from the ethos and purpose of the board and we hope this thread provides a balance.

    This thread is from all 3 of your board guides. Here are the rules on copyright and medical advice. If you're posting recipes, in particular, please read this.

    I hope this helps everyone.

    Penny. x
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  • Penelope_PenguinPenelope_Penguin Forumite
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    For anyone who's interested, Weight Loss Part 4 is here. I'll be closing that thread once people start posting on this one ;)

    Penny. x
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    OOOHHHH a nice new thread :T

    Morning all

    Meals today:-
    1. brekkie - 30g meusli
    2. mid morn-nat yogurt
    3. lunch - chicken pasta salad -made to much yesterday :D
    4. mid after - fruit
    5. dinner -jacket potato, cottage cheese and salad
    6. supper -25g seed/nut/fruit mix
    Well I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend -it has been far to hot here :rolleyes:

    I have a lazy day today as the dinner takes no prep, i made the bread the other lots of x stitching i think :T
    hope everyone has a great day..hugs to those in need... will pop by and catch up on our nice new thread later :D
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    Morning All

    Haven't really followed the thread for ages but I'd like to join back in now. I'm off work for another 5 weeks (already had 1 week) and would like to have lost some weight by the time I go back as well as got a bit fitter. I've been timetabled to do 4 PE sessions a week in September - although this is with a sports coach, I'm still expected to join in especially with the younger ones!

    Only problem is trying to avoid baking stuff like Twink's hobnobs which the kids want because they're at home - but I always end up eating more of than them because I love them!:o

    Going on holiday for a week at the end of this week so that will be a challenge in itself as I want to try and be as OS as possible while there but I don't like cooking too much while I'm on holiday although I always make sandwiches etc. for on the beach.

    Anyway to avoid going too much off topic - I need to make a start so I'm expecting lots of recipes MrsM and everyone else.


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  • floydfloyd Forumite
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    Morning all :wave:

    Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Big thanks to Penny for starting the new shiny thread for us :T

    I suspect a little bit may have crept on over the weekend as we ate away from home twice and I wasn't careful yesterday so with renewed optimism, I start the week looking for a loss of some sort.

    B: Porridge with skimmed milk and water
    L: HM borscht
    D: Jacket spuds with HM kohlrabi coleslaw, sprouted seeds and other salad veg

    S: Apple and banana

    Going swimming tonight and hoping I can do as much as last week as I felt fabulous afterwards and not too achy :rotfl:
  • froggafrogga Forumite
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    Good Morning Peeps,

    What a lovely day to start a new thread :j Thanks Pen Pen :A

    Lets hope it brings out more "lurkers" too and we see some new faces (come on , you know you want to ;) )

    Back on the wagon for me today :T and quite glad I am about it too. I have friends comming down in 4 weeks , so I'm gonna be good from now til then, and then I'll have another week off when they're here. I said on the old thread that I'm so fed up with missing out because I'm on a diet. In the past I have missed out on loads of celebrations, birthdays et.c. Last year when my friends came down I had NOTHING nice the whole week. We went out for a mealand I had Plain vegetables and a plain Jacket. I drew loads of attention to myself and I felt so peed off that I came home and stuffed toast after they'd gone back to their hotel :rolleyes: What was the point in that? :confused: I'm mad!

    So, I've decieded to be good when there are no reasons not to , and then have a break when I want to. I could loose a stone in the next 4 weeks if I was good, and that wouldn't go back on in the 3 days that my friends visit would it?

    I've also decieded to do what Laine has named " The O/S Weight Loss Olympics". Split the amount of weight you have/had when you started to loose into 3 equal chunks. I for example wanted to get from 19st down to 10st. SO I've split the weight into 3 parts. When I get to 16st I get my Bronze award, 13 st I get the silver, and 10st gets me the gold :T Good eh?

    Haven't seen Toni around for a while, anyone know where she is? It would be great if we could get the table on page 1 again wouldn't it?

    Have a good one everyone, come on guys, anyone struggling, we can do this you know :D
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  • procrastinatorprocrastinator Forumite
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    I would love to join you all, have been reading for sometime. I tried a few weeks ago on another thread but got very despondant, now feel time to try again. I am currently 11st 6 and would like to get to 11st by end of Aug. I am only 5ft tall so this is heavy for me. Current clothes size is 16/18. I would like to be a 14 as I think I look much healthier at that size. Have tried to do more walking but not been too good lately. I'm not following any plan nor counting cals, I want to do this with sensible eating and homecooking, resisting crisps and chocolate, crisps and peanuts, twinks and cakes. Drinking water as trying to cut out coffee - been suffering too many headaches.
    Bfast 2 pineapple rings and natural yogurt.
    lunch wholemeal role and cheese
    dinner red lentil and beans with pasta.
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    Morning all!

    welcome to juliejim and procrastinator:hello:

    A fresh new thread - thanks PenPin!:T

    off to work later and think I'm going out for a meal tonight so need to be good till then.

    B - beans on toast(2 small wholemeal bread)

    L - not sure but possibly mackerel salad

    D - out

    snacks - banana, yoghurts, whatever fruit is at work.

    have a good day all!
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    I have been whining about being overweight for years and now I am finally going to make some changes! I have a stone and a half to lose and I need to tone up too. So today I will have:

    B - Bran flakes/raisins and milk
    L - Home made soup and bread
    D - Lentil curry and brown rice

    I usually eat healthy meals it is all the snacking in between that is my problem, I love all food sweet and savoury :rotfl::rotfl:. Since joining this site I have increased my income and reduced my outgoings and debt so I figure it could help me get slim too!
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