August 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • Right, i have finished my August grocery challenge! i had £400 to last me five weeks for myself, veggie hubby, 2 children and 2 cats, really please to say i came in at £397.27, so off to update my signature now! phew, roll on next month . . . . . . . . . . .
    One Happy Mummy! :D

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    I would like to declare my August total as £398.77.
    I know this is only £1.23 under but I included all food, ice creams and takeaways while on holiday last week.

    I just checked what we spent in August last year - a whopping £511, makes the effort worthwhile.!!!
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    I budgeted for 5 weeks in August but managed to come in at 199.50 so I am very pleased especially as I was over last month. Have used up much of my store cupboard hoards so these will need replacing. No Big shops done in the last two weeks and very little whoopsi hunts so lots of no shopping days. Will now join you all in the Sept Challenge - first one is to read all the posts.
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  • HI all, welldone you all who were under budget, I was 15 pounds over, making it £265.00. DH, reckoned he could beat my weekly shop a few weeks ago. buying for two weeks, spent loads. So as a result going to carry £55.00 over into september which has already 'eaten' :rotfl: into sept budget, hoping however to make it last the week.

    I'm going to try withdrawing my food budget for the month as previously suggested a few months ago by someone:T ( thanks to the person who did), thought that was a good idea.

    Those of you who do so well staying under budget on such a small amount, do share your secrets:D Good luck u all for September,...:D Where has the year gone, soon be buying Christmas food shopping at this rate.....:eek:

    Please put us in at our usual , £250 for sept.

    Regards, mr and mrs t
  • Scrapped in this month with 3 pounds to spare - PHEW!! :beer:

    Here's to next month.....

    August GC - 247/250 :T
  • Just declaring my August results - a bit slow, but we only just got the internet back after moving. Basically, my budget was blown by a few days of eating too many treats during the move. The new place was disgustingly dirty, so I didn't feel like cooking - or touching anything! So £13.72 over. Now off to the September GC thread, for a fresh start!
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    Angelnikki, I am reporting my results for August £159.78, which is £9.78 over, but my excuse is I had to spend £70 in Tesco's to get £10 off and the voucher expired before my 'end of month'. So, I had to spend to save.

    I'm now torn over what to set my September target to, as I have already bought more than £50 worth in August that will carry forward.

    I usually work on £50 per week, so as Sept should be a 4 week month that would have been £200, but I think I will go for a September target of £150 - just to make sure I don't slip back to old habits.

    Thanks for keeping the lists going.

    FFM :)
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