August 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Good morning,

    Well, after spending a small fortune on dd2's birthday Monday and dd1's birthday yesterday, I should now be able to slow the spending down for the rest of the month!!

    I have managed 3 nsd's so far and today will be another one, so that is a huge improvement in itself for me!! Left over party food for the next weeks meals I think which will help:rolleyes:

    One of my biggest failings, is forgetting to get meat/meals out of the freezer so that they defrost in time, this usually results in my nipping to the shops to buy something quick:o . I think that this will be my next challenge, remember to get everything I need out of the freezer the night before, if I can manage a week, I get a gold star (which equates to a drink;) )

    Hope you all have a good day, i'm off to rescue my living room from the reminants of 2 birthday parties!

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    Hi all
    Just a pop in too update sig, have paid friend for half shop next week already as well as picking up a few bits yesterday. need to get some baking done for fund-raising event on Sun so might need more oats for Twinks today too.

    Be back later to catch up some more

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    Had my Tesco delivery last night, £66.96 after offers etc. Had a voucher to get 1000 extra points on a £50 spend, but couldn't get any of the disc codes from the thread to work as well.

    This was mostly store cupboard and freezer stuff so don't have to [STRIKE]drag[/STRIKE]take youngest shopping as he hates doing it.

    I have loads of extra milk in the freezer and have the milkman deliver as well; and my veg/salad box comes weekly. Make all my own bread using BM,cakes etc.

    Should only need some bits of fruit which I can get as and when we are out and about.
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  • WelshWooferWelshWoofer Forumite
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    Morning! Its trying to be a nice day here in the North West but we'll see!

    Yesterday was a NSD - had the planned bangers and mash for tea and managed to pick another small batch of blackberries whilst walking the dog.

    Tonight will be a pasta dish with cherry tomotoes, feta cheese and basil. All of the necessary bits are in the fridge and waiting to be used up before they walk off by themselves so shouldn't need to buy anything.

    I will try and write a meal plan and then a shopping list for the bits needed today for next weeks meals up until next Friday. I'm on a very tight budget between now and then - pay day next Friday and with holidays, birthdays, kennel fees, and general spending I'm skint this month! In fact, I've dipped into my overdraft for the first time in ages - never mind, the next pay day is a bonus month so will pay it back and make some extra payments on the debts too.

    Am shattered today because the dog woudln't stop barking and growling at my noisy inconsiderate neighbours through the night - I tried my best to keep him quiet but they are just a right royal pain in the a*se. OH is moving in permanently over the next few weeks and is a big sleeper and I don't want to put him off by being kept awake by the dog - he seems immune to the neighbours! Its taken him this long to make the decision to move in that I don't want him changing his mind now due to exhaustion! Anyway, he slept relatively well only stirring twice - I, on the other hand, had about 3 hours on and off - knackered! Will have to have a word with the neighbours but they're deliberately evasive and always have an excuse.

    Anyway, moaning over, I'm off to pretend that I'm working and to look at some other threads.
    Take care
  • yellowmonkeyyellowmonkey Forumite
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    Good Morning

    £11.14 today at Mr M. I did deviate from my list as I managed to get some coleslaw,sausages and the diced chicken breast that are on the "Price crunch at 50p". I wonder if anyone else does this. As it is only limited to 2 per customer I went to the till and then went back in and went to the handbasket till with another 2 diced chicken breasts :o. Please tell me I am not the only one or I will feel really guilty ;)

    Hope you all have a great day

  • I'm off to pretend that I'm working and to look at some other threads.</p>Take care

    Ha ha, I do this all day long at work too, I use MSE as my treat. Once I've finished a piece of work I allow myself a little peek. Very naughty.
    Should be a NSD as I've brought my lunch with me (jacket pot, beans and cheese with a salad and a huge orange) and the bf is taking me out for a swanky dinner tonight.
    It's up to me now and nobody else.
  • Planned NSD for me dd8 in France on impromptu holiday,dd9 going on a sleepover so it will just be me,OH and ds4.

    Curry Queen curry with chicken and garlic nan tonight,another 8 portions in freezer,2 x chicken stock and 4 chicken and veg soups portioned up.

    Have spaghetti for lunch for kids and a salad baguette for OH.

    Have a rangy banana and a cupboard full of baking stuff so will look for a banana and coconut cake.

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  • JustamumJustamum Forumite
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    Just to update my signature....oh and to let you know that Netto are currently selling cans of Coconut Milk for 49p!! Bargain as they are nearly £1 most weeks at Mr T.

    It's cheaper to buy a box of creamed coconut - 4 sachets in a box (for about 38p) and each one can be made up to the equivalent of a tin of coconut milk. They take up much less space in the cupboard too ;)
  • gunsandbanjosgunsandbanjos Forumite
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    Hoping for another NSD today. Its only early days but am quite hopeful for this months GC, am much more organised than before. Think that is the key;)
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  • mumofjusttwomumofjusttwo Forumite
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    Well plan on a NSD today. I will need to go to the shops tomorrow to buy some milk and stuff but will see how it goes.
    May do some baking for little ones. Like the look of Jamie Oliver's Lemon Curd Ice Çream as I have some Lemon Cud I bought when was in Mr T.
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