Money Moral Dilemma: Would you pick herbs from a stranger's hedge?



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    What a wonderful opportunity to get to know your neighbours! Rosemary needs trimming vigorously as it is a prolific grower but it wouldn't be nice to just nick some. Why not just ring the bell and ask for some? they'd probably be delighted to meet you.
  • Clowance
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    If its on a main road then chances are it would be quite polluted. My white garden chairs used to get a sooty black coating even though they are at the back of the house (I live on a busy main road).
    As to the morality, it would be best to ask I think. Can't see that anyone would say no.
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    Why not plant some rose bushes next to the wall to greet him on his next visit?

    In answer to the OP, I'd ask first.


    ducatibabe wrote: »
    I'd ask My (very large scary) neighbour decided he wanted dthe mint from my front garden which was fine when he was taking the mint that was haging over the edge of the garden wall.However when he decided to start climbing over my 4 foot tall wall to get the mint I decided he was taking the Pi$$ but being on my own and not a large scary man found him very intimidating :eek: ..........................and he STILL takes what he wants from my garden (even tho Iasked him nicely to stop climbing over my wall ) and no one will do anything so I'm now looking for a new home for me and my daughter:cry:
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  • Not sure I would want to pick some rosemary with all the traffic pollution as if I am walking past it on the pavement it is likely to be next to a road, prefer to grow my own but if not traffic polluted I would ask before taking
  • I think Martin has been spying on me to come up with this one!

    I have a rosemary hedge in my front garden that became overgrown recently and spilled (very slightly) onto the street. My OH was standing at the bus stop right outside our house when he caught sight of someone plucking shoots off the hedge. The lady saw him looking and said excitedly, "You know what this is don't you? It's rosemary". OH said of course he knows what it is, it's his hedge, making the poor lady go a deep shade of scarlet. He told her not to worry about it and help herself, but I can imagine how she must have felt, getting caught red-handed like that.

    As it happens, I'm the one who does the gardening and chooses the plants here, and I choose to only grow things that are useful - to eat, for medicine, or to use in some other way. If anyone else wants to share my enthusiasm for my plants, I am more than happy for them to take some, so long as they don't strip it bare, of course.

    Would I do the same? Possibly. But I think I would ask first. :o
  • trejoy
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    As long as you don`t damage the plant, whats the problem? I grow my own herbs, including rosemary, and always pot up cuttings for anyone who asks. Rosemary sprigs on top of a tray of baby veggies tossed in chilli oil is great at a barbecue.:A
  • I would hope to pick some but would knock on the door first - people have done it to us and as long as the plant's healthy I'll always say yes!
    Happy days that something growing can be eaten fresh!:rotfl:
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    Surely this would work just as if the apple tree was overhanging your garden from your neighbour. Though it is his tree you have a claim to any fruit on your side! I think the hedge situation would also apply the same way. you don't. If the fruit falls from the tree into your garden then it's yours (much the same as if a landowners pheasants choose to come into your property you can take them - thanks Roald Dahl, that's kept me in pheasants for years!). If you take them off the tree or cut down the branches then that's damaging somebody's property, if you really object to overhangs in your garden or overhanging the footpath then inform your Local Authority and let them deal with it....

    On the positive side, in our cul-de-sac we've always got something growing and nobody minds if we help ourselves (i've got lots of herbs, garlic, peas etc, next door neighbour has all the green leaf veg, man at the end is into rhubarb and blackberries), we're all happy for the local kids to help themselves but if its a stranger then its nice to be asked!
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    I would knock and ask first.Most gardeners (I know quite a few as hubby has an allotment) are only too happy to share,but I would be uncomfortable taking something that wasn't mine.I once had a lovely skimmia japonica plant uprooted from my garden and I would sooner have given it to the thief myself,than just have it taken.
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  • wincy
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    Surely a little would not hurt!
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