Money Moral Dilemma: Would you pick herbs from a stranger's hedge?



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    if it was on a main road with cars going past then no i wouldn't pick it and if i owned the plant i wouldn't eat it either, just too much polution on the plant
  • My understanding is that because the rosemary is not a wild plant but a cultivated one then picking it is regarded as theft. You are allowed to pick wild plants ie mushrooms provided it is not for resale. If you have someone coming into your garden on a regular basis taking bits of cultivated plants, phone the police.
    Having said that, would I pick? Probably yes if the bush was big enough to stand losing a few sprigs and not on the main road and definitely not on a regular basis.
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    yeah iwould , as long as they dont see me doin it
    i will be debt free, i will
  • Pink_Fairy_2
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    I would knock and ask if I could have a small anount. They'd probably be pleased you admired their hedge
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  • If it's at dog scrotal height then no... otherwise yes, I am a considerate partaker of public goods. In my town people share their apples in Autumn by putting them in a basket on the front with a sign saying 'feel free'. We have a thriving Freecycle membership here, too, so if anyone wanted free Rosemary there'd probably be a stampede of offers anyway.
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    If I had no rosemary, I'd take just one sprig and pop it into my cold frame. They grow very easily, so I'd not need to take many more.

    Quite a large percentage of my shrubs were 'acquired' rather than purchased, some of them as seed, some as cuttings. I have some excellent grapes that came from prunings in the local tip! Currently I'm growing on some cotoneaster from a tree in the park....well, the birds wouldn't miss a couple of berries. In a few years there will be more trees & more berries.

    The way to look at it is simply 'Will anyone notice the loss?' If the answer is 'No,' then you are just helping the survival of the species. This rules out greedy plunder or vandalism.

    I opened my garden to the public last month. I don't know if anyone helped themselves to any cuttings, but if they did, it was clearly OK.
  • I would knock and ask if it was ok to pick a few sprigs. In my experience, most people would be more than willing to let you have a few sprigs. Far rather do it nicely, than risk being seen taking it, and then accused of stealing.
  • ducatibabe wrote: »
    I'd ask My (very large scary) neighbour decided he wanted dthe mint from my front garden which was fine when he was taking the mint that was haging over the edge of the garden wall.However when he decided to start climbing over my 4 foot tall wall to get the mint I decided he was taking the Pi$$ but being on my own and not a large scary man found him very intimidating :eek: ..........................and he STILL takes what he wants from my garden (even tho Iasked him nicely to stop climbing over my wall ) and no one will do anything so I'm now looking for a new home for me and my daughter:cry:

    This man is clearly a bully and a thief if he's climbing over your wall into your garden and taking stuff! I think you should report his behaviour to the police. Although if he's as intimidating as you say then you are right to put your safety and the safety of your daughter first, and I would do the same.

    The person who said about sprinkling pee on the plants probably has the best idea - with luck your unpleasant neighbour won't think to wash it first! If you're really lucky he might even chew on a leaf or two raw! :rotfl:
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    When I first moved into my house 18 years ago, I regularly walked past a nearby garden with rosemary and assorted other herbs (some that I didn't recognise) growing behind and through the fence.

    I was reluctant to help myself, so the first time I saw the owner in her garden, I asked if she minded me taking a little. She had no hesitation in agreeing to my request. Then, to my surprise, she offered cuttings of all the other herbs she had, gave me advice on where best to put them and asked for cuttings from a couple of herbs from my garden that I hadn't even noticed.

    Its a great way to get to know people in a new neighbourhood.
    We may all be trying to improvise and save cash and waste less, but there is no reason to forget our manners! :j :rotfl::j :T :j :rotfl: :j
  • not proud to say it but yes would grab the herbs and save some money - might ask one of my children to pick the pretty grass! oops even worse than I thought!
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