August 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    sproggi wrote: »
    Good morning,

    One of my biggest failings, is forgetting to get meat/meals out of the freezer so that they defrost in time, this usually results in my nipping to the shops to buy something quick:o . Sproggi

    Me too, Sproggi. My brain just seems to give up at the end of the day so anything I'm planning to take out to thaw overnight so it can go in the slow cooker in the morning isn't remembered till lunchtime - by which time it's too late. Need to find a few of my lost marbles I suppose.:rotfl: I resent having to use the microwave to defrost as that doesn't seem very mse when all that is needed is time!!!

    Hey ho - I'll maybe get organised one day but after sixty years of contented chaos it's difficult to change the habits of a lifetime!! :rolleyes:

    Flashed round Mr A yesterday but managed to stick to my list. Found absolutely nothing remotely interesting in the way of whoopsies which was disappointing. Have now got the bits I need to make the hm yoghurt and hm baked beans. Of course now I need custard powder so I can try the biscuits as well but that will have to wait for another day.

    I'm planning a nsd today so fingers crossed.........

    Have a good day everyone.

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    I bought tesco value oats last week @ 0.59 for 1kg they are still the same price....but beside them was superfast oats 2kg for £1.01 I know its a small saving.....but its still a saving esp for twinks hobnobs or greent's version!!!!

    The value oats are more expensive per kilo than the superfast. :confused:
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    Good Morning All

    its a bit overcast today and drizzling a bit so wont be out in the garden,, hopefully an NSD as we dont have to go out for anything

    se you later
    goint to have brekkie

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    I found this yesterday & thought it may be useful to peeps on here. And did you check out the smellie laundry thread mentioned in the newsletter? Excellent recipes for HM fabric conditioners on there....

    Managed to get some bits in MrT's clothing sale for a big part of offspring's b'day in a couple of weeks, so the bill was £32:61 with the Kerrygold butter 2-4-£1:60 & BOGOF Hula Hoops, amongst other bits. £11:22 in MrM --I only got 2pks of the 50p beefburgers--but stocked up on ox liver & kidneys for Pup. They're the oly place around here that sells ox & it works out considerably cheaper than either pig or lamb for him.

    Maybe get some eggs today so as to do some baking later, but could well put it off till the week-end so watch this space!

    Have a lovely holiday those who are off on their travels, & welcome back to the weary travellers....we have kept/will keep your space warm cuz we likes ya too much to let you go MIA:p Any Newbies Welcome---we always have Vacancies in this particular stop-off:T
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    Good Morning

    £11.14 today at Mr M. I did deviate from my list as I managed to get some coleslaw,sausages and the diced chicken breast that are on the "Price crunch at 50p". I wonder if anyone else does this. As it is only limited to 2 per customer I went to the till and then went back in and went to the handbasket till with another 2 diced chicken breasts :o. Please tell me I am not the only one or I will feel really guilty ;)

    Hope you all have a great day

    I don't go round twice but I always take my dad or DH and get them to get 2 of each. Although if I didn't have them with me I would go round again. You are not the only one.
    Was planning a NSD but we were near MrM so me and dad popped in and spen £3 on chicken, burgers and sasuages. I must not go near MrM again this week. I must NOT as I now have 96 sausages 12 pks of chicken and [strike]48[/strike] 44 burgers I already eatern 4.
    Right off to sort out baby clothes and maybe pack hospital bag mum keeps worring but i've got 4 wks.
    Have a good day everyone.
    NOW I need to move away from the computer.
    Want to in control of my money.
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    Afternoon all

    eeeee its bloomin scorching out here today :eek: .... have just got back from our trip to the animal park it was lovely all cut out of forests -so lots of shade and i took a bit of food to keep us going.... A couple of the HM baguettes with cheese salad and then packed a couple of small pots of salad and some feta... i have a couple of flasks like this one

    Only mine were only €2 each :T i don't have the cutlery or bag -but i don't mind as mine are a bit bigger -you get 2 pots like the bigger one and 1 like the medium one -its the 1st time i have used one and they kept everything lovely :j(in fact if they have any more when i go in there next -i might get a couple more) i think they would be great for childrens lunches .... so a nice free day out today and most importantly a NSD :T ... I asked hubby if he wanted an ice cream ...his answer ? -"no thanks we are being frugal -i will have one out of the freezer when we get in" :rotfl: hmmmmm me thinks he has heard the "F" word quite a lot :p

    Dinner tonight is jacket potato, cottage cheese n salad -again im having sweet potato... it does sound boring but we could live on it :p in fact at the moment we are :rotfl:

    I made 4 pint of jelly up -with tinned apricots before we went out and they have nearly set -so that should keep me happy -just need to get another batch of yoghurt on..have taken to jelly, fruit and natural yoghurt at the moment nomnomnom

    Whilst we were out i got next weeks €20 just in case - hopefull i won't need to spend much -if any..fingers crossed

    right i think thats me for now..have a great afternoon all
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  • I am interested in giving this a go but have no clue what to have as my budget. Me and OH spend so much on food, I go every few days and pick up loads of extras. I can't even bear to add up what I have spent recently, it is time for such a change. Does anyone have any ideas? We are both late twenties and I am looking to do shopping weekly as we live in a teeny flat with little storage. Thanks for reading:)
    Taking small steps to get myself more organised- both financially and in other areas too:D Big steps coming soon!
  • Have just roasted a whole load of tomatoes. Someone else on here as done this, or is planning to - Mrs M? Could you tell me please if they will freeze. My recipe says to store in airtight containers where they'll keep for a few weeks, but I'd quite like to bring them out in October to remind me of summer (you know those months between May and August when it rains non-stop!). TIA
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  • Hee Hee, 7 days in and spent the grand sum of £NOTHING. I did a shop in July that has lasted us really well and now we have workmen in the house due to a bit of a flood under our kitchen floor, therefore we are eating at my dad's. Is this cheating?? So another NSD here. Will do some quickie visits into tesco and asda tomorrow for whoopsies,etc; so I can keep saturdays shop down as much as possible. Looking to come in well under budget this month - shame about the amount we have to pay for the floor though!!!:eek:
  • Hello, I''m a little late to the party, but I'm here for the August Grocery Challenge! I was spending £250 a month for 2 of us, this month I'm aiming for £200 - cutting down in increments hopefully.

    This includes everything except kitty food - those little dears have specially ordered kibble that I order in bulk every couple of months.

    I order online from Mr T, which although that costs me a fiver a week, I reckon saves me twice that in fewer impulse-bought purchases!

    Looking at the numbers some of you guys are achieving makes me feel there is a lot I can cut. I cook vegetarian (the OH cooks himself the odd bit of meat if he fancies it, but we are talking once a month max), always buy organic dairy and storecupboard items like lentils, plus the odd bit of fruit and veg if I can afford it. I cook everything from scratch pretty much except for bakery, ie bread and biscuits, but as these are wheat-free then they are expensive to buy, so I'm sure I can make some savings there by making my own!
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